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Public Reading of Scripture

The link below is to an article that takes a look at the public reading of Scripture and how it should be approached.

For more visit: 6 altre parole


A Lie, a Ballgown, and a Proposal

He worked in theater.

Those four words, shamefully uttered, fell to the ground at the Autumn Prince’s feet. He should have boasted of the blood that ran through his veins, blood of autumnal gold. 717 altre parole


Death of the Man-whore.

Okay, I think every girl has had that fantasy. You know the one. Handsome player with a huge reputation for being a ladies’ man sees you – Plain Jane – across a crowded room. 1.210 altre parole


My Good Read for the Day: The Plague (10/07/15)

The Plague  

by Albert Camus

Book Summary Note from Felina Silver Robinson: Author Albert Camus is a story about those who suffered, those who cared for the sick and the dying, the pain, the trials and tribulations of all those affected by a disease that ran rapid through an Algerian Port Town. 48 altre parole


tall tales tuesday - The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

another find from A Mighty Girl top read alouds pick.  another great story – and don’t let the title mislead you.  this is not a typical disney-fied princess book.  43 altre parole


Ten reasons to love literature

Welcome to the world of relaxed reading. We’ve found a way to reduce eye fatigue and that is no more literature. Let’s find a way to make it into a movie, a song, a Flikr image, a YouTube video, anything but written work. 495 altre parole


Dream Fulfilled

Two sisters, Deanna and Christine loved reading. They both loved books. They both were creative and savvy businesswomen. They shared the same dream:  own a bookstore. 333 altre parole