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The Schools We Don't Want

There are plenty of people ready to speak out about the type of schooling we no longer want, the industrial model education of yesterday that gets perpetuated in slightly altered forms despite the weight of voices to speak out against it. 622 altre parole


Conversations in Block Play

Teachers can encourage children to think deeply about their experiences with blocks and materials. The way in which a teacher responds can help children make connections and create meaning during their block play. 444 altre parole

ECE Materials

Bringing Forth the Skeleton and Fleshing It Out: Day One of a Reggio Emelia Inspired English 1B

Using a Reggio Emelia approach within the current system, which relies on official course outlines and the assignment of letter grades, results in a hybrid creation: a rigid framework housing protean possibilities. 946 altre parole


The One Hundred Languages of Children

An amazing inspirational poem about children, the mistakes we make in teaching them, and how they can learn to become their true selves.


Dear Readers

BUSY BUSY BUSY (Shadows and Light)

I feel like I haven’t written in so long! Last week we were busy with Groundhog Day and learning about shadows and light. I set up a black light on the wall by my writing table a provided white paper and different color highlighters for the kids to write and draw. 769 altre parole


This is not a Blog; It's a Tribute (and a conversation)

Last night, someone asked me the exact question I have been anticipating:

“Just read your last blog a second time, and I have a question:  What about all those disciplines—everything from science, engineer, medicine, biology, climatology, physics, etc.—that covet, even demand, advanced degrees from those who desire to enter those very demanding fields as professionals?  346 altre parole