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How to be content

I considered titling this, How to be happy, but that’s a bit presumptuous. We aren’t happy all the time. We aren’t even content all the time, but our time in Egypt has taught us a lot about it. 505 altre parole

Deep Thoughts

I am/was a marathoner but now I'm fat

I'll start this by saying I've done a full marathon. I can really, legitimately call myself a marathoner.

A few years ago, although it really feels more like a lifetime ago, I was a running addict. 387 altre parole


Stupid, soggy, but smiley

One thing I like about running is that in  lycra, everyone is on an equal playing field.  You can’t tell who has money, who has a high powered job, you can’t even tell who is actually good at running as they might be spritely as they just jogged out of their front door or they might be struggling because they already ran 10km as fast as they ever managed.   438 altre parole


Take me to Church

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called…..life ~Prince

The long run is a staple of any marathon training program.  It is a weekly opportunity for you to prepare both your body and mind for the stresses that 26.2 miles puts on a person.

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Boston Marathon

stuff for runners (to read)

I read a ton of blogs:  food blogs, healthy living blogs, running blogs, organization/productivity blogs… I’ve found all sorts of tips, ideas, and inspiration from these blogs, and I love following along in the lives of these bloggers I’ve come to “know.” Reading blogs frequently gives me the motivation to make changes in my life or to stop procrastinating and so something I know I need to be doing. 152 altre parole


A Midsummer Night's Run 5K - 8/12/17

This race was held in downtown Lexington this past Saturday and was the first 5K I’ve done in over a year. It was nice to do a race in the city I actually live in. 537 altre parole

20 Self-Care Practices to Combat Stress

  1. Tempo running.
  2. Yoga. Specifically, tree pose with hands in prayer.
  3. Drinking enough water.
  4. A phone call with my sister.
  5. Listening to music or a podcast while doing house chores.
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