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7 experiences of Venice NO tour guide can teach you!

Venice is horded by tourists from all over the world. Why wouldn’t it be? Its tagged as a famous honeymoon destination and as a must visit city for any European vacation . 355 altre parole


Far East Fusion - Indochine

I normally ignore a Groupon or forget I have one, or it’s not that great of a deal. However, when DJ Snuggle Monster told me the restaurant Indochine (Thai/Southeast Asian fusion) had gotten a lot of good reviews and that we should try it, a Groupon just so happened to pop up in my inbox a few weeks later. 1.325 altre parole


Where do you want to live? San Marco could be perfect!

One of the first decisions you have to make when it’s time to buy your next home is…where do I want to live?

Deciding on what area of Jacksonville is best for you requires thinking about many different factors… 579 altre parole

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Venice, the city on the water

As the American writer Herman Melville once said, “I’d rather be in Venice on a rainy day than in any other capital city on a beautiful day.” And with good reason. 349 altre parole

Traveling The World - Impressions

European Street Cafe

Date Visited: Thursday, October 8, 2015

I am the “bring your lunch to work” type of girl. I seldom go out or order in food, it’ cheaper to bring your own and healthier for the most part too. 912 altre parole


My beautiful Venice

You’re one of a kind. I love your quaint bridges, every one different from the last. Your crooked alleyways, criss-crossing in every direction so one looses all sense of direction. 228 altre parole