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PHP 5 Basic

PHP is a server scripting language, and is a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages quickly.

echo “My first PHP script!”;

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PHP Playground: Cycle


  $items = ['Item 1', 'Item 2', 'Item 3'];

  $index = 0 ;
  print "<ul>"; 
  foreach( $items as $item ) { 
    print '<li class="'. ( $index % 2 ? 246 altre parole

All About Session in PHP

A session is basically a temporary set of variables used to transfer information from one page to another. More broadly we can say that it gives options to create once and used inside whole project. 305 altre parole

PHP Training

dpkg : error processing pakage

If you found this when you do “sudo apt-get update && upgrade”
dpkg: error processing package php5-mysqlnd (–configure):

then the way to fix that is by typing this command… 6 altre parole


What Is PHP and What Is It Used For?

PHP is the technical language or programming language for the use of Web development composed by and for Web designers. PHP is the abbreviation of “ 470 altre parole


The Erroneous Basis of base_convert()

Some bugs linger from one version of PHP to the next, such as the one associated with base_convert() and other base conversion functions. It has existed at least since the long, gone days of PHP 4. 2.251 altre parole


PHP: Classy Dynamics

flickr: by JusDaFax

Devotees of PHP may worry with the debut of PHP 7 that users have lost the beloved language we’ve known over the past twenty years. 1.318 altre parole