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Segwit and Bcash. See it for what it is.

So why are R.Ver & Friends.inc out to get BCH the Bitcoin Title? Simple. Monies.

So… let's look at segwit and lightning Network.
LN is a competing form for larger transaction capacity, and the following is thing why they want BCH to be PayPal 2.0. 340 altre parole


Be prepared for another attack this weekend (Hashrate might move temporarily to the other guys which will slow down the network). Stay cool, don't sell your Bitcoin at a discount.

I have read the other sub:

They are already celebrating that the Bitcoin network will slow down, predicting blocks only every 24h, and predicting fees of 500$. 60 altre parole



I was busy polishing the shit out of some tiles, just lost in thought and suddenly the tiles started speaking to me. No I was not on anything other than bended knee. 469 altre parole


I got married in November 2016. Marriage expenses in India are off the charts. I had some bitcoins, and the obvious thing was to sell the bitcoins to get cash.

But I didn't. I took a loan of $1500 from friends.

And the $1500 that remained invested in bitcoin is today worth $15000.

I just remember how desperate I was to keep my bitcoin. 75 altre parole


Life after Travelling

It sucks.

The first week was not so bad, I settled back into English life okay (as okay as it can be), catching up with friends, enjoying a drink or meal here or there but now it is just boring and depressing. 1.107 altre parole