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MÁS ALLÁ DEL FIN DEL TIEMPO, para ensemble de viento

Más allá del fin del tiempo, para ensemble de viento (flauta, clarinete, clarinete bajo, contrafagot, saxo soprano, saxo barítono y bombardino), es una de mis últimas composiciones. 234 altre parole


Why antibubbles are the coolest things ever! That is, in the world of Physics.

When washing your plate or it’s raining, have you ever noticed something that looks a bit like this:

Yeah those are antibubbles. They’re like bubbles, but instead of Air with a thin layer of water that is flying in the air, they are water surrounded by a thin layer of air that is inside water. 146 altre parole


University of Maryland: Nonlinear Dynamics

This REU offers participating students the opportunity to study topics in the broad area of nonlinear dynamics. Research projects are theoretical, experimental, and computational, or some combination of those. 184 altre parole


Course Reflections: Introductory Calc-Based Physics (PHYS 221)

The Course:

This is the calc-based physics course (the first semester). The students in the class are mostly:


Under high pressure, water turns to ice at room temperature

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