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PRI-MODIRAL AMERICALOGY, ROUSSEAUNIAN BIOLOGY and what this has to do with our associations with BRUTALISM

In the most recent presidential race of 2016, divisions and lines in the sand were drawn, with one side wanting a more exclusive culturally closed and culturally purified America that some draw comparisons to the tennants of the Nazi movement and on the another side, a left that dreams of the impossible biological experiment equalizing social hierarchy. 273 altre parole



Lo spirito e la natura dell’uomo percepiti in prima persona

​Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Ginevra, 28 giugno 1712 – Ermenonville, 2 luglio 1778) è stato un filosofo, scrittore e musicista ginevrino. 151 altre parole


Exploring the World of Empire

As time passes by and the year goes on for this Humanities Core course, I’m always wondering how we can find numerous and various topics to talk about in relation to our topic, Empire and its Ruins. 718 altre parole


"What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?"---Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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Hidup Sebelum Civil Society

Salah satu pertanyaan besar manusia saat ini, selain mengenai bagaimana masa depan akan berjalan, adalah bagaimana masa lalu  berjalan. Masa dimana berburu, menggembala hewan, mencari makan berjalan dan mengapa masa-masa itu berhenti dan manusia memutuskan untuk bersatu dan membangun suatu peradaban. 559 altre parole

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