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Rousseau e il Movimento 5 Stelle

GIOVANNI BIRINDELLI, 29.6.2016 (Pubblicazione originale: Catallaxy Institute)

Dal blog di Beppe Grillo:

“Gianroberto Casaleggio ci ha lasciato un bellissimo regalo. Ci ha regalato Rousseau. Un sistema operativo che ha come obiettivo quello di sviluppare degli strumenti di democrazia diretta e aiutare il Movimento 5 Stelle a crescere ancora, diventando un modello da seguire per gli altri paesi europei e non solo”. 314 altre parole

Giovanni Birindelli

Charles Taylor, “The Politics of Recognition”

“A number of strands in contemporary polices,” Taylor begins, “turn on the need, sometimes the demand, for recognition”. In “The Politics of Recognition” (available in full… 2.461 altre parole

What does Rousseau mean when he argues in The Social Contract that we can be 'forced to be free' ?

Can we be forced to be free? The idea at first seems counter-intuitive, if we are forced to do something, are we not being made to act against our will and is that not the very antithesis of freedom? 2.684 altre parole

The Essays About Alternative Education

There are many different approaches to education, ranging from the Montessori schools that one sees in Europe where it seeks to enhance the cognitive skills of the child to the Reggio Emilia where the parents are the most involved and invested in the child’s education, but how does one understand how does the approaches work and its purposes in shaping the child? 5.315 altre parole


La Misión o La Penetración Colonial en América Latina

CINEFORO SOBRE ‘LA MISIÓN’ (1986) trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghyLx-KmQ4M

‘No me podía dejar de preguntar si los indios no hubiesen preferido que el mar y los vientos no nos hubiesen traído aquí… a  ninguno de nosotros.’ –Cardenal Altamirano, La Misión (1986). 3.204 altre parole

Missions Digest #27

There are several letters this week!  Please be in prayer for our missionaries.  I have only included the PDF’s below, if you need a PDF reader please click the link below.   24 altre parole