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How I’ve Missed Crossing Swords With You: Samurai Queerness in 13 Assassins

Swords, bushido, honor, moral ambiguity, and dazzling fight scenes dance throughout the film 13 Assassin’s by Takashi Miike. 13 Assassin’s production design is a feast for the eyes with elaborate period costumes and hairstyles, beautiful swords,  incredible set design, excellent visuals, special effects, and editing. 1.713 altre parole

Flame in the Mist - Renee Ahdieh

Mariko knew her purpose as the daughter of a prominent Samurai was to be pawn in political maneuvering by being given as a bride to a family of higher standing.  333 altre parole


On the road... to Golgotha

Hasekura Rokuemon (1571-1622), the titular samurai of Endô Shusakü’s 1980 novel is a middle-aged, low-rank (likened to a lance corporal) samurai, with no experience of battle, who is placed in nominal charge of a delegation of four envoys and some merchants dispatched to New Spain (later Mexico) in the second decade of the 17th century (C.E.). 680 altre parole

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Heroic death? The case of seppuku

In my previous post I discussed an issue I am dealing with in my study of the history of medieval Scandinavian suicide at the moment, namely… 880 altre parole

History Of Suicide

[#Throwback] Spoken Word Poetry  Videos by Paul Word, Prestige, Enigmatic, Samurai, Arch Angel and Iyanu Adebiyi

In the light of throwback Thursday, my voice as put together a list of powerful, impacting and message parked spoken word poetry videos.

This is a throwback but this poetry are not throw aways, as the message keeping guiding one’s way and society problems. 108 altre parole


Heikegani Crabs: The Re-incarnated Samurais

Heikegani or Heike crabs (Heikeopsis japonica) are a species of crab native to Japan many of who share a distinctive feature: strange markings of the carapace of their backs that bearing a striking resemblance to the face of an angry Samurai. 485 altre parole



My blade, how did it get so dull? I need my blade to be sharp—however, I forgot the materials I need. Was it happiness? Or was it just flame and oils? 925 altre parole

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