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Racial Hierarchy in the United States

The notion of empires has created division among people all over the world, but how was this division created? How did inequality rise above all and become an important aspect in the lives of minority groups such as the African American community? 896 altre parole

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In Rousseau’s second discourse, “Discourse on the Origin of Inequality”, Rousseau basically argued that civilization is the cause of inequality because it creates states of being (like rich or poor) and these states of being make humanity unequal. 789 altre parole


Is It Time to Make Humanity Great Again? Rousseau and Pankaj Mishra on the Rise of Populism, Extremism, and Mass Shootings

Rousseau claimed that one idea animated his entire intellectual project: that man is good by nature, but has been corrupted by society. Elaborating this idea over a number of works, he argues that at some point in our past, we were pulled out of a natural and amoral state in which we only acted based on two drives, … 2.135 altre parole


The first episode to delve into Hurley’s backstory also introduces a key component of the series mythology by exploring “the numbers.” 565 altre parole


Sabotage And Stealth Make For Call Of Duty: WWII's Best Mission

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Call of Duty: WWII mostly focuses on large battles and explosive confrontations, but the game’s best mission is quiet, intimate, and subtle. 652 altre parole


Is Rousseau’s idea of general will irreconcilable with the idea of individual liberty

The idea of General Will and Individual liberty has been around for a long time. Even before Rousseau’s “Social Contract” people realized the General Will was important. 2.019 altre parole