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Disgruntled US Congressmen call Biya to order over handling of separatist crisis in Cameroon

Nine Members of the House of Representative at the US Congress have expressed their dissatisfaction with the manner in which Cameroon’s long serving leader is handling the separatist conflict in the North West and South West regions of the country. 931 altre parole


General Election Result 2019

I don’t normally talk politics on my blog, it seems a growing minority of people have become increasingly immature to talk about disagreements in a civil fashion.   2.573 altre parole


Being Human (the act, not the brand)

I woke up today to find my social media exploding with retweets and Instagram stories as the nation burned. I was utterly horrified by what I was seeing out there and on the news. 350 altre parole


Balloon Animals.

Balloon Animals.

The bright box declares fun! A light blue box with polka dots! The label states “Make and create, Balloon modelling kit, fun for everyone!”. 370 altre parole

Dr Bengali: Pakistan needs to take back its economic sovereignty

“Pakistan is facing a major economic crisis for which we need to take urgent steps. But first we need to take our economic sovereignty back,” said economist Dr Kaiser Bengali, while proposing to ban all non-essential consumer imports in order to promote local industry.  1.351 altre parole


Published letter in The Australian December 16, 2019

The woke wardens of Britain won’t simply fade away

The British election shows that the working class do not now necessarily identify as Labor voters. The British working class has abandoned its traditional base as it has become more prosperous and less proscribed in its political ideology. 66 altre parole