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Play Advocate Report on Reggio Emilia

Picture source: http://www.reggiokids.com/the_reggio_approach.html

This is a report on Reggio Emilia, a Italian teaching philosophy that advocates playing and learning of young babies.

Play Advocate Report… 1.390 altre parole


This Week in PreKindergarten #21: Busy Worker Bees


PreKindergarten has been a veritable hive of activity this week: our worker bees have been busy following the six steps of engineering as they plan, design, program and build with a variety of materials. 285 altre parole

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Teaching tips from the verge

It’s really, really hard to write resources for inquiry-based teaching – it’s hard to even think about how to write them.  It’s easy (or at least easier) to write reflections, questions, wonderings, and documentation of that teaching and learning but resources, in the way we traditionally think of them… that’s tough.  418 altre parole

Out of the mouths of babes...

A 3-year-old girl made a pair of “paper panties” This is a conversation between her and another 3-year-old girl.

3-year-old girl #1:
“Look, here are your paper panties!” 56 altre parole

Il 4 marzo a Reggio Emilia, BARBARA POZZO presenta il suo libro "LA VITA CHE SEI. 24 meditazioni sulla gioia"

Dopo il successo della prima presentazione a Milano, mercoledì 4 marzo a Reggio Emilia, BARBARA POZZO incontrerà il suo pubblico tra cui gli utenti del suo sito… 278 altre parole

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My arranged marriages

The environment is the third teacher, this much we know.  That’s the Reggio way; we think of the space itself as a teacher, which, of course, it is – even when we don’t acknowledge it as such. 650 altre parole

The blackout-proof home: Passive House with high time constant

(leggi l’articolo originale in italiano)

Last week, our region (Emilia, Italy) was pounded with what locals are calling “The Big Snow”. With it came very tangible proof of just how fragile our infrastructure is, particularly our electrical grid. 1.041 altre parole