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The Risorgimento: An Introduction - Revolutions of 1830s

As a result of the insurrections of the 1820s and the subsequent backlash, many prominent Italian nationalists went in to exile. In exile they continued their campaign for the unification of Italy. 805 altre parole


Tappa 1: Torino!

The first stop on my Fulbright journey is Torino (aka Turin), the capital of the Piedmont region, known primarily for being Italy’s first capital (1861-1865) and a major industrial center in the late 19th century. 455 altre parole


The Risorgimento: An Introduction - The Beginnings (1815-1830)

The Risorgimento, meaning the Resurgence, refers to Italy’s unification process, a cultural process as much as a political process. It is generally considered that the process began after the Congress of Vienna in 1815, which returned Italy to its fragmented pre-Napoleonic state. 892 altre parole


The Declawed Paw: The Leopard By Giuseppe Di Lampedusa (1958)

There was no Italy in 1860 or for centuries before that.  Pieces and principalities controlled by different powers existed, to be sure.  Among these was the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in the south, comprised of Sicily and Naples and ruled by a Bourbon king under thrall to Austria. 1.324 altre parole

Lessons for the euro from Italian and German monetary unification in the nineteenth century

by Roger Vicquéry (London School of Economics)

Is the euro area sustainable in its current membership form? My research provides new lessons from past examples of monetary integration, looking at the monetary unification of Italy and Germany in the second half of the nineteenth century. 628 altre parole

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