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Three Outlaw Samurai (1964, Hideo Gosha)

Having stumbled upon a farmhouse to find three peasants holding a young woman at knifepoint, wandering samurai, Shiba (Tetsurô Tanba), asks rather bizarrely for a first line of enquiry whether the men have raped her. 297 altre parole

Green Samurai Ranger

The clip that plays when the Green Samurai Ranger card is scanned


The Perfect Cherry Blossom

Night number two on my own proved to be as soul-restorative as the first. I started off with some obligatory Hearthstone of course. I knocked out the third wing of Black Rock Mountain pretty easily (saving Heroic mode for something to do later) and finished up the second half of my sole daily quest. 735 altre parole



‘Mugen’ from ‘Samurai Champloo’..

and he watches his own back….yup..no one else needed.

Peepshi -- a tsunami of flavor

Ah, so you have a hankering for Asian fare, do ya?  What could be better to quell a craving than peepshi? This masterpeeps contains no heavy metals and is ocean-safe. 476 altre parole

More Peep Fun!

Boys' Day in Japan - Still Life And A Samurai Helmet

So, what was I doing in that last post, the one where you can see a Pocket Wizard on my X100s?

Getting ready to take some still life photographs and using a… 71 altre parole

Nightingale floors: The samurai intruder alarm system Japan’s had for centuries

For centuries, Japan has taken pride in the talents of its craftsmen, carpenters and woodworkers included. Because of that, you might be surprised to find that… 458 altre parole