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Reggio, Citizenship, and the Power of Difference

The Reggio Way isn’t quite like other educational philosophies.  While it shares commonalities with many other approaches to learning, it holds the importance of citizenship as one of its core tenants.   1.032 altre parole

Reggio Emilia

Loose Parts? What's That Then?

If you could see inside my home and visit my toddlers play stations, you would see an abundance of loose parts available for play. The Reggio Emila approach to Early Years education favours the use of loose parts for play and indeed more and more practitioners are incorporating loose parts into their settings to promote creative play. 332 altre parole


The Intangible Third Teacher

When I first started working in the Reggio Way, “environment” was a word that felt hopelessly vague to me.  Time after time, I floundered through discussions centered on “environment as the third teacher” that seemed to incorporate nearly everything.   929 altre parole

Reggio Emilia

We Know What We Know

As parents and educators, we can only do what we can do with what we know.

It makes my heart weep that as I try to help my daughter to navigate her GCSE revision, her intrinsic desire to learn has been obliterated. 536 altre parole

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From Tennessee to Shangri-la

My uncle recently returned to the United States from China to visit my family.  His jet-lag and our early morning schedule led to quite a few discussions over 5:00 am coffee.   1.083 altre parole

Reggio Emilia

Reggio & Children--what inspires me?

What gets me jazzed whenever I hear/see something Reggio-inspired?? (At this current point in my life)

To answer this question, I have to draw from a few different sources. 597 altre parole

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Grad School--BJSTEP

On August 7th, 2017 I will begin my first day of the Boulder Journey School Teacher Education Program (BJSTEP). I am super excited! I still can’t believe that I am about to embark on this journey in my early childhood education career. 496 altre parole

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