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The Mosaic of Marks: Reflections from Reggio Emilia

Each Spring, the entire class of graduate students in the Boulder Journey School Teacher Education Program travel to Reggio Emilia, Italy to attend the US Students and Professors Study Group. 744 altre parole

21st Century Learning

Colourful Rocks and Tree Blocks - Easy DIY

Make tree blocks by collecting old branches, drying, cutting and sanding them. Add colour by using a watered down acrylic and applying it with a sponge. 9 altre parole

The missing ingredient

I attended my first meeting about full-day kindergarten in the Spring of 2010, 7 years ago now. In the intervening years, I’ve worked as a classroom teacher in FDK and as a support person for FDK classrooms. 1.349 altre parole


Happy Easter

It’s that time of year! We enjoyed coloring eggs yesterday morning (4/12/17). We had many that only colored one egg and I had a few that colored I believe a half a dozen each 😆. 155 altre parole



Learning centers are a great way to organize the classroom with fun, yet educational activities for your students. They help with classroom management and provide students with authentic experiences and valuable learning opportunities. 243 altre parole


Unique Items To Buy

One of the best parts of my job is purchasing items for others, or as I see it, TREASURE HUNTING!

I spend my days collecting beautiful and unique items for upcoming jobs. 105 altre parole

Image Of The Child Reflection

When fulfilling the role as a teacher, one must always consider the image of the child. The image of the child is the way in which one views the child as a whole. 109 altre parole