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Tunnels #poetry

A network of some tunnels,

Hidden deep down underground,

What hides in there we cannot know,

Just what is to be found.


Dreams of Escape

on the fire escape

smothering in night’s dead air

we whispered our dreams

in dried voices falling downward

while indifferent stars looked on

-J. Kleponis, MET, Vol 3, No. 1, 2008.

Holiday... #poetry

Quite shortly I shall go away,

The question though is clear,

Should I return from holiday,

Or never return here…


Tis a Gift

No privacy now.
In a land where freedom is the aim,
all are watched, and some seek fame!
We have lost the simple game. 18 altre parole


dying brother with microscope

last night
a horse
left Ohio
and waited
seven seconds
clopping back

(all cats had my sister’s tongue)

had fingernails

and fish food


A fresh, crisp morning,

The sun barely peaking over the eastern horizon,

Boats being readied,

Sails hoisted,

The chatter of excited voices,

The race is about to begin, 44 altre parole

I need you.

I have thought

my entire life

I needed seas

or mountains

or magnificent city lights

to be happy.

Truth is:

I do not 

care where… 8 altre parole