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Kant: Etiology

So, how did Kant come to be? That’s a good question, but it doesn’t have a simple answer. I don’t want to break into Kant biography today. 1.519 altre parole

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Kafka Wins in Poll

Whether the work of Franz Kafka remains relevant to understanding politics and bureaucracy in the digital age has just receive a boost from a ‘Twitter poll’ I conducted for the fun of it. 274 altre parole

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France, Paris, 1775.

France, Paris, 1775.

In the darkened dormitory, Maximilien watched the droplets on the window pane race each other to the bottom. Thunder crashed overhead and made the lamps flicker slightly. 1.135 altre parole

A Fiction Agreed Upon

God's Justice

God is just; of this I am sure, it is a consequence of his goodness; man’s injustice is not God’s work, but his own; that moral injustice which seems to the philosophers a presumption against Providence, is to me a proof of its existence.

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228/1030: German Colonialism and other nationalist projects. Oh, and autobiography

The buzzwords in my title are to help me remember what I did at work today at a glace, but they do throw one off guard a bit and need to be explained enough to know what I was thinking when I mentioned them today. 601 altre parole

1029 Days

Tolstoy Journal, May 5, 2017: "Christianity without Christ."

Okay, this morning I read pp. 98-123 of Volume IX of the Works, and pp. 84-91 of Emile by Rousseau. I am up to Chapter XV of Part Sixth of… 1.204 altre parole

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On Rousseau's ÉMILE, or the Making of a Real Man

You cannot help but pity poor Émile, condemned for no reason to a life of solitude and friendlessness, except for a grown-up pervert (read tutor) who is both know-it-all, comprehensive guide book and highly-evolved CCTV camera, and who is bent on making a junior double of himself out of Émile. 476 altre parole