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How do you work the gears on this thing?

Up at the crack of dawn (8) looking forward to a super easy few miles just to keep the legs turning over. However it appears that my gears are broke, it actually appears to be difficult to roll along at a slow pace. 179 altre parole


The Dawson Postulate

Theorem: The odds of you encountering any given person -most notably when walking around a corner, passing through a doorway, etc. – are in direct correlation with the amount of shit you are talking about them. 314 altre parole


Taking the Plunge

What do you do when you need to try something new?  Do you hesitate, or jump right in?  Do you try every new thing you encounter, or are you cautious and selective?   925 altre parole

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C25K Week 5, Day 2 - time for a break

I’m back now from my trip. I managed to run twice while I was there. Once I wrote about in my previous post, and once after a rest day. 218 altre parole

Ready to Run? Country Music Workout Playlist

I am very temporarily swapping my cowboy boots for trainers as I’ve uncharacteristically signed up for a 10k charity run. I have not gone for the pictured cowboy boot/trainers hybrid that Adidas released in 2012. 206 altre parole

Country Music

Lifestyle Changes

This week has been the first week of some new lifestyle changes. I have decided at my current weight, I need to start eating better and exercising more. 266 altre parole