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Rousseau and Loving One's Own

If we could actively design the way society was, then studying Rousseau’s ideas about society and human nature could be beneficial. Rousseau thought that one of the most important features of society to look at was love, including self-love, love of others, hierarchies of love, and the related concept of envy. 1.407 altre parole


Rousseau - Social Contract

Prior to the French Revolution Thomas Jefferson argued that the wealth inequality in France was a violation of the natural right to property (1787). Our reading is a compilation of pieces from two essays concerning the source of this inequality (1754), and what a legitimate form of government that resolved the problem of wealth inequality would look like(1762). 829 altre parole


Theory Thursdays: Property rights in a state of nature

Throughout the writings of great political thinkers, such as Locke, Hobbes, and Rousseau, property plays an integral part. Yet, John Locke is probably the most notable theorist on private property, and the rights that come with it. 902 altre parole

Ross Brannigan

More or Less day 19

I left Caffe Trieste Annex Store at 6pm after a very successful day. Why successful? I didnt make great amounts of money. I didnt get any tips. 611 altre parole

Caffe Trieste Annex Store

Evening after Rousseau by Felix Bracquemond

The Winter weather is a bummer even in our normally mild VA.  I hung out at the museum last week and worked on a drawing of a horse. 122 altre parole



I’m going to show this to my small class of little girls tomorrow. We are going to draw a pretty picture of tulips and a butterfly, so this ought to be a nice contrast. 101 altre parole