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Adventures in Book Scrounging: A Sizzling Summer of Even Sizzling-er Spoils!

This summer has been a hot one. Well, I suppose to say that it has been merely hot would be to shortchange Mother Nature on the credit that is due to her for her work. 977 altre parole


A Critique on Alexander Moseley's description of Political Realism

This is the first result produced when googling Political Realism. A fairly straightforward description of Political Realism, it nonetheless contains some elements which are misleading, and a few that are untrue. 3.397 altre parole


Were Rousseau's Children Victims of His Moral Theory?

Yes, it’s true: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, philosopher of compassion, fierce defender of the weak against the strong, the man who never tired of talking about equality and justice and virtue, who wrote a long book ( 4.064 altre parole

Attempts to make sense

Boswell’s Enlightenment, Robert Zaretsky, Harvard

James Boswell remains probably the world’s most famous biographer (after the Gospel writers), for his Life of Samuel Johnson, but he is a fascinating subject for biographers himself. 402 altre parole

"Father of the French Revolution" Born on This Date

Jean-Jacques Rousseau born on this date in 1712. He said, “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains; he is often called the “Father of the French Revolution.” In his work… 57 altre parole


[PHILOSOPHY] Rousseau: the civil man's loss of liberty

“Being something and appearing to be something became two completely different things; and from this distinction there arose grand ostentation, deceptive cunning, and all the vices that follow in their wake. 1.435 altre parole


A floating bride...

While I’m on my honeymoon, enjoy this #WeddingWeek post!
Can you find Henri Rousseau? He’s right behind the bride, with the mustache.
Rousseau did not train in art. 68 altre parole