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6mm Paddy Fields.

A quick guide to making 6mm rice paddies.

The fields are based on 10cm square mdf. First, some peasants are glued to the base. These are GHQ 1/285 Vietnamese civilians, the closest thing I could find to Japanese peasants. 158 altre parole


Tyler Inamoto follows Samurai code on path to NHL after 2017 draft

CHICAGO – Tyler Inamoto talks about playing hockey the right way.

He also talks about playing it the Samurai way.

“Hockey is a lot of courage and passion and a lot of integrity,” said Inamoto, a defenseman for the… 418 altre parole

A Fist Full of Yojimbo

Whereas Kurosawa built Yojimbo as its own thing, a mosaic with pieces and elements from other sources, Sergio Leone’s A Fist Full of Dollars is a straight up copy. 340 altre parole


Buchtipp für den Lese-Urlaub: Gail Tsukiyama, Der Garten des Samurai

Eine Komposition aus dem alten japanischen Garten Ryoan-ji (15. Jahrhundert), Foto und Erklärungen dazu hier.

„Es kam mir vor wie ein Traum, dass wir monatelang gearbeitet hatten und dass sich der vollendete Garten nun vor uns ausbreitete.

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Rain Dragon : Samurai's favorite

This is a sheath; Japanese sword case.
It was manufactured in Edo era ; 1603-1868
Sword is originally arms.
But Edo era was peace , especially after middle of Edo era, there were no big civil wars. 196 altre parole


Will a writers' conference be a good idea?

Dear Agony Aunt or Ancle, no, Uncle,

Have you ever participated a writers’ conference?

I’ve been entertaining the idea of doing so for some time and I’m hopeful that finally I probably can some time this year or next. 219 altre parole


Stormblood First Impressions: Main Scenario, Ninja Changes & Samurai

It’s been a week since the launch of Stormblood, and following all the thinking I did on Heavensward as FFXIV’s first expansion came to a close, the new one has really given me a lot to think about. 1.559 altre parole