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Possibility, Power, Perception ... and Transformation

Yes, lol, such a long blog post title, but I couldn’t choose just one word. Clearly I couldn’t even choose two! Perhaps you will think of a better title. 223 altre parole

Bliss and Vinegar

As the saying goes, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but a friend recently introduced me to one brand of vinegar that might just lure the flies away from the honey pot. 330 altre parole

Author: Kirsten K.

Real Tools

My daycare kids and Pumpkins love to play doctor.  This play is enhanced with the use of real doctors tools.

Waldorf promotes using natural toys that aren’t too realistic to inspire the imagination and to not awaken the dreamlike state of the child whereas Reggio encourages the use of real tool for children.   101 altre parole



I am reading a lot at the moment for my doctoral studies. I have long been interested in Vygotsky and what his writings can tell us about early childhood education but when it came to my thinking around the importance of drawing to children I felt I needed to broaden my reading. 687 altre parole

Early Years

philosophy is everywhere

I am more convinced that not only can we do philosophy with very young children but we must do it for it is the evidence that we are listening and respecting children’s dialogues. 974 altre parole



Graduation day.

More than one thing was happening in my inner circle this past Friday. My nephews were crossing over in ceremony from their second year of kindergarten to their first year on a new campus as 1st graders at their Waldorf-inspired outdoor school, no small event in their young lives! 498 altre parole

Art For Kids

This and that...

Here at Miss Amy’s we play with play-doh almost every day. Popular things to make are of course snakes and worms. We have also been making letters and numbers, pizza and cookies. 297 altre parole