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Dress for Mess

At our school kids get messy. One of the first things we say to new parents is: dress for mess, aprons are optional, we play in mud and we get dirty. 284 altre parole


Flying our Kites

We have two days now between the week and a who-knows-how-long of rain. I don’t mind rain. I actually like it and I know the kids love it! 184 altre parole


The Marble Project

It hasn’t been a week since the school started. Actually, it only was a couple of days and some kids only saw each other once or twice. 231 altre parole


What do the pieces of clay you make say about you?

My first encounter with clay was timid at best. I had seen it before, even offered it to my children, but I had never touched it. 934 altre parole


Our Mud Hole

Mud. You either love it or hate it. My classroom loved it last year. They loved making mud in all the containers they could find and mixing it in the big hole. 212 altre parole


Curriculum - yes or no?

When I started teaching for the first time, the thought of no curriculum seemed scary, overwhelming and honestly, ridiculous. How can I teach when I have no idea what to teach? 501 altre parole


Our Summer Playdates

We just finished our last playdate for the summer.  It was amazing how many families were able to join us and play with us.

My own kids are anxious about things they don’t know. 226 altre parole