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To seek to go before or beyond good and evil is already to be caught in a trap.

Book Review: 'Examined Lives: From Socrates to Nietzsche' by James Miller

Surely, you would not take nutrition advice from someone who was three hundred pounds overweight. An equivalent skepticism is warranted towards philosophers who, often by their own admission, did not, could not, or would not apply their principles consistently. 668 altre parole



We are men and we are great!

We’ve got agriculture, surplus, states, empire, industry!

Look at all of our civility.


Fishes are dying?

Lands are drying? 106 altre parole


The New Confessions - William Boyd

I read this on the Kindle – a different experience from books.  To start with it came as a blank canvas.  There is limited blurb, no comments from critics, no publishing history. 341 altre parole

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Lee a Voltaire con su pesimismo para la vida

Por Juan Francisco H. Herrerías


El 1ero de noviembre de 1755 la tierra se sacude en Lisboa, destruye la mayoría de las construcciones de la ciudad y a casi la mitad de la población. 1.179 altre parole


Where, who and how are the brainy people?

Keith Hudson

The above question really means — Where, who and how are those very rare people who elect themselves from the masses (without necessarily being arrogant about it), meet together often in relatively small . 1.234 altre parole