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3 good reasons to visit Tuscany now...

Let’s face it: sipping a glass of vino rosso overlooking the Tuscan hills is possibly one of the best thing you could do on a sunny day in Italy. 1.108 altre parole


San Gimignano - Ferie delle Messi

Heading from Siena towards San Gimignano to see sunflowers on the way, we ended up in the small walled medieval town for a late afternoon stretch and got a very happy surprise. 127 altre parole

Siena and San Gimignano

04.08.16 Siena

On Friday I went on a day trip to Siena. AIFS arranged a private tour of Siena for us, so we could get a better feel for the city. 650 altre parole


San Gimignano

San Gimignano’s skyline looks like a Medieval Metropolis, complete with early ‘grattacieli’ (grat•tah•chee•EH•lee = skyscrapers). It was known as San Gimignano delle belle Torri-San Gimignano of the beautiful towers. 586 altre parole


Visiting Italy after Brussels attacks

During the Easter holiday, it is the tradition of many Belgian schools, including mine, to go to Italy with all the graduates. This year, it was my turn! 522 altre parole