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#Read Across America: West Haven Edition, Continued

March 2 was Dr. Seuss’s birthday, celebrated as Read Across America Day. In West Haven, Connecticut, planning for the event began in January when the Reading Department discussed how teachers were the model readers in every building. 410 altre parole


The Appeal of Family Secrets

First of all, Squiders, let me apologize for the lack of a post at the end of last week. I’m afraid Leonard Nimoy’s death threw me off my game, and I may have spent a lot of time trolling Tumblr for memorials and occasionally tearing up. 383 altre parole


Challenge Tuesday - 10

This week I went back to my folk-loving roots and left the novels to one side…

Book 10 – Folk Tales of the North Country… 325 altre parole

How to Build a Lasting Legacy

One of the highlights of homeschooling are the discussions I have with my children in the mornings. Our mornings are not a rush and flurry of breakfast, dressing and scrambling out the door. 876 altre parole


Read Like You Mean It

Reblogged from Angelo State University’s Navigating Higher Ed blog:

Back when I was young and still played sports, a baseball coach told us our goal each day was to “practice like we mean it.” The idea, and it’s a cliché we’ve all heard before, is that championships might be won on the playing field but winning foundations are built in the weight room and at practice every day. 1.152 altre parole


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Hidden Reading Glitches and IQs

An IQ is an ‘intelligence quotient’ ( A little division here to get a quotient!) based on testing your thinking ability as compared to others who took the test. 285 altre parole

Time To Think

E-books on the decline?

There are some mixed messages about the decline or otherwise of the sale of e-books, with some publishers claiming that physical books are making a come-back. 371 altre parole