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Training: Back to the Cold

Last week was a solid week of training.  My easy runs felt good and I had two quality workouts. Since the Mercedes half marathon was more of a workout, I recovered quickly.  294 altre parole


The True Meaning of "Tired"

When people ask how I’m doing these days, I never know how to answer, so I just say to everyone:

“I’m tired.”

But this isn’t a tired that can be relieved with a good night’s sleep, a break from school, or a hot cup of coffee— 547 altre parole


Dos and don’ts behind running a HDB home business

(Source: www.99.co)

Before you set up your home office in your flat, it is best to know what are the guidelines for a HDB home business… 862 altre parole

Money Matters

Rock 'n' Roll DC Half Marathon Training Log - Week 7

Unfortunately, illness has plagued our household again.  It started with just little man getting sick, and now I’m sick too.

Monday, February 13th

My body was still feeling sore from my… 604 altre parole