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Magnatiles and Candles

We wanted to make a simple art project today – decorate toilet paper rolls, then glue a cup inside and place a real (electric) tea candle inside – making a decorative candle for the holidays. 182 altre parole


Christmas Light Exploration

Christmas lights are fascinating for the kids to explore and engage with. We added some lights to our wall and kept half of the preschool in the dark. 169 altre parole


Gingerbread House

Every year we take the biggest box and change it into a cardboard gingerbread house. It is so easy and the kids love it. I just ducktape a roof on top of it and cut some doors and windows. 129 altre parole


Simple but Not Easy

Learning should be more like kindergartens, good old play-based kindergarten that is. Playful exploration and for the learners to have a choice is really the way to go. 280 altre parole


This Week in Our Homeschool- 4/52

Another beautiful autumn crawls towards winters. Sunlight falls lazily upon everything and gives it a fuzzy dew around; or maybe it’s just the air pollution becoming more prominent in these dry days. 221 altre parole


Joy of Learning

Recently, I was able to conduct a one-day Joy of Learning workshop with preschool teachers, in collaboration with The Learning Caravan. It was conducted in Mandarin. 77 altre parole


Chestnut and Acorn Animals

Another day with glue guns. This time around we decided to embrace the season and use all the amazing fall treasures the kids have been collecting. 175 altre parole