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Visual research for Samurai vs Ninja

When considering how to create and sustain the Edo period world of “Samurai vs Ninja”. It was important to undertake a lot of research. One of my favorite forms of art is the Ukiyo-e woodblock period of Japanese art. 304 altre parole

Samurai Vs Ninja

Nakano Takeko ~ Onna-bugeisha, Samurai Warrior

Nakano Takeko (1847 – 1868) was a female Japanese warrior of the Aizu domain, who fought and died during the Boshin War.

Nakano, born in Edo (modern day Tokyo), was the daughter of Nakano Heinai, an Aizu official. 771 altre parole


Titan Comics To Publish Samurai Collected Omnibus - followed by all-new material!

This September, Titan Comics has announced their publication of Samurai Omnibus by Jean-François Di Giorgio and Frédéric Genet. Set in feudal Japan, the omnibus – which collects  217 altre parole


Charles of Arabia: Training at Samurai Kickboxing Club

Located on the corner of Khalid street in Aziziyah is Samurai Kickboxing club. A small door on the side of the building leads to a staircase. 224 altre parole


Leaves Stir in Shadow

The Way is all ways
Yet the way is One
It is the path of beauty
Yet does not hide the unbeautiful
The Way is a poet… 86 altre parole


Kanazawa samurai district

To step literally in history is an amazing feeling, like the time I walked around the Nagamachi district in Kanazawa. Also known for being the… 74 altre parole


Landscapes | The Samurai

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