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10/17-10/18: Day 1 Bad Boy

In Class:

  1. We read and analyzed Ms. Sayyah’s “I Am From” poem, linked: Cycle One PPT Day 1. (Analysis questions also linked).
  2. We learned what a memoir is from…
  3. 112 altre parole
Daily Update

I Miss You

I miss you

He says,

With his eyes a soft brown

And a gap tooth smile hiding

Behind his pink pouting lips.

I miss you… 60 altre parole


God's Love

God’s Love

God’s love knows no limits and boundaries; it simply has no end,
There will never be a time, when a soul will find herself /himself without a friend. 28 altre parole


So Run Of The Mill

So Run of the Mill —

some of my most

beautiful quotes


Reveal To Me (a one minute rhyme)

reveal to me the textures soft
you show me in my dreams
your fragrant velvet petals
that envelop me within
then take me deep inside you warm… 16 altre parole


For those missing their distanced loved ones..

Strings attached
being miles apart..
Looks as if they are pretty strong!

Being eye to eye
shoulder to shoulder
Punch to Punch
Sharing all the love.. 44 altre parole

Palpable Pennings

"Fragment" (spoken word poem)

“Fragment” by Rebecca Roberts (aka Tillychan) is a short but effective piece that reflects on a feeling of being reduced, of being separated or isolated from yourself; in truth it’s difficult to explain so for the full effect I would suggest watching the video below & see what you think :-) 58 altre parole

Spoken Word