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Oldest restaurant in Paris--

BAM!  Le Procope opened here in Paris in 1686, and it is still going strong today.  What an honor to be able to eat here. . 359 altre parole


Hopkinton Boys Lacrosse Post Finals Player Interviews

After the Hopkinton Hawks boys lacrosse team defeated Laconia in New Hampshire’s division 3 finals, we caught up with a number of Hopkinton players who played major roles in their teams championship season.


Review: Gordon Clark, A Christian View of Men and Things

This book isn’t perfect but it does exhibit all of Dr Clark’s strengths as a communicator  My main problem with the book is the chapter lengths: they are excessively long. 347 altre parole

Book Review

Two Further Thoughts on the Machiavelli Blog

These Two Thoughts are in reference to the 5/1/2018 post “Breaking Out of Machiavelli’s World.”

Political Morality, Risk, and Good Government

  • Safety and security always argue for wary distrust and expediency.
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Fr. 803

After reading Rawls’s Lectures on the History of Political Philosophy, it occurs to me that Rawls’s political conception of justice as fairness might best be read as a contemporary analytic, post-metaphysical, “de-rhetoricized”, English-language version of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Second Discourse and Social Contract.


Clemente Campbelltown: Prose 1

Hello All – this is where you can hear last Wednesday’s talk about prose and the requirements for your up and coming take- home exam. 16 altre parole

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