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Under the Branches

Happy Arbor Day!! Today was Arbor Day (April 28), a day set aside to celebrate trees and all of the incredible things they do for us. 370 altre parole

Poet – try 💙

His voice makes her shiver.

It brings happiness to her soul.

But it also caused her so much pain.

And he knows that her poor heart couldn’t take it. 7 altre parole

Thirty Years Later...

Shakespeare’s Juliet
with a ten-year-old’s line twist
and a handmade dress


Nichts Sagend..

any think..
a nothing..
an out think..
a not think..
just a words.
explained less.
sometimes, everything we need to do is just “Not do anything at all”..


For now

I dived into the wilderness,
Under the earth’s deepest trench.
Swimming endlessly.
Meeting creatures, after creature.
They all want my flesh.
I am getting tired. 214 altre parole


Written by Jacob Ibrag

He took her right hand and continued

walking through the military base. ‘We can get

in trouble. You promised the general that we’d stay put… 191 altre parole