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Reflexivity in Remington Steele

Remington Steele was a lightly comedic detective procedural from the early 1980s. It had two gimmicks – front and centre is the conceit that Remington Steele is a fraud, an invention of the real detective, Laura Holt, who was not being taken seriously in the private investigation world because of her gender. 1.168 altre parole

The Mystery-Investigation Complex

Berlin [and Vienna] noir [book review]

While in Cambridge last month, I picked a few books from a local bookstore as fodder for my incoming vacations. Including this omnibus volume… 337 altre parole


latest audio books....

We have a collection of audio books which are available to borrow for free. As they tend to live on a shelf behind the counter just ask to browse the ‘audio folder’ which contains  the entire collection. 24 altre parole

James Patterson

The Black-Eyed Blonde

Raymond Chandler wrote his first novel relating the adventures of Philip Marlowe in 1939. For those that have forgotten, it was titled The Big Sleep… 711 altre parole


trouble is my business

Philip Marlowe, Raymond Chandler’s most famous character, is something of a mystery. He muddles his way through investigations, doing his best to make sense of an unfair and world, but what we know about Marlowe the man fits in an ash tray in a two-bit bar somewhere in the L.A. 226 altre parole

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Writer's Desk: Get Fired

Even writers need money. It helps, after all, if one wants to keep the coffee pot full and the Wi-Fi humming along. There are writers who can work full jobs and still create masterpieces (Graham Greene and T.S. 167 altre parole


Classic American Private Investigators - Detectives from the Hardboiled Sub-Genre

The hardboiled sub-genre emerged during the Golden Age of detective fiction, the 1920s. Authors such as Raymond Chandler, James M. Cain and Dashiell Hammett can be called its founding fathers, as they were almost exclusively responsible for the increase in the sub-genre’s popularity. 396 altre parole

Wendy Saunders