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Tuscany, part one

Ben and I got married 15 years ago, twice.  Our first wedding was a grand affair, with all the trappings, in Annapolis, Maryland.  The following weekend we got married again, this time in Belgium, in front of his family and friends who couldn’t make it to the United States the weekend before.  748 altre parole

Navy Wife

An Aerial View of Tuscany Vista Aerea della Toscana

An Aerial View Of Tuscany
Tuscany has seen major civilizations: Etruscan, Roman, Gothic. 230 altre parole

San Gimignano (CiaoFlorence tour part 2)

To continue on with the tour first part located right here (Siena (CiaoFlorence Tour part 1)

After walking back to the bus, we headed back towards San Gimignano and finally arrived at the restaurant for lunch. 1.267 altre parole


11 (and a half) breathtaking villages in Tuscany you should visit

It’s no secret that Tuscany is my favourite Italian region. From the great wine and amazing food, to the simplicity of the scenery, and the history and character of the medieval hilltop towns. 1.923 altre parole


We three ladies were becoming familiar with Florence. Fortunately, if you are in a central location, almost all the attractions are within walking distance. If you become tired, it is not too expensive to flag a cab because of the shorter routing that would be required. 1.433 altre parole


Days 114 - 117: Pistols at dawn if you don't eat and be merry!

114 – Tuesday  11.08: Pistoia … third time lucky

A ‘free time’ day.  Having not successfully visited Pistoia town centre despite having stayed Saturday night there, we caught the train to see the main square.   1.392 altre parole

San Gimignano, Siena ve Chianti'de Yemekli Tam Gün Tur

Genel Bakış

Floransa’dan Toskana’nın köylerine ve şarap bölgelerine düzenlenen ve güzel Toskana kırsal bölgelerinin kalbine inen bu tam günlük turun keyfini çıkarın. San Gimignano’yu, Chianti’nin şarap bölgesini ve Siena’nın ortaçağ köylerini ziyaret edin. 532 altre parole