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A Night Worms Book Review: Kill Hill Carnage

Kill Hill Carnage was a wild, fun, gory ride of a horror book! I absolutely enjoyed myself the entire time – there was so much fun dialogue, tributes to good 80s campy horror, and the story was just all-in-all one that I thoroughly enjoyed. 440 altre parole


Polly Ho-Yen visit

This Wednesday, Year 6 were extremely lucky to have Polly Ho-Yen, the author of their class book: ‘The Boy in the Tower’, visit them. In the first session, Polly gave a talk about her inspiration for writing her three books. 108 altre parole


Donna Reads: Law Man (Dream Man #3) by Kristen Ashley

Mara Hanover is a shy, hardworking girl, born on the other side of the tracks. Her family is trailer trash, and she left home at a young age and worked hard to put her rough beginnings behind her. 339 altre parole


2019 Reading Challenges and Readathons

In gathering up 2019 Reading Challenges to share on the @BXBrum Twitter account, I’ve realised I’ve found more than I ever thought I would, and that tweeting them individually would perhaps be confusing and laborious.  1.181 altre parole


Book Review: The Cool Kids

The Cool Kids by Jason Pellegrini is a remarkable coming of age story that follows three young boys in the early 90s as they embark on a journey of friendship and growth akin to The Goonies or Stand By Me. 495 altre parole


Donna Reads: Look the Part by Jewel E. Ann

Ellen Rodgers is a musical therapist, and she rents office space from attorney Flint Hopkins. Flint is a moody single father raising an autistic child. Free-spirited Ellen enjoys messing with Flint’s orderly existence. 250 altre parole


Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

I found this Reading Challenge from Passages to the Past a while back, and decided that I should and could sign up. I read a lot of historical fiction, right? 140 altre parole