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Programma Overworld 2016/2017

Nell’ambito del Programma Internazionale OVERWORLD – AZIONE 1, i Dipartimenti di L.A.S.S. e A.L.E.F. dell’Università degli Studi di Parma rendono disponibili n. 9 borse di studio… 241 altre parole


Didattica online per i corsi dell'interateneo

Nell’anno accedemico 2016/17 si continuerà l’offerta della didattica “blended”, che permette di seguire i corsi in aula ossia – per chi fosse impossibilitato – collegarsi al corso via internet in tempo reale o consultarne la registrazione. 84 altre parole


Italian Indigenous Varieties: Lambrusco Montericco

As I said last week, Lambrusco is a subject that is hotly debated online and is one of those topics that seem to have people divided into seriously distinct camps. 131 altre parole

Emilia Romagna

Why Come to The Progressive Ed Summit?

Why come to the Progressive Ed Summit?

Because the revolution won’t happen without you.

As Sir Ken Robinson points out in his book, Creative Schools, a revolution is underway to compel districts and states to give schools the power to transform themselves. 258 altre parole

Education Reform

Alphablocks Nursery School chosen as Client of the Month by A&L

We are pleased to announce that our Barnet / Enfield nursery school has been selected as the Client of the Month for September 2016 by A&L.

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Early Years Education

PhD data collection... day one

Tomorrow is a big day. I have my cameras charged. My consent forms printed. My clipboards are sitting in my backpack. A giant paper roll to display pedagogical documentation is rolled up next to the front door. 937 altre parole

Back to Travel, Soon

So after months working and doing not really much else, a week of vacations approaches .

Italy will be the destination. Been there 3 times already, this makes the fourth time. 56 altre parole