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"Samurai" Legend to Become a Film

The true story of an African-born samurai warrior in the 16th century is coming to life in a new movie.

Gregory Widen, the creator of the sci-fi warrior legacy known as… 127 altre parole

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Miso’s origins can be traced to China as far back as the 4th century BC. A seasoning, called Hisio, was a paste resulting from the fermenting a mixture of soybeans, wheat, alcohol and salt. 127 altre parole

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A sketch of Tojiro Mifune’s character from Yojimbo. A legendary actor.

Created with pen.

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Review - For Honor (Story Mode)

For Honor imagines an alternate Middle Ages in which medieval knights, Vikings and samurai all live within about five minutes of each other, which funnily enough is the kind of world I’ve imagined for so long that I feel as though I should be getting royalties from this. 1.368 altre parole


Glamour Spotlight: Striking DPS (3/22/17)

With most of my glamours in relatively finalized states, I again found myself without a specific topic in mind going into this morning. There are things I  547 altre parole


Nissin Cup Ramen and the New Seven Samurai: Appealing to the Same Tokyo 2020 Cool, Youth Market

My friends know this: I’m addicted to Nissin Cup Ramen.

There’s something about the aroma after I’ve waited that obligatory 3-minutes for the hot water to soften the noodles and bind the various spices and ingredients in a flavor that instantly gratifies me. 247 altre parole

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Samurai litmus test

If you moan about how wisdom comes in fire,
if you whine at her hardship,
you are not yet a samurai

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