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سيف الساموراي #الكاتانا

توني شايف فلم الساموراي حقت توم كروز :P

اعجبتني حقت (مالت حبايبنا السعوديين) وحبيت اوضح معلومة بأن هالسيف مستوحى بطريقة قطعة من السيوف العربية

كاتانا ( 11 altre parole

 أخبار العالـــم

I Samurai

Durante il medioevo in Giappone nacquero i Samurai. Erano soldati spietati, esperti cavalieri ed arcieri. Avevano un loro codice d’onore il “bushido” che significava ” condotta del guerriero”. 275 altre parole


Queen Hippolyta - Prized Possession (part one)

As night fell, so did the rain. As thunder boomed across the black sky, so did the merciless pounding of war drums. Akiyama marched, hands tied behind his back and a blindfold wrapped around his eyes, toward the Forbidden Palace. 2.431 altre parole

Female Muscle

Matsuyama Castle/松山城

One of the things I was most looking forward to on our trip to Matsuyama in May 2015 was a visit to Matsuyama Castle. I’d read about the castle on… 1.985 altre parole


The Days of Kono Tochi - The Heroes of Kono Tochi

This is a list of Player Characters in my Kono-Tochi Campaign, The tale of our heroes begins here.

So who are these heroes I hear you ask?  854 altre parole