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Monday, A Moveable Category, #2, 2015 - On Birthdays

When another birthday comes round and the celebrations begin, and as the candles burning brightly on the cake are blown out with an undisclosed wish (quickly, before the wax melts to a blending with the, oftentimes-luminous, icing), the mind turns to consideration of the question, “Why?” 646 altre parole

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No Gods or Kings Only Man

“No Gods or Kings, only Man”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s work, “Emile, or On Education”, is a piece regarding his opinion on social institutions and how they affect the education of a person. 340 altre parole


The Unbearable Arrogance of the Left

My old college at the University of Toronto has recently been the seat of some controversy. In typical student politics fashion it surrounds an issue of little practical effect in the real world: the subject of gender. 806 altre parole

Freedom or liberation (moksha)

Moksha is jnana (wisdom). ‘One who knows Brahman (reality itself) becomes Brahman’ (Mundaka Upanishad 3.2.9).

The following is excerpted from ‘The Celibacy project’ – 2010… 372 altre parole

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"Men of their times". —

Suppose I criticize this or that hero of “Western civilization”, the one I know best, and which we are continually assured is the best. And of course, we are already presuming that life under the rule of states, highly-unequal ownership of property, and blessed by religious authorities, is incomparably better than the lives of materially-poor, notoriously violent savages, e.g., roving hunters and foragers who lived more like predatory beasts than the prosperous, refined, and gentle residents of cities — only the latter are genuine human beings. 746 altre parole

Child Clutching a Doll

Maya à la poupée, Pablo Picasso, 1938

Maya with Doll is an oil painting by Pablo Picasso. The New York Times described it as “a colorful Cubist portrait of Picasso’s daughter as a child clutching a doll.” Some of Picasso’s portraits of small children from the late 1930s are reminiscent of Rousseau’s paintings. 12 altre parole


Marked Predilection for Ghosts

“Those who knew Rousseau remember his marked predilection for ghosts. He encountered them everywhere, and one ghost tormented him for more than a year while he was at the toll station. 87 altre parole