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The oldest Carnevale in Piemonte

We return with Blogging Piemonte, the group of bloggers based in Piemonte writing about our (mostly) expat & (some) local lives here. This month’s theme is… 496 altre parole

Italian Culture

The Cuneese and the French

Cuneo. Cuneo. The pronunciation of this city and comune (municipality) in Northern Italy reveals whether you’re actually from there or not. Choose the first and you’ll be considered a stranger, choose the last and you might get accepted. 360 altre parole


Winter in Piemonte

Winter 2015/2016 in Piemonte – The Road Trip

All indications where for a great trip – flights on time and all connections made. After the 30hr trip from the land of Oz we where greeted with a morning landing into Malpensa Airport – where the sun was only just coming over the horizon and the temperature was a clear clean -3C . 713 altre parole

The Wine Business

The Great Piemonte Wine Giveaway – THE LAUNCH

Ok guys and girls, you really REALLY want to read this post! As I mentioned in a pre cursor last week, I’ve teamed up with Valeire from the Girls Gotta Drink blog, and the team behind Lazenne wine luggage to offer an… 430 altre parole


In Pursuit of Barolo and Barbaresco: Visiting Piemonte, Italy

People go to Florence for the Duomo; Rome, the Colosseum; and Tuscany, the art. As the home to Alba white truffles and world-class wine, most people go to Piemonte for food and wine. 1.339 altre parole