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snow in venice

Italy must have known my ice queen self was en route, because it was snowing — fairly hard! — when I got there. Which was beautiful, though a bit frigid navigating the labyrinthine metro system and finding the right water boat, since my hostel was on Guidecca, across the canal from San Marco. 496 altre parole

Buongiorno Venice!

Memories from April 28, 2015 …

The one regret from the past I have is not starting a blog earlier. Now that I’m settled down at home and taking a break from traveling, there are days when I do not know what to write about. 523 altre parole

The Soul in Architecture

A plaza opened before us on our way to the Academia museum in Venice. 222 altre parole
In My Life

December Escape....Venice, Italy

The best time to visit Venice is in the winter.  Well, I don’t really know.  This was my third trip to Venice, and all have been in late November or December.   694 altre parole


The Convent of San Marco, Florence

In November we squeezed in a few days in Florence. I hadn’t been to the city for many years and although I thought I knew Florence it was a discovery and adventure all over again.  369 altre parole