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The Best Truffle Festival EVER!!! (In San Miniato)

Ciao Readers!

Okay, my mouth is watering just reminiscing about this festival and I am still smiling thinking about the fabulous little town it was in – San Miniato.  351 altre parole


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Ciao Readers! I have to admit, I've been hard-pressed for inspiration for a new blog post since my gallbladder removal. Some of the rejected ideas I've had include "Gallbladders and Other Extraneous Organs," "The View from My Couch (a photo anthology)," and "Chicken Broth and Other Boring Recipes." However, as I recover I am thinking about Italy (no surprise), how I can get back there this Fall, and if I can time it to coincide with the "Best Truffle Festival Ever." So, please come along and reminisce with me about the wonderful truffle festival held every November in a nifty little Tuscan town....

View from the Top


Goodmorning! I apologize for the late post, but we had some of our friends over for dinner and didn’t end up getting to bed until extremely late. 431 altre parole

Florence: The Best of Food and Art

If you are looking for some good food, you should go to Florence. Even if you don’t like food you should go to Florence! But if you don’t like food, you might have a problem. 1.044 altre parole

Surprise Valentino

R started a new project three weeks ago, one that would luckily take him to Germany, thus making it much easier to see eachother during this semester and long year of mostly being apart!   333 altre parole


San Miniato.

San Miniato, a cute countryside town located 40 minutes by train outside of Florence, is known for its truffle festival. Every November, the city hosts this fair where fresh white and black truffles are sold. 201 altre parole


Then walked some more!

Sunday I promptly rolled out of bed at 10:45 after snoozing my alarm as much as I could allow.  Got ready and quickly ate breakfast before crossing the Piazza del Duomo (yes my apartment is practically on the piazza!) to get over to the school center for our hike up to Piazzale Michelangelo today.  179 altre parole