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A Visit to The National Gallery

Some months back my wife and I saw a documentary on the American artist Georgia O’Keefe and learnt that the Tate Modern Gallery in London would be holding an exhibition. 148 altre parole


Nor Rousseau nor Hobbes.

It was there for more than a week in my phone’s notes. I urgently needed to write something about this that I thought while eating an enormous Cheddar Burger. 813 altre parole


Cry of nature.

If you wanted for nothing, you wouldn’t say anything. You probably wouldn’t even make a sound.

Early Industrial Revolution & Enlightenment Notes

Here’re our previous notes and the notes that we’re beginning today on the Enlightenment. Don’t forget to bring your Kant readings to class today so we can continue what we started on Friday.



Notes And Homework

Rousseau context and character pt.2

Genevas poltical structure

Geneva was strictly Protestant and ruled over by 1,500 of its most important citizens. The whole population was only about 20,000.  Rousseau eventually fled the city for a more liberally minded company. 22 altre parole


Rousseau: context and character pt.1

Rousseau as a child

One of the greatest insights into the “why” of Rousseaus life is to look at the manner in which he was brought up, his background likely shaping his reasoning as an adult. 179 altre parole