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Under Pressure - My Chemical Romance & The Used

About time we had a week of wacky cover version again? OK. For the record. The Queen and David Bowie song is, in my opinion. Perhaps one of the top ten greatest pop singles of all time. 223 altre parole

Polurrian Rocks 25

Polurrian Rocks 25 – Close-up photograph of metamorphic hornblende schist belonging to the Traboe Formation (part of the Lizard Complex) from south of the Lizard Boundary Fault at Polurrian Cove in Cornwall, with acorn barnacles and limpets attached.

Nature Photography

Music Musing – Ep.9 – One Liners

My brother and I have been talking about music for years. We are not professional podcasters or experts in music. We just love to share our ideas on the thing we are passionate about and have shaped our lives in many ways. 93 altre parole

General Musing

Bob Dylan #6: Highway 61 Revisited (1965)

Dylan’s insanely prolific period continues with his second straight masterpiece of 1965: Highway 61 Revisited.  Considered to be the moment where Dylan left folk behind in a cloud of drugs and amplifier dust, there’s no denying it’s a powerful statement, though  633 altre parole

Pearl Jam’s “Black” Lyrics Felt With Cornell’s Passing

The ballad “Black” by Pearl Jam, encompasses loss on every level. The loss of a parent, a child, even a best friend or a long term relationship. 608 altre parole


Mike Starr, Alice In Chains and Sun Red Sun

Never forget Mike Starr’s contributions in music; most notably on Alice In Chains’ “Would?” And his stellar backing vocals on AiC’s song “Confusion” off their freshman album “Facelift”. 205 altre parole