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Prato, solo 6000 paganti allo show dei Demerit, delusi gli organizzatori

Cocente delusione per gli organizzatori del concerto del gruppo pechinese Demerit i giorni scorsi a Prato. Lo show, svoltosi lo scorso 12 aprile, un martedì, al Cicolo Curiel, ha attirato nella città storicamente più cinese d’Italia circa 6.000 persone, un numero molto inferiore alle attese. 104 altre parole


Prato: The City in Exile

【Note: This blog post is written based on my very limited experience and it only represents my perspective. What I write is only ONE person’s opinion and it does not represent the whole picture. 1.571 altre parole


More Mysterious Etruscans

‘The mysterious Etruscans’ is an almost tautological phrase. They were a truly mysterious people from the doubts as to where they came from to their almost impossible language, more difficult to decipher than Cretan Linear B, to their thoughts on the universe to their presumed demise. 596 altre parole


Retail Therapy

I hate shopping for clothes in Italy. No such thing as “petite” sizes for those of us who are height-challenged, and most stores are tiny boutiques, so it is a drag going in-and-out to find what you might want. 279 altre parole


Located just outside of Orlando is Winter Park, FL which is worth a visit for their walkable downtown filled with parks, museums, upscale shops and restaurants. 107 altre parole

Food & Beverages

Baju Koko Tasmatas - Model Prato

Baju Koko Tasmatas – Model Prato adalah busana muslim pria yang terbuat dari bahan katun pilihan berkualitas, sehingga nyaman dipakai. Desain dan coraknya yang beragam, terlihat sangat ekslusif, elegan, trendi, inovatif dan fashionable. 144 altre parole


PRATO – Textile Museum

Prato and its surrounding area have been home to the textile industry since the Middle Ages, and wool cloth production has accompanied the growth of the city throughout the centuries. 299 altre parole