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Book Review: Kiss Me When I'm Dead


f you’re a fan of pulp noir fiction, you’ll love this thriller. Set in modern London, Kiss Me When I’m Dead is a detective novel narrated by the main protagonist, Daniel Beckett. 115 altre parole

Book Review

Undercover: Viva la muerte (02/10/77)

The Hard-Boiled Detective: Stories from ‘Black Mask’ Magazine (1920-1951) edited with an introduction by Herbert Ruhm (Vintage, $2.45). “John Teel had never thought of murder. 924 altre parole

Greil Marcus

David's Haunted Library: Two from 01Publishing

It was the mid 1940’s and things weren’t going well for Private eye Hank Flynn. He just got out of the war and moved to the mean streets of Arkham. 938 altre parole


The Big Sleep – Raymond Chandler (Le Monde’s 100 Books of the Century #96)

This is part of a series of occasional posts where I look at works from Le Monde’s 100 Books of the Century. Please see the separate page (link at the top) for the full list of books and an explanation of why I would do such a thing. 726 altre parole


There's been a murder!

I’m currently mid way through a very stimulating course at the University of Liverpool; Crime Fiction Under Investigation. As an avid reader of crime fiction I’m finding that the course is giving me much food for thought. 306 altre parole

Robot Sweet Tooth: Cooking the Books #2 with Adam Christopher

There is something nefarious going on in the basement of The Temple of the Magenta Dragon, a high-octane Hollywood nightclub. And Raymond Electromatic, the lone employee of the Electromatic Detective Agency and the world’s last robot is just the detective to figure it out. 367 altre parole

Cooking The Books

The suffering of Jonah Lomu

Rugby legend Jonah Lomu died this week in November, 2015 at the age of 40. I first heard his name in 1997 when I was introduced to the sport in Hong Kong, which had just become my home. 1.301 altre parole