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Lincoln Up #25 [The Best I've Read This Week]

Good morning and welcome to this week’s edition of Lincoln Up! Yesterday I did the Tough Turtle obstacle race here in my hometown. To say I have more respect for my community is an understatement. 507 altre parole


The day I finished the Paris marathon

As I am sat writing this I still have to pinch myself to realise it is not just a dream.

Last weekend, as you were sat enjoying the sunshine I was preparing myself for the biggest challenge of my entire life. 500 altre parole


800 km up

800 km – this is the recorded distance I have run since my chemotherapy finished last September, as training for the London Marathon‚Äč which takes place in exactly one week’s time. 48 altre parole

Bowel Cancer

Article: Beyond Fitness

Being physically fit is good for your health. Being physically active is good for your health. Those two sentences sound the same, but they’re not. Physical activity is how much exercise you get, while physical fitness (more specifically cardiorespiratory or aerobic fitness, i.e. 375 altre parole


The Brighton Maraton

After months of early mornings, running in the dark, the wind and the rain, the big weekend that I had planned for so long was finally here. 713 altre parole


[RUN LOG] The Sactown 5 miler

In the midst of all my crazy, I can’t believe I ran a 5 mile race. Two weeks before that I ran a 10K. Was I crazy? 455 altre parole


Sunday 36km long

The NewRun festival took place here in Newcastle today, currently the biggest running festival in the city so lots of mates from the Flyers and other groups were racing. 245 altre parole