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Ignazio Fresu: The Last Supper

A table spread recalls a scene
of the everyday life, made up of significant objects.

May 30, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. in Parco Prato, via delle Pleiadi, Italy. 579 altre parole



Ci sono!! Sono sempre qua!! Lo so che sono scomparsa!! Ho avuto molto da fare al lavoro, mentre il capo e uno dei colleghi erano in vacanza …avevamo un cantiere aperto …e molto molto da fare! 668 altre parole


Balkan Road Trip, Part II

We left off here.

Day 4:  Brasov, Romania

After the unexpected cold and rain we experienced in Bucharest, I checked the weather forecast for Brasov and it looked like snow showers.   1.205 altre parole

Foreign Service

First Sunday of the month: museums free entrance

It is a very important event involving all the State Museums with specials and free tickets access. Therefore, if you plan to visit Florence, Pisa, Lucca or any other Tuscan town our countless masterpieces without spending one Euro! 102 altre parole

Tour Touts Tasty Treats in Tony Winter Park

If food tours were people, they’d be my new besties.

What’s not to like? On the tours I’ve taken, you make stops at locally known restaurants and stores to sample a dish and/or an adult beverage the hosts hope entices your return. 1.674 altre parole


Prato Presentation – Faculty of Education 1st Years - High Achievers Night 2015

I’d been meaning to write about my time in Prato, Italy for a while now. But somehow it’s already March…
I got asked to present at an awards night for 1st Year Education students, and this is what I said… 1.269 altre parole