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Albero/Tree by Diego Valeri


Diego Valeri

Tutto il cielo cammina come un fiume,

grandi blocchi traendo di fiamma e d’ombra.

Tutto il mare rompe, onda dietro onda,

splendido, alle fuggenti dune. 234 altre parole


Just Smile beautiful.

Wake up

And not long…

Realizing the blessings as usual

Its the the morning;

The sun hasn’t even risen in the sky

And its another day to start again… 36 altre parole



a veces nos queremos

otras nos queremos matar

no me gustan las mentiras

ni las lágrimas de cal

trágate tus palabras

no las quiero escuchar… 14 altre parole

The Predicament

Daft reasoning gyrating across the hallucinating world

Obscene gestures made by immature intellect

Thoughts cradled carelessly with a petulant motion

Maturity is erroneously conferred to the ignoble ones… 26 altre parole


World's End

Once upon a time, in a year I do not want to remember (but long ago), I took a safari tour across Northern Kenya. On a day I also choose to forget, I arrived at the end of the world. 288 altre parole

Chinese Poetry

This be the verse: 14 ~ Nine Poems for a God - John Sibley

Today’s poem, or series of poems, comes from a book I picked up from a junk shop a few months back;  a collection of poems by John Sibley, called The Death of William Rufus. 169 altre parole

This Be The Verse...

Believe in itself is not understanding

Believe in itself is not understanding or is not knowing. To understand or to know, one must do the motion to understand or to know. Understanding or knowing only comes about through knowledge. 126 altre parole