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Digital Ocean File Permission

———–Permission to root folder for upload issue in ubantu14———-

Execute below command
1) ps aux | grep apache
2) groups www-data
3) chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/ 71 altre parole


5 features to know about Composer PHP

Here are some tips you should know when using Composer the dependency manager for PHP.

1. Update only one vendor

You want to update only one specific library, without updating all your dependencies? 925 altre parole


Membuat Cluster HPA (High Performance + Availability) dengan RaspberryPi

English version : click here

Infrastruktur IT yang ideal adalah yang performanya tinggi (high performance), dan selalu bisa diakses (high availability, resilient). Dulu, ini cuma bisa menjadi kenyataan dengan membeli perangkat keras yang mahal, dan software pendukungnya yang kadang malah lebih mahal lagi. 874 altre parole


Working with legacy code (PHP 4)

A brief history of my development Experience

I have been working with PHP for the last 10 years, I started off with procedural code and later switched to OOP. 1.131 altre parole


Enabling PHP 5 on Fedora 20

I've been trying to get Modx CMS installed on a Fedora 20 laptop and just getting permission denied errors for absolutely no (apparent) reason.
By searching  came across http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5326531/php-warning-unknown-failed-to-open-stream which suggests the following command: 
/sbin/restorecon -R /var/www/
As described at http://linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-server-73/ - not that this actually resolves to a page.

PHP 5 Tutorial Learn Classes And Object

The Third version of PHP provides the support for Object Oriented programming approach but not more usable like other Object Oriented programming languages. It’s some very simple concept of Oops and not more improved at the time of release of PHP version 4. 412 altre parole

Object Oriented Model