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Raymond Chandler Titles If They Were Children's Books

The Man Who Liked Dogs

One man lives alone in a dreary existence, until a soggy puppy on his doorstep reminds him of his childhood love for dogs. 446 altre parole

On the spot by chance

I started reading Raymond Chandler in the late green Penguin period of crime fiction publishing at the urging of a poet.  I hadn’t read any crime fiction til then.  3.085 altre parole


Bond Vivant: Gimlets with Fleming and Marlowe

It was during the great mid-century cocktail revival that young Ian Fleming came into his own as the gadabout and Bond vivant we know him as. 921 altre parole

Drink & Eat

Idiot Box: 'Except the Cops'

Except the Cops

I am not the first mystery you will ever solve.  An old Chandler novel, an unsigned note, page numbers circled in a telephone sequence.  276 altre parole


New Casino Slots Opening Ad in Globe, Not Herald

From our Local Daily DisADvantage desk

Plainridge Park – the “first and only” (so far) casino in Massachusetts – opened yesterday in the aptly named town of Plainville. 85 altre parole

Thoughts about Writing

“Not writing for me would be like not breathing.” – Pat Bean

And Writers  

            “A writer who hates the actual writing, who gets no joy out of the creation of magic by words, to me is simply not a writer at all … how can you hate the magic which makes a paragraph or sentence or a line of dialogue or a description something in the nature of a new creation? 385 altre parole


Tell Me What You Read: Kenny Farquharson

In Tell Me What You Read, a new feature on this blog, I interview well-kenned folk in public life about how their reading has shaped their lives, in the past and now.  571 altre parole

Tell Me What You Read