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The US Nuclear Deal Exit : not about Russia ?

US’ decision to pull out of a nuclear weapons treaty with Russia might appear to be an attack on the United States’ former cold war adversary, but experts suggest that China is the more likely target.


Treasury Sec Steve Mnuchin Says It's "Premature to Comment on Sanctions" on Saudi Arabia

That’s what happens when America appoints retards to head the cabinet! :D :D :D :D :D

An act of terrorism by a US ally is exposed, but the US can’t sanction them because they’d look like hypocrites. 201 altre parole


Throwback: Elbrus -mijn eerste ontgoocheling in het alpinisme

Ik krijg een bord voorgeschoteld. “Russische specialiteit.”, voegt onze gids Eugene trots toe. Iets wat lijkt op drie grote met brokken vies uitziend vlees gevulde ravioli’s ligt op mijn bord. 2.079 altre parole


Al Arabiya Isn’t Serious, There Won’t Be a Russian Base in Saudi Arabia

The influential and well-connected General Manager of the Al Arabiya News Channel said that Russia might be invited to establish a base in northwestern Saudi Arabia if the West’s sanctions his Kingdom, but there are plenty of reasons why this will never happen even though relations between the two Great Powers are better than ever before and some observers might therefore have been led to think that this is a believable possibility. 996 altre parole


Cloak and Dagger

Russian intelligence operations have taken a heavy hit recently. It is hard to evaluate the exact measure of things in the murky world of spies and counter-spies, but it appears that the Western spies have had extraordinary success in the subterranean battle. 2.119 altre parole