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Sendai's Samurai

Above are two of Sendai’s most famous samurai – Date Masamune and Hasekura Tsunenaga.

The capital city of Tohoku – Sendai – was founded in the 16th century by Date Masamune (in black). 256 altre parole

Prayer Drive

The Piano Guys: Cello Wars Star Wars Parody

I was recently introduced to them, and I immediately became a fan. They started as a YouTube success a few years ago, and now they have their own website, album, and they go on tour. 467 altre parole


Tokyo National Museum & Friends

The Tokyo National Museum (“TNM” in the local signage) is one of the major destinations in the city, and an impressive institution it is. A complex of multiple buildings whose main entrance resembles a gigantic temple, it is the repository of many of Japan’s treasure: sculptures, swords, scrolls and other artifacts that in some cases date back some 1500 years. 424 altre parole


Bushido 武士道

To understand truly what bushido and its education, the seven virtues of bushido, meant for a samurai of the feudal Japan one needs some help. Written in  Inazo Nitobe’s book Bushido, The Soul of Japan.  940 altre parole


Samuráis: mujeres, homosexualidad y pederastia

El camino hacia temáticas japonesas me ha beneficiado más que el mundo geek. Así que continuaré escribiendo sobre esto. Cuando me gradué de la universidad hice una tesis muy larga sobre… 1.149 altre parole