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How many neurons

Does it take to free us from

A world of instinct? 17 altre parole


January 21 - A Lifelong Pursuit of Happiness

“Happiness: a good bank account, a good cook and a good digestion.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was an 18th century philosopher, who was born in Switzerland and died in France. 703 altre parole

Weight Loss

An Open Letter to President Obama

On Obama.org, the website of Obama’s new foundation, it asks you to share your thoughts on what makes a good citizen. Forgive the corniness of what I did with that. 915 altre parole


Property Rights — Possession

Who else loses sleep over how property rights can be derived legitimately?

I don’t need to argue the existence of God or gods or goddesses—not here anyway—, but I am willing to posit that if there were these deities, no human in privy to their word or desires in a sort of biblical way. 684 altre parole

An Adventure in Wootton: A Tale of Eldritch Terror

‘Tis strange that on the fifth of March 1766, though having enjoy’d London for little less than a month after my travels upon the Continent, I awoke with a curious resolution to see the North Country. 707 altre parole


What is Government? Rousseau's Social Contract Book 3

CTC recently finished multiple discussions about Hannah Arendt’s views on politics. Many times in our discussions, the role of a government in the political sphere was brought forward. 107 altre parole


The Question of Progress

Before I took Humanities Core, I believed, indubitably, that history and progress is and always will be a blessing to humanity. For we all make mistakes, but because of history, we can progress along the path to advancing our world and become better than we were before. 794 altre parole