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Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn; 252 pages

Camille Preaker comes from a small mid-west town called Wind Gap. Now she is a no-name reporter for a small Chicago newspaper. 174 altre parole


Vote! Help Choose the Right Book Blurb for Stealing the Amber Key: Book One in the Xandi Series

Calling all parents/grandparents of kids aged 9-14. I need your children’s/grandchildren’s expert opinions. I have two quite different book blurbs for my first book in the Xandi series, … 497 altre parole


The Holy or the Broken, by Alan Light

The other day, I was chopping potatoes in the kitchen and singing quietly to myself. (I always seem to sing quietly when indoors; I have an ingrained terror of disturbing the neighbours.) The Chaos came into the kitchen. 1.103 altre parole


Once upon a time...

Choosing a book from library stacks or bookstore shelves used to be a simple and satisfying voyage of discovery. The options were Fiction or Nonfiction. If the reader’s choice was Nonfiction, there was the Dewey Decimal System to help locate a topic. 461 altre parole

What I Read: Go Set a Watchman

I really thought about not talking about Go Set A Watchman. Not because of the hype, and later, the controversy, but because I really didn’t care for it. 298 altre parole


One Minute Book Reviews: The Awakening

My favorite piece by Chopin is probably the more often read “Story of an Hour” so I was looking for something similar to that in “The Awakening.” And while the themes are similar I finished up “The Awakening” a little disappointed. 120 altre parole


Some Validation on War and Religion

A while back I wrote a review of Fields of Blood, Karen Armstrong’s lengthy (if shallow) tome about the history of war and religion. There, I wrote this: 607 altre parole