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The Long Goodbye (Raymond Chandler)

The Long Goodbye is widely considered Raymond Chandler’s swan song to arguably literature’s greatest detective. Often cited as the gold standard in crime fiction, this one snapped up the Edgar Award for best novel in 1955, is listed on countless “best of” compilations, and has influenced a generation of mystery and crime writers. 566 altre parole


'Killer in the Rain' by Raymond Chandler (Part Two)

The second half of Killer in the Rain features the stories Mandarin’s Jade, Bay City Blues, The Lady in the Lake and No Crime in the Mountains… 1.276 altre parole

Book Review

Raymond Chandler says:

“To say goodbye
is to die a little.” 

Raymond Chandler says:

“Hollywood is wonderful. Anyone who doesn’t like it is either crazy or sober.”

Tried to Warn You*

It’s hard for people to pay attention to everything. It’s even harder when the message is something one doesn’t want to hear. But those messages can matter greatly. 1.025 altre parole

Agatha Christie

A Tribute to a Black Cat

During the 1930’s, Chandler had a black Persian called Taki. He often spoke to her as if she were human. Sometimes he called her his secretary, because she frequently sat on the paper we was about to use or on copy that needed revising. 383 altre parole