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Old Regime & Enlightenment Notes

Here’re the notes that we’re beginning today on life under the Old Regime, and the upcoming notes that we will have on the Enlightenment.



Notes And Homework

Educating Leaders

The Childhood of a Leader, Brady Corbet, 2015

“You put blood on my dress. Why would you do that?”

Who among us can really chart the forces that make us into the person we are? 967 altre parole


Rousseau on stage: Vitam impendere vero

In the Lettre à d’Alembert (1758) – Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s critical assessment of the Parisian theatre – the philosopher writes in a footnote: ‘[J]’ai presque toujours écrit contre mon propre intérêt. 912 altre parole


Thinking and Internal Conversation in the Networking Age

One of the first major documents of sociology is Emile Durkheim’s Suicide, a book that highlights the social determinants of self-annihilation, a seemingly profoundly private act. 14.535 altre parole