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I walk through my dreams

by the purring streams

ravishing dandelions

delightful daffodils

emitting the fragrance


mesmerizing me

to soulful slumber

I walk through the rustling trees… 88 altre parole


Signaling through time and space!

Given the nature of the quantum field and electromagnetic exchanges with photons, the forward direction of time results from the fact that light travels in nonlinear time across space at 186000 miles per second. 230 altre parole



To ebb,
the startling clarity
of a stolen kiss
sentenced to null
and ghost, to lips
indelibly parted
then closed.
John Biscello

Sinhalese and Tamils


Leo is a Lion

Like the one on a flag,

Marking the etiology of a race,

The Sinhalese kind,

The lion who has a mane, … 120 altre parole


I Remember Love

I remember love. Holding hands. First kiss, warm lips. A firm embrace. Hearts beating as one. I remember love. First dance. Romance. First dates, home late. 35 altre parole


Good Company

“Fear not” says the fearful mother
Bare hands working over the hot grease

“Lighten up” says the gruff father
Feet shuffling in from his preoccupation… 53 altre parole

Singing the blues

Winter’s white is quite the fright as we look out the door.
I’ve had had the flue. That made us blue.
I just can’t take much more!