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never forget "WHO" you are...

Silence awakens her inner creativity

who speaks to my spirit this early morning

I see him glowing through the sunlight

who offers encouragement as a tiny whisper… 36 altre parole

Creative Writing


Unexpected news
Without a direct connection 35 altre parole


The Perfume of You

I hear the pitter-patter of raindrops

Outside my window

I see green trees lush bathed

In silver drops of pure water

Sprinkling down from the skies… 76 altre parole


Drunken Confidence

It’s strange how it’s impossible
To in your truth be loved
And like a drunken confidence
We stumble through rejection
As we’re shoved.



Regrettably immortal. Compromised in consciousness; unable to recall the facts of their demise. Alive but disembodied since thousands of years. Ghosts on the earth are an artificial entity — conceived by an alien race, that on their planet in this universe had survived the apocalypse of their maker; had at some point drifted to the earth, where optionless except to coax humans to their own conception of a technology that may one day sustain them, keeps them ever since. 179 altre parole


I was too young 

​I was too young,

when you brought home cupid,

so bright and crimson red with you,

I was too flimsy,

to hold a heart and the chaos that weighed heavily upon it. 122 altre parole


A Dream Undressed

Why ask
To tame a dream undressed,
So naked in its innocence
That witnessed
It must render living blessed.