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Running in a Dream

This piece is the embodiment of a desire I had growing up as a child to be able to run and do any sport, but due to medical limitations and doctor recommendation, I was not allowed to do any high impact/running sports. 38 altre parole


We All Fall Down

Running sometimes means falling, literally and figuratively. I got to experience both types of falling during my runs this past weekend.

It all started on Friday when I went for a short, easy run. 899 altre parole

I am not fast

But I am strong.

As evidenced by the fact that despite not doing anything for a MONTH! I just ran 45 minutes, which happens to be day 1 of the half-marathon training. 45 altre parole


New(Berry) Roads

Each morning I jog through my Upper Eastside Milwaukee neighborhood passing a little bunny rabbits along the way. Milwaukee is teeming with rabbits. I suppose they serve as a replacement to squirrels and luckily they’re much cuter. 86 altre parole


Getting Started : Going to the Gym for the First Time

What is it about the thought of going to the gym that is so intimidating? Maybe its the stereotypical bodybuilders, the women with the perfect bodies, the fear of not fitting in, what they will think of you…or maybe its the  935 altre parole