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Planting Corriander- A Seed's Journey

So, it’s been four weeks since we started our focused inquiry on corriander seeds. The seeds have grown into tiny plants and leaves have fully grown. 384 altre parole


Teach What You Love

In his New York Times article, “The Truck Gene”, Peter Klass M.D. reminisces about his young child’s interest in Trucks. Link to Article

Some children have an obsessive interest in a particular topic, such as trucks, dinosaurs, and trains.  112 altre parole

Early Years

How to Plant Coriander- Focused Plant Inquiry

Yesterday, we decided to start seed planting. This is not only the beginning of our gardening, but also a part of Focused Plant Exploration. In this exploration we would plant a seed and follow its growth into a plant. 371 altre parole


Exploring Charcoal- An Uncomfortable Provocation

Is it an art medium, or just some compressed charred wood? To me, charcoal didn’t hold much attraction as an art medium. It only represented that which cannot be touched, is dirty and morose; it represented the dirty hands of the poor construction workers, or the burnt hands of those women in Indian villages who still sit in a smoke filled kitchen and die of lung cancer. 321 altre parole


Geography- Cityscapes and Small World Play

In Geography, we made cityscapes this week. In the curriculum that I am following, learning about cityscapes, landscapes and seascapes through objects and pictures is an important part. 313 altre parole


Open Explorations & Our Field Journal

“A naturalist is a person who studies living things, especially by direct observation of animals and plants… Naturalists ask questions, observe closely over time, and think about what their observations tell them….

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Being a preschool teacher is wonderful.  Each day if I pay close enough attention, I get these ordinary surprises which are absolutely delightful.  The shelf pictured above with the tree stump blocks is located where you would expect… in the block area.  

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