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Shut Up And Write Twenty-Three More

Michael Connelly didn’t write this line. I believe it was Andrew Marlowe but if I’m wrong, someone please tell me in the comments section. But he delivered it in the aforementioned… 393 altre parole

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Chandler is a Girl's Name

My mind kept drifting to the mess of papers I’d had to stuff into the filing cabinet. Brace had called from the phone-box downstairs just moments before and wouldn’t be dissuaded from coming up. 1.163 altre parole



The title for the 1973 movie ‘Mean Streets’ was inspired by the line used by the novelist and screenwriter Raymond Chandler in one of his published essays (The Atlantic Monthly, Nov 1945), “Down these mean streets a man must go.” The original title used by the director Martin Scorsese was ‘Season of the Witch’. 

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Fact Food

What do books mean to you?

The pages are thin and its cheap printing may have smudged the ink in places, but my copy of Gandhi’s The Story of My Experiments with Truth… 549 altre parole


L.A. Writers: Raymond Chandler

When I started writing this series of posts, I should have started it off with Raymond Chandler. He is, in so many ways, the quintessential L.A. 888 altre parole


So Welcome to Our Family Tree*

Most of us have what you might call ordinary families. No particularly long history, great wealth, or titles. But some families have pedigrees. On the surface, it may seem as though a pedigree is a good thing to have, especially if it comes with money. 1.071 altre parole

Agatha Christie

9 Quotes on Writing by Writers 

1. There’s no such thing as perfect writing, just like there’s no such thing as perfect despair.

– Haruki Murakami

2. Writing every book is like a purge; at the end of it one is empty … like a dry shell on the beach, waiting for the tide to come in again. 232 altre parole