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Every Once in Awhile

Why do we choose to go for walks, instead of an adventure?

Why do we choose to take trips and not a Journey instead?

Life would be a lot less dull if we decided to do just that. 333 altre parole

Early Childhood Education

Ciao from Reggio Emilia!!!

Reggio Emilia, Italy, a tiny town in the northern part of the country. Really tiny. Hell, even my shower is tiny (about 3’x3’!). All the locals stare at me like I have two heads, there’s a lot of graffiti and abandoned buildings wherever you look…and I have to say this place is growing on me. 245 altre parole

An unbirthday.

“An unbirthday (originally written un-birthday) is an event that is typically celebrated on any or all of the 364 or 365 days in which it is not the person’s birthday. 340 altre parole

A is for Aesthetics

Google “alphabet chart” and you get over 16 million results.  Most of them look like this.

Q is for quilt, D is for Duck… we’re all pretty familiar with these – they’re ubiquitous. 583 altre parole

When in Rome...try not to get lost

Hey, gang!

So, I’m off to Italy next week for a 10-day study abroad trip and short, jaunty vacation. While I am completely psyched about the study-abroad portion of my trip, I am completely nervous and super excited about spending four whole days in Rome, Italy. 175 altre parole