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A "Must Have" Piemonte Book for Your Bookshelf

A Labor of Love: Wine Family Women of Piemonte
Whether you have visited or not, there is a book coming that any Piemonte lover will enjoy.  538 altre parole


Massive Congratulations (You Jammy B@stard!)

It’s finally time to reveal the winner of the Lazenne WineCheck competition. It took us a while to organize a good time to deliver, but now he’s got them we can reveal that… 72 altre parole


Rites of Spring: Gergovie & Tutto Wine Tasting

Those lucky enough to be in London for the Bank Holiday had a chance to go to an superb event at the Round Chapel in Hackney, organised by… 1.059 altre parole


The best way to see the Langhe

For all the Langhe’s wonder and beauty, it’s got one big downside (from an aspiring but unfit cyclist’s perspective at least)… hills. Big, long, steep hills. 823 altre parole


Top 5 restaurants in Barolo

  1. Mangè
  2. Centro Storico
  3. More e Macine
  4. Osteria Veglio
  5. Osteria dei Vignaiolo


At Mangè you will find Maria Kristina and her husband. Maria is the chef, and her food is out of this world. 317 altre parole


Big Bench Community Project: La panchina bianca.

La mia avventura inizia da una foto su facebook. Qualche tempo fa, un mio conoscente aveva postato una sua foto su una panchina gigante. 384 altre parole



Mi chiamo Jill, ho 21 anni ed abito in Piemonte.
Viaggiare è una delle mie più grandi passioni, purtroppo non posso dire che sia anche del mio portafoglio. 155 altre parole