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Top 5: Tuscany, Italy

5) SienaThe capital of the Siena province is a popular medieval city, just an hour from Florence on the train it’s worth the journey south to explore. 780 altre parole


Vacation Photography -- Remove All Those Tourists -- Well, maybe

Some say that HDR, or high-dynamic range, is a great way to remove tourists from our photos taken in busy vacation locations.  Well, maybe sometimes. 338 altre parole

Adobe Camera Raw

Toscana & Cinque Terre - Verano 2017

Todos los años sobre Enero-Febrero nos ponemos a pensar dónde ir de vacaciones. Este año queríamos algo que cumpliese más o menos las tres BBB y aunque seguramente la de Barato no lo consigamos las otras 2 fijo que lo son! 978 altre parole


Montenidoli, a wine from a different era

Travelling through the wine world, we come across many special locales and meet artists as well as technologically-sound winemakers, whose wines ring up excellent scores from reviewers. 350 altre parole


Take me to Tuscany

Tuscany: it’s exactly how you imagine it to be. Green as can be with rolling hills that seem to be quilted together. Here’s more on my wine tasting trip to Chianti, Pisa, Lucca and Siena.  55 altre parole


Two Tour Tuscany

The final eight mile approach to our next caravan campsite site is why we chose it, we are winding and zig-zagging our way up a big big hill with dozens of full-kit cyclists, they are panting with exhaustion we are holding our breaths in anticipation of each corner. 1.872 altre parole

Our Trips

My favourite Gelato spots in Tuscany

Gelato was invented in Florence and so during my visit to Tuscany, I made it my mission to eat as much Gelato as I possibly could, all in the name of research. 643 altre parole