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What do you mean it's August?

So it’s been nearly 5 months since I last posted – what happened to the time.  Broadside games show has been and gone, I ended up buying more terrain to set up the wildwest town and I think we did a good job in the end: 176 altre parole


Poetry; Rhyming Verse: The Satsuma Rebellion

I went and watched the bloodied battlefields for glory,
Moved ahead; the imperials’ ways are always gorey.
I knew whenever I met the face of death, I could say, 43 altre parole


Update: New Review and First Opinion Piece!

Hello everyone! Nick Here.

Last week was an exciting week for Tall Bean; we posted our first review and in spite of technical issues, it went really well. 124 altre parole

Video Games

Japan is running out of swordsmiths, and a strict apprenticeship requirement is a big reason why

Want to make katana for a living? Hope you don’t mind not getting paid a single yen for the next five years. 802 altre parole


Tattoo Design 1

I’ve just completed a tattoo design for a cover up. The client has approved it and I’m sharing it here with you. I present “Samurai”.