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Wood Have, Could Have, Should Have.

“So they just play all day?”

Every educator working in a play-based student directed environment has heard a potential parent speak these words during a tour.   1.228 altre parole

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Personal and Professional Impact: Reflections from Reggio Emilia

Each Spring, the entire class of graduate students in the Boulder Journey School Teacher Education Program travels to Reggio Emilia, Italy to attend the US Students and Professors Study Group. 1.052 altre parole

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Playground Makeover - Before and After -Part 1             Setting up an Outdoor Loose Parts Play Area that your kids will LOVE! 

Take a look at contest winner Kathys new space! This is ‘Part 1’ of a large playground makeover.



Some might ask, ‘Did you just take away all the ‘toys’ and replace them with a bunch of random junk!?’ … 321 altre parole

Reggio, the Dollar Store, and Transformative Parts

As an educator working in a Reggio-inspired school, loose parts come up in conversation at least once per day. I have attended training sessions on loose parts and their importance to the Reggio Way on at least five different occasions. 1.500 altre parole

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Fighting for the Moral Law

Some of the thousands-strong crowd who processed through the centre of Reggio Emilia, Italy, this morning, rosary-in-hand, in reparation for the town’s first ever sodomite “Pride” festival due to be held this afternoon…….. 14 altre parole

Reggio inspired coloured rice

I’m always looking for interesting and easy DIY play materials and I just love this easy recipe for coloured rice. I came across it at a recent City of Toronto art class for toddlers. 88 altre parole


Booming City, Tiny Baby, Broken Heart.

My wife and I both work in childcare.  She teaches in a Reggio-inspired infant program, and I teach in a Reggio-inspired outdoor preschool.  We met in high school and dated for ten years (two of which were from opposite sides of the world).   683 altre parole

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