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Face and Flower Illustration

This incredible artwork by Livvy made my day! We are going through some real rough time now and drawing is taking a back seat. With abusive parents in the house you cannot keep your creative side up for too long. 258 altre parole


Something beautiful

cannot be described,

It is the epitome of human complexity….

It can be seen,


You can love,
Something beautiful…

52 altre parole



You were Blue,

and I adored you

Calm and cool

My friend

Where were you?

Distant, cold

You took my hand

Your icy blues were hard to stand. 63 altre parole


• Drama.

In time, it’s the granted
No! …it comes unwanted
It never asks, it only offer
It always makes me suffer

– “It was me all along” 71 altre parole


Her love filled his heart

She had a classic look and a timeless smile, a being of grace and inner peace. She possessed such wit and loved the fun, She loved days lazing in the sun, her perfect body she liked to show in classy and sexy tight clothes. 84 altre parole


Dust to dust 

There is a song that exists in time

Having the queerest of melody

A beat that doesn’t rhyme

And lyrics without rhapsody
Still all hum when it comes on… 201 altre parole