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History of Literature Episode #137 - Haruki Murakami


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Haruki Murakami (b. 1949) is one of the rare writers who combines literary admiration with widespread appeal. 95 altre parole


Here's The Deal

I caught up with an old friend the other night, an ex-journalist from my Atlanta days, and the conversation took its inevitable turn to the writing game. 475 altre parole

The Writing Game

The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler

Ah, yes. Good ol’ Philip Marlowe. A tough private eye solving crimes in 1930’s Los Angeles.

Marlowe is hired by an elderly man, General Sternwood, to investigate the blackmailing of his youngest daughter, Carmen, by a shady bookseller named Arthur Geiger. 433 altre parole

Book Review

Strangers on a Train

(Check out my previous film noir essay here: Beat The Devil. Or my previous Hitchcock essay here: Foreign Correspondent)

Alfred Hitchcock’s 1951 psychological thriller film noir  2.134 altre parole



I was recently halfheartedly involved in an assignment at work that was comparable to a kindergarten craft project. It was to make Passion Buckets. Galvanized buckets were handed out with the instructions to decorate them and fill them with your “passions” (i.e. 284 altre parole


So You Want To Be A Fiction Writer?

Where to Begin –

Stop Prevaricating. Easier said than done, I hear you cry. Been there, done that. I have dabbled on and off throughout my whole life (mostly off B.D – before daughter). 1.482 altre parole


A Gun from the Gorbals

Today, I find Jimmy lurking in Glasgow’s back streets trying to buy a gun. But don’t worry, Back Copy fans, he’s not gone to the dark side, he’s just out investigating a story. 141 altre parole