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Ascendants of the Peak

From up on high, the ascendants cry,  

of happiness and truth,

here they are young as youth.

All is temporary,

they cannot be stationary.

Descend, the ascendants of the peak. 23 altre parole



“I wish life could just pause for you,”

She said.

I’ve been waiting for life to pause my whole life.

Going through the motions, 124 altre parole


The art of drowning

Breaking through the waves again

the art of drowning,

is easy to master

when the darkness consumes you.

Terrified of being misread

and misguided in the fall… 86 altre parole


Poetry, at least in large part, is about the sound.  Years ago I started a poem that consisted of words that just felt good when you said them.  116 altre parole


Entry 4

I am not a poet, novelist, or a playright. Instead, I speak of the avalanche to which the nation was submersed and now lies in ruin.

Graphic Novel

Shakespeare Boogie

It is said that all the world’s a stage.

If true, the path becomes quite clear,

Best y’all get out of the way because,

My big solo dance number goes right here.


3-Minute Poem


I’m 200 miles away

From my own body.

I want to come back and be here,

But I’m not ready to face pain and reality. 102 altre parole