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Taylor—The Politics of Recognition

The Politics of Recognition

by Charles Taylor


  • “our identity is partly shaped by recognition or its absence, often by the misrecognition of others, and so a person or group of people can suffer real damage, real distortion, if the people or society around them mirror back to them a confining or demeaning or contemptible picture of themselves.
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Identity And Subjectivity

The Value of Truth in Rousseau’s Larger Criticism of 18th Century Society

Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s famous words “No one can write a man’s life except himself,” embody his views about sharing one’s own life with others through writing.  In his… 2.080 altre parole

18th Century Europe

Daily Reflection

Yesterday I heard some of the wisest words ever uttered by a professor. But I can’t quite tell if he’s a mad genius, or just mad. 158 altre parole


“Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. One man thinks himself the master of others, but remains more of a slave than they are.”


You Say “Réseau” • I Say “Rousseau” • 3

Re: Michael HarrisMy RéseauNetworks in Action in French Economics

Readers of Peirce know that the concept of community is integral to his treatment of inquiry, interpretation, knowledge, reality, and truth. 198 altre parole


You Say “Réseau” • I Say “Rousseau” • 2

Re: Michael HarrisMy RéseauNetworks in Action in French Economics

No true Peircean could fail to be reminded of the following statement whenever the subjects of community or reality come up. 93 altre parole