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Mindy Kaling Is Cooking Her Way Through Chrissy Teigen's Cookbook: I'm Doing a 'Full Julie & Julia With It'

Mindy Kaling has never shied away from her appreciation of food.

“I can’t for the life of me not eat something that I want to eat,” she wrote in her second memoir… 324 altre parole


Justice K.T Thomas - "RSS Not Responsible for Gandhiji's assasination"

Also read short Report in Indian Express

August 2nd, 2011 : Former Supreme Court judge K T Thomas praised the RSS for its discipline and said the propaganda that the organisation is anti-minority is “baseless”. 210 altre parole


Warren Buffet and Hindutva

‘There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult,’ says Warren Buffet. He means the financial instruments by this. 184 altre parole

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Psalm 119:60

“I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands.”

from Bible Gateway’s Verse of the Day http://ift.tt/1CW8XkM
Cal Staggers

Cal Staggers

Tech Terms: RSS

Stands for “RDF Site Summary,” but is commonly referred to as “Really Simple Syndication.” RSS is method of providing website content such as news stories or software updates in a standard XML format. 49 altre parole

ZEROFAIL Southeast

జల సంరక్షణ విషయములో లాటూరు వాసుల ఉద్యమము దేశానికి ఆదర్శం – డా. మోహన్ భాగవత్ జీ

లాతూరు (వి.సం.కే) ప్రకృతి విపత్తుల సమయములలో చేతులు ముడుచుకొని కూర్చొనకుండా పూర్తి ధైర్య సాహసాలతో మరియు జన సహకారంతో పరిస్ధితులను ఎదుర్కొనగలమనడానికి లాతూరు ప్రజలు ఒక అద్వితీయ ఉదాహరణ అని రాష్ట్రీయ స్వయం సేవక్ సంఘ్ సర్ సంఘచాలకులు డా.


Psalm 112:5

“Good will come to those who are generous and lend freely, who conduct their affairs with justice.”

from Bible Gateway’s Verse of the Day http://ift.tt/1gRtrB4
Cal Staggers

Cal Staggers