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Flowers In My Hair

I wear flowers in my hair,
Even when they’re not in bloom.
Vining plants are everywhere,
Winding ‘round my room.

God made four seasons to be; 64 altre parole


How to Cook Everything Fast

Title: How to Cook Everything Fast by Mark Bittman

Category: Nonfiction, Cookbook

Review: I love Mark Bittman’s cookbooks. He just breaks it down and makes it so easy to understand. 133 altre parole


Still Working on the Store :-(

This last shirt, Feed Me, is really getting my goat… I threw one away this weekend; and again, these bottom letters will not stick to the shirt. 63 altre parole


20 Questions Book Tag

I saw this floating around some of my book circles, and while I wasn’t directly tagged, there were a few kind souls who tagged “whoever wants to do this” for all of us unpopular folks, so bless your kind souls and all-inclusive tags. 1.228 altre parole


Friday Fun Facts!

It has been a long time since I have done a Friday Fun Facts post, and it is long overdue. Today’s topic: Bizarre book facts. 197 altre parole


Storytelling Across Cultures

They always say to read broadly, don’t they, squiders? And generally this means that if you normally read mysteries, pick up a romance every now and then, or some science fiction, or if you read novels to read short stories, or if you only read stuff from authors who are alike to you in race/gender/orientation, etc. 379 altre parole