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PUO Tour: 2015 Ireland Day 1

What an eventful 20+ hours!
Boarding our buses at 1:30pm before our 8pm departure, we knew today would be one hell of a long day. I started reading Nabokov’s Lolita on the bus to Newark Airport. 517 altre parole


Watched it go dark

And sketched

And rocked

White pad, thick sheets

Heavy pen, scrawl neat

Crown’s table

Room bleak.

Spanking new designs - animalarium

OK – I know I’m late to the party with some

of these and not even fashionably so.

Most of the new designs about to go to print are not based on a time of year. 110 altre parole


Give books, change lives : PUO

A few months ago I bought Erin a Puo book (Afrikaans), Puo flashcards (Zulu) and a Puo puzzle (Zulu). I truly love their products, as they focus on teaching children South African languages, via fun activities, such a reading, puzzles etc. 157 altre parole