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How to Admire God in French

One of my favorite passages from Gertrude Stein’s memoir Paris, France is the excerpt attributed to, I believe, Jean Jacques Rousseau. In this passage, Rousseau explains the greatness he feels in the presence of God, and I love his flow of thought as he describes both the existence of God and the response he, as a human, feels in His light. 231 altre parole

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On the Straussian Interpretation of Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The followers of American political theory professor Leo Strauss have interpreted the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau in a unique way. (My source is one prominent Straussian professor in particular, who will remain nameless. 1.491 altre parole

Permission To Enter Cyberspace

It may vary depending where you are in the world, but you must be a certain age before you can learn to drive. Equally, alcohol consumption, the right to vote and the ability to enrol in the army all have, by law, specific age requirements. 773 altre parole


Louise Dupin: Bluestocking's 18th Century Predecessor

By Sophie Dowle.

Long before Bluestocking Journal was publishing articles on great women, Louise Marie-Madeleine Dupin (1706-99), a French saloniste, compiled and began writing a book on the history of women: … 714 altre parole


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Rousseau in the Musée d'Orsay

I made only a brief visit to Musée d’Orsay, the former train station that houses a magnificent collection of art from 1848 through 1914. I’ve spent a good deal of time at d’Orsay in the past, though, and I had a crowded schedule. 247 altre parole