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The great eighteenth-century venture of a universal civilization harmonized by rational self-interest, commerce, luxury, arts, and science—the Enlightenment forged by Voltaire, Montesquieu, Adam Smith, and others—seems to have reached a turbulent anticlimax in a worldwide revolt against cosmopolitan modernity.

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Truth […] becomes conflated with truthfulness, the non-verifiable intention of honesty on the part of the author. Truth, therefore, can never be established once and for all, but can only be presented in terms of the constant reiteration of avowals and disclaimers…

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The UK constitutional crisis: the death of liberal democracy

The United Kingdom faces a constitutional crisis created by the vote to leave the EU. The referendum outcome had many causes. For some, a quasi-Marxist view explains the outcome as caused by the recent financial crisis and the austerity that followed. 2.127 altre parole


The General Will (a satire on the idea that "the people" are invariably right)

Only a fool
Can object to Rousseau’s rule,
For “the general will”
Can do no ill.

It is treason
To deny
That “the people” are guided by reason… 33 altre parole


A Fine

I’m at the beginning stages of a few projects now, so it’s a bit strange to think or write about one ending, but it is. 262 altre parole


Blake, Nietzsche, and the Death of God, by Jenny Hollander

How Blake Views The Sacred ‘Fall’ Of Judeo-Christianity As Triggering A Sacrilegious ‘Fall Of Man’

To make use of the term ‘fall of man’ is perhaps ironic; it is associated with a Miltonic, Judeo-Christian ‘fall’, which has a semantic implication of the sort against which Nietzsche battles when he begs for the ‘death of God’ to be absorbed into society’s reasoning. 5.073 altre parole

William Blake

Zarathustra as Spiritual Educator: Man is Something that Must be Overcome

             Zarathustra as Spiritual Educator: Man is Something that Must be Overcome  

 (written back in 2013. unedited)

The question of good and evil will always be one of philosophy’s most intriguing problems, up there with the problem of existence itself. 5.764 altre parole