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Typography: Gotham


In 2000, New York based Jonathan Hoefler & Tobia Frere-Jones created a new typeface for use in their publication on GQ magazine.

How does its design relate to its historical context… 202 altre parole


Power Plays: Personalism and Professionalism

a daunting journey independence is. We form a habit of cascading our troubles
onto our parents until we leap out of the nest—on our own, impressively and… 1.158 altre parole

Professional Fortnite players train in Rotorua for their big break

“Hey mum, I’ve bought you a house … hey dad, I’ve bought you a car.”
Rotorua’s Karaz Mikaere dreams of creating youngsters in Rotorua who can turn around and say those words to their parents. 19 altre parole


Sins of Miami Gangster ( In-Development)


Role : Game Designer / Lead Game Architect / Storywriter

Team Members : Three ( Me as a Lead Architect, 1 Artist for 2D/3D , 1 Junior Programmer ) 310 altre parole

Game Development

Mark Yourself a Carelender!

We mark obligations and responsibilities on our calendars. That’s what we do to keep on track and not get fired.

The problem is that we end up letting the calendar dictate our priorities. 166 altre parole

An Overabundance of Truth Bombs at NCCYM!

Already 2 hours into #NCCYM and I have SO MANY THOUGHTS about all the truth bombs that have been dropped.

— Nora (@Nora_Bourke) December 5, 2018…

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