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Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Marble walls, boasting opulent showcases intercalated with ornate caryatids, rise majestically towards staggering heights. With grace and confidence, an iron-framed, translucent quilt of intricate stain glass panels dome over the walkways of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. 710 altre parole


Vi racconto la leggenda dei Mille, di Garibaldi (e riunificazione)

di Enzo Terzi

Assunto che il mese di maggio per la storia italiana è mese particolare di celebrazioni, tra tutte quella celeberrima del 24, data di entrata in guerra, nel 1915… 2.484 altre parole


Finally, Stopping By At Historic Cafes In Trieste, Birthplace And Home of Illy

Having been the main coffee harbor in the Mediterranean since the 18th century, there are many historic cafes in Trieste with the fact that Triestines consumes almost twice as much coffee as elsewhere in Italy, 10kg versus 5.8kg a year for the national average. 233 altre parole


Oscar Andreae in Italy 1862

In 1862 a young man named Oscar Andreae travelled to Italy, stopping en route in Nimes, Tarascon, Toulon, Cagnes and Nice, where in April 1862 he sketched a bird’s eye view of the Port of Nice (right), the rocks and the old chateau seen from Mont Alban.  783 altre parole