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Postcards from...Venice

Venice was my first introduction to Italy, a country I have been wanting to visit for years. There was a high expectation of something amazing as I touched down in the city, and the four days I spent there definitely lived up to everything I hoped it would be and more. 395 altre parole


March 26, 2017

I 100% stand by my previous assessment of this city, especially after the happenings of tonight. I have also decided that the comparison to Vegas is more complimentary than I could have imagined. 772 altre parole

“Even in a rainy day, I still prefer Venice than any other city in the world” - Herman Melville

“Even in a rainy day, I still prefer Venice than any other city in the world” – Herman Melville

DIY: easy curb appeal in a weekend

What’s black and white and the perfect shade of blue?

This adorable and freshly painted home! It’s located in quaint St. Nicholas in Jacksonville, Florida. Only a mile from San Marco’s restaurants and shopping, and a six-minute drive to downtown Jacksonville.  129 altre parole

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Venice in 2 Days

Venezia or Venice is one special city in North-eastern Italy that has been renowned for its remarkable beauty of its setting and architecture. Venice is made of 117 small islands that beautifully separated with hundreds of canals and bridges, which make this city idyllic and pleasant to get lost in. 1.420 altre parole


snow in venice

Italy must have known my ice queen self was en route, because it was snowing — fairly hard! — when I got there. Which was beautiful, though a bit frigid navigating the labyrinthine metro system and finding the right water boat, since my hostel was on Guidecca, across the canal from San Marco. 496 altre parole