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San Gimignano

by cheri sabraw

Originally an Etruscan town, San Gimignano, about an hour from Florence in the stunning hill country of Tuscany, is known for its many towers, most of which originate from the 12th and 13th centuries. 267 altre parole

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Along for the ride

by cheri sabraw

Today in San Gimignano, an old woman dressed in blue caught my eye. Her nylon stockings, pumps, and oversized purse all stylized her in an elegant fashion as she rested before heading down the tile street. 213 altre parole


Missed Connections and Staring at Jesus Part 1


A young girl-not-yet-a-woman exits the taxi and breathes in the Birmingham air. It’s warm, for once, and she wonders what the next two weeks will bring. 2.776 altre parole


Rain and Chianti

Sarah again had the quote of the day when she said “Look Kaitlyn! It’s so pretty! Ok, just imagine the sun.”

Yes indeed, it rained ALL DAY today. 917 altre parole

Road Trips 2015


ASSISI, UMBRIA Home of Saint Francis, Assisi is one of the most beautiful towns we have visited during our time in Italy. It is not a short trip from Lucca, Italy, but it is a scenic one by train. 663 altre parole

LA MORMORAIA Agriturismo San Gimignano, Italy

These photo’s were taken one silly drunken night at one of my favourite places http://www.mormoraia.it LA MORMORAIA
Agriturismo San Gimignano.  It is a converted convent that is now a winery, it is beautiful, the hosts are lovely, and the breakfast is just the best.   6 altre parole