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The Declawed Paw: The Leopard By Giuseppe Di Lampedusa (1958)

There was no Italy in 1860 or for centuries before that.  Pieces and principalities controlled by different powers existed, to be sure.  Among these was the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in the south, comprised of Sicily and Naples and ruled by a Bourbon king under thrall to Austria. 1.269 altre parole

Lessons for the euro from Italian and German monetary unification in the nineteenth century

by Roger Vicquéry (London School of Economics)

Is the euro area sustainable in its current membership form? My research provides new lessons from past examples of monetary integration, looking at the monetary unification of Italy and Germany in the second half of the nineteenth century. 626 altre parole

19th Century

Lampedusa, The Leopard, Gelato and Me

Right, I’m finally getting round to it. A book I should have read long ago. It’s one of the world’s great classics and I’m slightly embarrassed not to have tackled it before, especially as so many people have told me how brilliant it is. 994 altre parole

Marcello Veneziani on the Spirit of Giovanni Gentile’s Actualism and Rebuilding Italy

“It would take Gentile to rebuild Italy” outlines Gentile’s thought, and place in Italian intellectual history. Like Mazzini, Gentile understood nationalism in the sense, that it was a faith and a spiritual philosophy for unifying the people of a nation, which has its destiny. 1.648 altre parole




Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day for August 1, 2018 is:

risorgimento • \ree-zor-jih-MEN-toh\ • noun

1 often capitalized : the 19th century movement for Italian political unity… 247 altre parole


Fragment from the first Chapter

Each one of the card-players could have told us how to get to Via Garibaldi in their village. I am afraid that asked about Domenico Lopresti maybe a few of them would have answered that Domenico had a shop in Palmi where he sold fruit and vegetables. 295 altre parole


Interview - Daniela Pellacani on Ciro Menotti

We have a chat with Italian teacher and history enthusiast Daniela Pellacani from Carpi on one of the heroes of the Risorgimento, Ciro Menotti.