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Double Indemnity (1944)

The other night my wife and I watched Double Indemnity, a classic in the film noir canon. We were led to this film partly due to design and partly out of pragmatism. 323 altre parole

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The Man With The Shredded Ear

While I was scanning the Futility Closet website (it’s on my link list to the left), I found the following alternative titles that Raymond Chandler had listed for possible future works: 212 altre parole


The Long Goodbye

The following is based on my review of Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye for Goodreads.Com:

I had read The Long Goodbye many years ago, and liked it. 504 altre parole


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“The faster I write the better my output.

If I’m going slow, I’m in trouble.

It means I’m pushing the words

instead of being pulled by them.”

L. K. Thayer's Poetry Juice Bar

A Trip Down Mystery Lane: The Golden Age

Dorothy L. Sayers was a pretty big fan of Sherlock Holmes.  In fact, she even wrote a little bit of “fanfiction”! In April of 1934, she was one of the founding members of the Sherlock Holmes Society and she wrote several essays on aspects relating to the Holmes’ canon.  1.566 altre parole


Philip Marlowe, TV Detective

Philip Marlowe’s Hollywood history saw the shamus portrayed on the big screen by some very big names. Dick Powell, Humphrey Bogart, Robert Montgomery, George Montgomery, James Garner, Elliott Gould, and Robert Mitchum (twice) all played Raymond Chandler’s hard-boiled private eye at one point in their careers, with varying degrees of success.  621 altre parole