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Dialogue with materials...

I am super excited about art this term.  The inquiry of the term is the environment and my co-teacher and I are using recycled, found and natural materials as the basis for our art plan.  505 altre parole

My Work With Children

Don’t Put The Cart Before The Horse!

Trying to decide which homeschooling philosophy, method, and style to choose is NOT the first order of business! Before you fall down that rabbit hole, you need to sit down and answer a few critical questions first! 146 altre parole

Alternative Education

Quando il piatto piange (e tu sei sordo)



Incontrare qualcuno.

Passare il tempo.






Questi possono essere alcuni dei motivi che ci spingono a mangiare fuori casa. 983 altre parole


A Report from Tinkergarten

This is my 8th year teaching for the University of Florida Online Master of Arts in Art Education program. Through the years, I have had the opportunity to work with art educators across the country doing amazing things. 962 altre parole

Permission To Play

And The Answer Is...

Hi! Sorry to leave you hanging! It’s been a very strenuous week! Let’s just pick up where we left off, shall we?

All of these words are descriptive of one over arching concept. 279 altre parole

Alternative Education

The 3 Italian teams in EuroCup 2017/2018

EuroCup 2017/2018 is here. On Tuesday 11 October the games begin!

There are 24 teams divided into 4 groups of six teams each, round robin format for a total of 10 games played by each team. 53 altre parole


Organic Math: Part II

Rote learning works for some students, but it isn’t for everybody.  More traditional methods of teaching mathematics can sometimes be too abstract for some students, which leads to the ubiquitous belief that they are “bad at math.”  Because each student engages with mathematics a little bit differently, it makes sense to investigate mathematics in a suitably dynamic learning environment.  1.436 altre parole

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