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Südtirol’s Cuisine

Hello everybody!

A lot has happened in the past weeks: Tom Cruise is getting married (again?!?) , NASA discovered the Earth’s gemini planet, I turned 24 (starting to get old…damn)…but most of all I’ve eaten in one of the most delicious place around here! 416 altre parole


Muta Riflessione

This project, Muta Riflessione (Silent Reflection) was presented during last edition of Fotografia Europea in Reggio Emilia (Italy) on May 2015

The images, shot in three different locations in Italy from 2012 to 2013, narrated the sometimes strange relationship between manhood and landscape – new technologies have permeated our daily life, and we more often find it difficult to understand that what we are admiring is nature made through a process that lasted millions of years. 104 altre parole

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Making the Decision to Study Abroad

Italy beckons me to study abroad, connecting to my five senses with the taste of a hundred year old balsamic vinegar aged to perfection paired with freshly toasted bread and crumbly Parmesan cheese from Parma that soaks up the fresh tomato juice in your spaghetti, the feel of cool sixty degree temperatures, the sight of history ridden locations like Verona, the notorious setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and the sound of the musical Italian language, referred to as the language of romance. 858 altre parole


Physical Environments

Dear Reader,

Please notice the picture above. It may be a bit extreme, and it’s not fitting for the standard elementary classroom, but nonetheless it is still the kind of classroom that I’m sure you’ve all seen once or twice. 678 altre parole


Why blog?

I have always loved wildlife and the natural world, and I was fortune enough to grow up spending lots of time exploring and playing outside. That may be why I feel strongly about providing lots of opportunities for the children I teach to do the same. 279 altre parole

The Hundred Languages of Children exhibition in Melbourne

Last weekend  was one of those cold, dark, rainy Melbourne Winter days so we decided to seek shelter inside some of the city’s galleries.

All week my facebook feed seemed to be full of educators raving about the  111 altre parole

Child Care

Possibility, Power, Perception ... and Transformation

Yes, lol, such a long blog post title, but I couldn’t choose just one word. Clearly I couldn’t even choose two! Perhaps you will think of a better title. 223 altre parole