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Pretty Much Blurry

As I said another post, the line between manufactured pop and authentic rock isn’t always clear. There are pop singers like Natali and Mylene Farmer who do often write or co-write their own songs. 159 altre parole

Words Can't Describe

Those who have left the ‘compound’ of the sane – those who have chosen, with whatever nuttiness left in their minds, to embark down a road supporting, through the insanity that has overtaken their hearts and minds, a scenario where nuclear war is inevitable, given their delirious desire to rout a president out of office because he had a talk with a leader of another nation, cannot be adequately described with words. 800 altre parole


Gallup Shows How Much Americans Really Care About The "Situation With Russia", by Tyler Durden

It’s only the political and media classes that have worked themselves into a lather over Russia and Vladimir Putin. Ordinary Americans care very little. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com: 402 altre parole

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