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From "The Poetry of Thought", George Steiner

We do speak about music. The verbal analysis of a musical score can, to a certain extent, elucidate its formal structure, its technical components and instrumentation. 144 altre parole

All Art Is Quite Useless

Artistic Aspects in Astrological Natal Charts

Being a creator is very easy:  Sometimes I want to do absolutely nothing and at other times I want to do absolutely nothing, but create…. Renee Tarot… 1.346 altre parole


Ideal Government in the World of Rousseau

Rousseau asserts the most important aspect of government is that it fulfills the will of its people, without regard for the type of government installed. While the system of government widely thought to be needed in order to fulfill the will of the people is a democracy, this set is not necessary within Rousseau’s frame of thought. 1.032 altre parole


Part 1 of 2. Creating Opportunities: A Comparison of Top-down and Bottom–up Systems

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), a political philosopher and essayist, described an endemic moral inequality that was related to power and wealth. As men come together, Rousseau claimed, there is a drive to compare themselves to others – driving men to seek domination over their fellow beings as a way of augmenting their happiness. 1.942 altre parole

Economic Inequality

Basic Issues: Is the Basic Structure the Primary Subject of Justice?

In A Theory of Justice (hereafter: TJ), Rawls famously claims that his two principles of justice apply, in first instance, to the “basic structure of society“. 4.244 altre parole

John Rawls

Ignorances et Incompétences Humaines

Depuis notre naissance, nous sommes confrontés à nos propres ignorances et incompétences. L’Homme naît enfant, et ce n’est pas un hasard. Cela se traduit par une période d’apprentissage tant bien naturelle que culturelle. 585 altre parole


An Adventure in Wootton: A Lovecraftian Tale of Terror

Went to The Mitre and read Harker’s latest tale of terror. To my shock, I found that I featured as a protagonist! https://t.co/u2fnEDTxKd

— James Boswell (@jamesboswellesq) …

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