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A Wish List: tis the season and all that

I am impossible to shop for. Not because I have everything, quite the opposite really, but moreso because I generally know exactly what I want. In the following posts I will be highlighting things I think are worth wanting. 117 altre parole


Prologue: The Origin – The Prince, the Princess, and the Dog 3-1

Episode III-i

Kagetsura and Nobutoki subtly sabotage Yoshizane

Ujimoto and Sadayuki comply with Tateyama at risk

Thus Anzai Saburo Taihu Kagetsura listened to his attendant and largely surmised how… 1.902 altre parole


Samurai Horse armour and equipment (part I)

Saddle and horse armour of a mounted Samurai.
By Periklis Deligiannis

The armour and equipment of the Samurai’s horses are equally impressive with the respective items of the warriors themselves. 285 altre parole

Japanese fashion company’s modernized haori half coats will keep you warm and samurai chic

Love samurai-inspired fashion but hate the cold? Then you might want to add these warm Japanese-style half coats to your wardrobe this winter. 274 altre parole


Untitled Novel (1)


Dear Son,

If all goes as designed, this package should reach you around the time of your fiftieth birthday in the year 2015. It may even be your child, my grandchild, who will find these documents at the appointed time. 533 altre parole

Creative Writing

AI Samurai: The artificially intelligent, armored samurai that will answer all your questions

Are you hosting a large event with lots of guests? Maybe it’s time to call in AI Samurai to help with crowd control! 413 altre parole