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Happy birthday Henri Rousseau!

Today, we celebrate the birthday of Henri Rousseau, born May 21, 1844. He was a self-taught Post-Impressionist painter. His primary occupation was to work as a customs officer. 75 altre parole

Jean Jacques Rousseau : The Reveries of the Solitary Walker

J.J Rousseau was, much like Virginia Woolf was in her time, an esteemed individual of his time. Hailing from the 18th century, he boasted a reputation of one of most pivotal thinker to come from the Enlightenment period. 701 altre parole


Are ethical values relative to professional roles?

This is an essay I submitted as a part of one of my electives in my MA. I haven’t got a grade back or anything yet, but irrespective it is my first formal attempt at writing something of this length for philosophy, so a nice milestone. 3.650 altre parole



“Medicine is all the fashion in these days, and very naturally. It is the amusement of the idle and unemployed, who do not know what to do with their time, and so spend it in taking care of themselves. 35 altre parole

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Stuff of Wonderment Pt 128

Henri Rousseau’s ‘Surprised!’.

Every time I get to the National Gallery (roughly once a decade), this is the first thing I’ll go see. It feels like a vivid dreamscape, born of an archaic, elemental sort of imagination that abandoned me in childhood.  61 altre parole

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The Importance of Public Honours as a Tool for the State

Your society’s heroes, idols, stars, and other recognized persons can serve as keystone figures upon which your society’s identity rests, and the titles that your society bestows upon honoured persons build up models for behaviour.   1.659 altre parole