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Finishing touches: what is depoliticization critique?

We can now answer the question that has provided our first point of orientation. What is depoliticization critique? We need to start off by distinguishing between its localized and generalized varieties… 475 altre parole

Politics And Ethics

"Élève ta voix, trompette brillante": the trumpet as narrative agent in the pantomime of Sabinus

Over thirty years after its premiere, Gossec wrote of the “modern” features showcased in his 1773 opera Sabinus. While this claim may appear audacious for an opera decidedly steeped in tradition, Gossec had inserted a series of novelties in his first lyric tragedy, most notably in dance. 835 altre parole




For a long time, I thought of myself as apolitical. I was interested in the world and concerned about societal problems, but I approached these as an observer more than as a participant. 772 altre parole

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'The Great Cat Massacre' Review

Robert Darnton’s The Great Cat Massacre is not exactly what it sounds like. 1.002 altre parole


Les Miserables on the Path to Social Justice

In the 18th century, the ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau paved the way for the French Revolution to take place. Most of these ideas had to do with the “social contract”, the belief that government was given its power by the consent of the people, who voluntarily gave up some of their intrinsic rights in order to achieve harmony and protection. 902 altre parole

Two Roads to Magical Landscapes: Paul Nash and Nikolai Astrup

Over the last three weeks, I have posted series of articles outlining the careers and work of two landscape painters of the early twentieth century: the Norwegian… 1.224 altre parole


Good News and the Problem in Man

In marshaling ideas and plans for social reforms, many believed that man is inherently good. Such view was championed by the Enlightenment philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1772-1778). 1.128 altre parole