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Day 13 - What I Want To Do- 30 Days to Clearly Defining It

Would you permit me to crusade a little on a topic I am passionate about?  I want to inspire policy makers and leaders to change the current paradigm we use in education and help foster a revolution of creativity for the benefit of our children and generations to come. 1.016 altre parole

30 Day Challenges

Beautiful Play dough Invitations

“When children use playdough, they explore ideas and try different approaches until they find one that works.”

First…Play dough Benefits & Child Development

Social and emotional development 
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How Does Learning Happen? Foundations For Learning

Poem: Pedagogical Pathways By Margaret Mykietyshyn

Pedagogical Pathways

By Margaret Mykietyshyn
Inspired by and dedicated to Lee Makovichuk and the early learning educators of MacEwan University Lab School for their enlightening illuminations of Play, Participation and Possibilities: An Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework for Alberta… 246 altre parole
ECE Materials

A visit to the Reggio Australia pedagogical documentation centre

This post features a summary and reflection on the theory, principles and practices of the Reggio Emilia process of pedagogical documentation. The possibilities and challenges of what this reflective methodology holds for children’s gallery education are also discussed in relation to my doctoral research.  1.077 altre parole

Art Education


Has there ever been anything better than a giant box and some crayons?

I think art works best when you give a child all the tools they need and they can work their own ideas out on their canvas. 35 altre parole


Building a Tinker Box

Do you have a Tinkerer? I sure do. I think he was just a little over a year old when he discovered what a screw driver was. 1.005 altre parole


Follow the Child

As a Montessori teacher, parent or someone affiliated with Montessori education, one often hears the phrase, “Follow the child.” Searching for this quote from Maria Montessori’s writings is challenging. 160 altre parole

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