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Another beginning

I hit the road thinking of an 8k but a mile into the run, I wanted to crunch it to a 6k.

Then I just went on, no watch and no distance marker. 32 altre parole


Happy 4th 

happy 4th to all my American readers. I promise the last chapter of Running away and staying a while will be out soon!!!!

Are shape shoes the answer to a better booty? The scientific facts!

Change the world? Nah, I just want an ass like Kim Kardashian. Well in order to get “dat ass”, you have to wear shape shoes, according to the ass herself.   574 altre parole


Goal reached! 

We did it!!! Reached our goal for the first school! Nepal, here we come! <3

Dreams do come true!

Thank you SO MUCH for your support and donations! 23 altre parole


Longest Run Ever: (Almost) Halfway There

I am running cross-country — not the sport, I mean for real, San Francisco to New York City. As mentioned in a previous post, I am doing this with an incredible charity organization: 4K for Cancer. 562 altre parole


Week 1: 29th June ~ 5th July

Distance 82.4km

Time        7:49:37

So this is the start of my 17 weeks plan to run the Dublin Marathon on October 26th. Why 17 weeks? Who knows? 863 altre parole


Happy 4th Whatever You Do or Don't Do

I haven’t been very social as of late. Mainly it’s because I’m so focused into what I want as far as getting into shape, but I think it also has to do with me being so broke. 264 altre parole