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A memory of love

I did not expect that I will be with them that long. My longest visits usually lasts a week. But for two memorable weeks I sat with Elias Cole, Kai Mansaray and Adrian. 240 altre parole

Running in paradise

I know that I’m (not unintentionally) giving the impression that my life in Sierra Leone consists of running, seafood and chilling on the beach. I promise that’s not entirely accurate and that I’m actually doing a lot of work as well. 305 altre parole

Lumley Beach

Lumley Beach is Freetown’s local beach. It’s a breath of fresh air (very literally) from the centre of Freetown, and is becoming my regular running spot. 423 altre parole

You'll Never Run Alone

Someone has pointed out to me that he title of the blog, “Running Salone”, can be read as the slightly more pitiful “Runnings Alone”, conjuring an image of a sad solitary runner no-mates. 402 altre parole

Running Salone

I have recently moved from London to Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. I’m falling in love fast with this incredible country. It’s fair to say that Salone has had a difficult start to the 21st century, with a devastating civil war and more recently the Ebola epidemic. 201 altre parole

A de crai, fo mi Papa dohn komot

On my 30th birthday, he picked Liz and me up in his Benz and drove us all over the district to drink beers with various stakeholders. 502 altre parole