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Simple Pleasures

There’s always something to do around the apartment: laundry, sweeping, reorganising the craft area, clearing out clutter.  Growing up in an immaculate home, I tried to follow suit in the early days of marriage.   184 altre parole



Nationality: Greek

Major Works: Metaphysics, Nicomachean Ethics, On The Soul, Physics, Poetics, Politics

Lived: 384-322BC

Influences: Pre-Socratics, Homer, Socrates, Plato

Themes: Science, Morality, Happiness, Art, Nature, Politics, Afterlife… 2.710 altre parole

Rousseau Would Turn in his Grave: The Social Contract

Lying awake in the throes of insomnia last night I had a flashback to a particularly boring set of lectures I had at my first university. 749 altre parole


The Infinite Demand of Democracy

In an open forum, you proudly stand and tell everyone that you are against democracy. How do they react? The object of democracy isn’t just an idea to be debated over, and to label it simply as a political system is an injustice: democracy is a far more interesting phenomenon. 648 altre parole

Global Politics

Tolstoy Journal, February 18, 2017, "The incessant worm of perfectibility."

Here are some more quotes from the Simmons biography.

pp. 26-27 “Up to the age of nine Lyovochka’s formal education was neither systematic nor thorough. His own inclination, however, and the example of his elders over this period, unquestionably encouraged that informal but valuable kind of instruction obtained from reading good books. 959 altre parole

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Depolcrit #9: Into Ethics, Rousseau (1/2)

When we first formulated our puzzle, we saw that ontology paints a picture of a faulty status quo interrupted by a political event, where this event cannot be reducible to the elements of the social that made up the status quo to begin with. 1.460 altre parole

Politics And Ethics

Philosophy For All

Political Philosophy

It does not do well to discard the epistemological explanations to various occurrences. To ignore it would be to do so at one’s own peril. 962 altre parole