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Pretty Insanities

Feathers torn from the gaping napes of wind began to dwindle and resist in spite of the gravity crushing tsunami.

Trapped in a facade of impersonating flowing rain every feather dived to their unplanned descent. 135 altre parole



We are born without our souls

On this plane

In a human vessel.

What drives us is spirit.

It’s called soul searching

For a reason

Find it.

Ties that Bind

These ties that have bound us throughout the eons
The undemanding presence of silken strands billowing
in a gentle breeze
In the eye of many storms… 44 altre parole


Excuse Me Miss

Excuse me miss,

can I have you

your way?


Here I am Eating My Cat

Most poetry written today
is like selfies, posted on

Though less of us
have poetry cameras.

Sure, my fat ass
is broadcast on a… 59 altre parole


An abandoned thought

Forgotten amidst the noise

Threatens extinction