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Tuscany part 2

17 April 2018

Having spent two days near Siena it was time to pack up and move on Sunday morning. The day was cloudy with some rain as we stowed any loose items and replenished the water tank.

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San Gimignano Saffron

Zafferano -Saffron. When we hear this word, we think of India, of Iran, a Middle Eastern  spice, but why is it so much  used in Italian cuisine? 241 altre parole


Don't look up, look down!

When visiting any city, my advice is always to look up as you walk around. Many of the most interesting details of buildings tend to be above your head, street level usually being reserved for modern shops and tarmac pavements. 541 altre parole


San Gimignano

As soon as you arrive, the view hits you. It is truly like you are on the set of Under the Tuscan Sun. Vineyards, villas and a stray cat sitting a windowsill. 341 altre parole


7 Reasons Why You Can't Miss San Gimignano

It’s no secret that Tuscany is one of the most wanderlust-inducing regions in the world. From its wine to its gelato to it’s beautiful medieval architecture, Tuscany has everything you want for the perfect trip. 569 altre parole

Travel Tips

OLIVIERI - Fabulous New Restaurant in San Gimingnano

On a recent visit with our Annual Art Tour in Tuscany, we stopped in to Bistro Olivieri, a recently opened restaurant in the village of San Gimignano. 145 altre parole

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