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Reader Comment Requested - Gray Gold Showdown

The four-foot-wide solid wood door at the back of the outer office opened fast. A short wide shouldered man appeared just long enough to tell me, “Come in.” 3.240 altre parole


Quote of the Day

There are two kinds of truth: the truth that lights the way and the truth that warms the heart. The first of these is science, and the second is art.

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'Cause When It's All For One, It's One For All*

Crime fiction arguably says a lot about the culture from which it comes. This is a very large topic, so I’ll just focus on one aspect of culture. 1.067 altre parole


Addendum: Genealogy of a Hunter

Generally speaking, I don’t think writers know who they are; it’s a disability–and an advantage–they share with actors. And it’s probably just as well, really. Self-knowledge can lead to self-consciousness, and in a writer self-consciousness can only lead to self-parody.

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Donald Westlake Novels

Philip Marlowe, Tokoh Private Eye Fiksi Paling Kondang

Dalam kisah-kisah kriminal bernuansa mafia dan kekerasan tersebut bermunculan beberapa tokoh detektif swasta, yang juga disebut penyelidik swasta, atau private investigator. Private Investigator kadang disingkat menjadi “PI” dan “Private Eye” (“eye” menerangkan huruf “I” yang di dalam penyebutannya terdengar seperti “eye”). 683 altre parole


Tough Mexicans

Tough Mexicans

“There is nothing tougher than a tough Mexican, just as there is nothing gentler than a gentle Mexican, nothing more honest than an honest Mexican, and above all nothing sadder than a sad Mexican. 148 altre parole


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Antiquarian booksellers are a breed of odd, voluble people who’d seem to make better extras in a film adaptation of Dickens’s… 1.369 altre parole