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Sakura Salon - 3/1/2015 - Venetian Polychoral Music

The city state of Venice sits in a unique place in history. La Serenissima, the Serene Republic was exactly that, one of the few Republics in existence during its period of life. 1.317 altre parole

Voorbij het toeristische masker van Venetië

Wanneer wij met mensen spreken over Venetië, dan is “Wat is het daar toeristisch!” vaak het eerste wat we horen. En dat is niet zo gek: Venetië trekt zo’n 30 miljoen toeristen per jaar, waarbij de meeste toeristen zich in de wijk San Marco zich begeven (iets wat Tom de eerste drie keer dat hij in Venetië was ook gedaan heeft en toen de stad verafschuwde). 2.013 altre parole


VENICE - the impossible city

This past weekend I spent just under 48 hours in the city of canals and 400+ bridges. Walking through the ~winding~ streets of Venezia, I pondered how exceptionally unique this city was. 372 altre parole

Alajmo Chefs for Christies Magazine

I spent a day at the renowned restaurant Quadri to photograph Max and Raf Alajmo and a selection of their dishes for Christie’s Magazine.  I will never get used to the unusual treat of tasting first class food after shooting it. 28 altre parole

San Marco reflection by diegodemiranda

Reflection of San Marco’s Basilica

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A proposito dei luoghi comuni

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”

 “Bello l’ultimo articolo! Scritto veramente bene! Appena posso andrò a vedere qualcosa di Scarpa… Però mentre leggevo non capivo molto, perché in effetti scarpa non l’avevo mai sentito nominare.

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Simon Denny | New Zealand Pavilion

Simon Denny’s SECRET POWER, locates in Venice reflections of how knowledge, mapping and networks are central to geopolitical dominance. The exhibition is split across two venues; the first, in the arrival area of the Marco Polo airport, and then at the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana at San Marco. 19 altre parole