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How Michael Crichton Mined Classic Literature to Write Modern Science Fiction

Years after his death, Michael Crichton is still dominating American culture. Jurassic World  shattered records at the box office upon its release, demonstrating that Crichton’s dinosaurs-run-amok brainchild still holds wide appeal. 1.508 altre parole


Writing Styles Every Writer Must Try

And it’s 2 months down already. Can you believe it? Anyway!

It’s been a while I wrote about ‘what are writing styles‘ and I won’t shy away from confessing that I’d totally forgotten about the follow-up post I’d promised to do. 546 altre parole


Beautiful Book Friday

So I have no clue if someone else does something similar but I was inspired to show off beautiful book covers and I figure why not make it a weekly thing! 283 altre parole


Friday Reads

This is what I’ve been reading the past two weeks.

After finishing The Sisters Grimm, I moved onto some non-fiction.

The first one was A Short History of Fairytales which was interesting. 52 altre parole


Review—The Beast is an Animal by Peternelle van Arsdale

What happens when we give in to all-consuming fear? Peternelle van Arsdale examines this question in her novel The Beast is an Animal, an allegory about the danger of allowing fear to rule a society. 793 altre parole


Book Haul | February 2017

There are SO many good books at the moment, so this month I decided to treat myself I buy some of them. Here are the books I hauled: 561 altre parole