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Dirty Boots: A Column of Critical Thinking, Border Crossing, and Noblesse Oblige

I read a lot. Outside of student papers and other work, my tastes are pretty eclectic. The last few things I read were New Yorker… 735 altre parole

The Deep South

The Micawber

she turned time to dust
and with its
immortal remains
draped the unfair turns
canopied the unkind curves
time had strewn in her path
and left her… 19 altre parole


Notes in the Margin: Against the Sacredness of Books

What did you think the last time you checked a book in and found notes in the margins, or passages underlined, or pages dogeared? Most of us, I’m sure, are at least annoyed by that. 758 altre parole


Book Review: Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked

Can we first take a moment to acknowledge, appreciate, and worship this cover?! The cover is the first thing that drew me to wanting this book; I won’t lie. 540 altre parole


Reading Diary: with clouds descending

It’s ADVENT, season of the best carol ever! It’s also been rainy for the past fortnight (or, at the very best, cloudy all day), so, you know, doubly appropriate. 2.185 altre parole


Donna Reads: Accidental Hero (Marriage Mistake) by Nicole Snow

Isabel Derby is an art teacher. One of her students is a child prodigy. Natalie Eden is ten and in the eighth grade. She’s sweet, and she’s special. 216 altre parole


Print Only Reading Challenge

2018 found me wildly missing my reading targets, whilst bringing yet more books into the house.  They have now spilt out from the shelves and from under the coffee table, and now there’s also a big pile on top of the coffee table too! 137 altre parole