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November 2017 (Part One)

You sat on my lap while we watched the sunset. I bounced you on my leg and swung you backward as I sang a rhyme you liked when you were a toddler (“I had a little horsey and his name was Jack. 1.024 altre parole

7 Years Old

Fionn's Live Performance of 'A Pagan's Prayer' Will Leave You Praying

Fionn’s live performance of ‘A Pagan’s Prayer’ at Warehouse Studios in Vancouver is amazing. These identical twins are full of energy. You can see the passion in their faces. 74 altre parole

New Release

25/04/2018: "War" by Edwin Starr

“War, huh, yeah
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing”

Edwin Starr’s version of “War” (originally sung by The Temptations), was released in 1970, in the shadow of the Vietnam war.

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Political Songs

Video: Carlin Nordstrom on a crusade to remove pop from schools on reserves

Carlin Nordstrom wants Indigenous communities to ban pop from their schools.

Nordstrom, the owner of Kisik Sports, Health and Wellness, gives motivational talks in Indigenous schools in Saskatchewan and Alberta, where he’s witnessed shockingly high sugar consumption. 53 altre parole

Local News

She has, without a doubt, one of the best voices out there.


Låttips #25 - Inte för alltid

Not forever av Popsicle

Popsicle var framgångsrikt med sin indiepop på 90-talet. Indie är en förkortning för independent (=oberoende) och betyder oftast att ett band undviker stora skivbolag. 93 altre parole


Reticulating Splines // by Kevin

In this playlist: Yes, the music from The Sims is on Spotify. Yes, Sim City too. Yes, I made a playlist of Maxis music. Yes, you’ll recognize this stuff.

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