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Museo del Tessuto: It all started with a threat

Have you ever imagined yourself inside a movie from centuries ago? This is exactly how I felt when I went to see Capriccio e Ragione in Il museo del Tessuto in Prato, Italy. 314 altre parole

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Mokha, Prato

Since this post is in Italy, should it be in Italian? 🤔

If you are surprised that this post is from Italy, then clearly, you need to be following ayamstuffed on… 521 altre parole

A Condensed Thanksgiving

That awkward moment when a rose peddler enters the restaurant you’re in and tries to sell you flowers, imploring your dinner partner to purchase them for you… 47 altre parole

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Prato Textile Museum: one step forward to the fabric world


Located at the center of Prato the city pounding of a cherish fabric development history, textile museum is always an ideal place to have a study on historic and contemporary textiles because the museum has huge amount of fabric samples, historic garments, accessories and porcelain related. 397 altre parole

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Photo Challenge : SILENT SUNDAY


Eggs Benedict: uma receita premiada e muitas histórias!

O post de hoje é bastante especial, trago para vocês o prato Eggs Benedict que vem agregado de muitas histórias e não poderia deixar de compartilhar esse conteúdo aqui. 555 altre parole