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Samurai #3 (Preview)

From writer Jean-François Di Giorgio and artist  Frédéric Genêt, Samurai #3 is hitting shelves on May 11th. The former Marvel series of the french comic book series which was given new life by the team at Titan Comics, has been favorably received by fans old and new.. 60 altre parole


A Nioh demo!

Team Ninja, the awesome people behind Ninja Gaiden and the DOA series, have a new game which I can only describe as Onimusha meets Dark Souls starring William the Caucasian samurai who just might also be the last samurai after Tom Cruise. 281 altre parole


AN03c3_Ch.12-Feudal Japan

AN03c3_Ch.12- Feudal Powers in Japan

Timeline: ~12th – 19th C.
FS: Japan’s uniqueness is reflected in its brand of Feudalism.

Main Idea: The political development of Japan, impacted by the Chinese model, contributed to a consolidation of power. 1.298 altre parole


A Samurai's Tsunami

Helmet of insect horn

Armour made as hard as ants

Mask crafted by demons

Deep in their seven hells

And a long sword

Restrained within it’s scabbard… 77 altre parole


Mood Haiku 100.

In the morning sun

The face of a samurai

Like a guiding light.


Episode 147 - The Birth of the Samurai, Part 2

This week, Minamoto no Yoshiie establishes the power of the Seiwa Minamoto family, upsetting a careful balance of power. Also, he drops the hottest rhymes of 1063. 84 altre parole



Thanks ever so much for generous support whether you’re a steadfast Hakkenden lover like me or just passing by! My other work, which I consider myself lucky to have, is taking up a bit too much time and attention than I expected, and consequently the next update will have to wait a while. 31 altre parole