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The incredible story of Mr. Beconcini, the winemaker who proved the origins of Tuscan Tempranillo

In San Miniato, in the heart of Chianti wine region and Colline Pisane appellation, there is a winemaker who chose the difficult task of proving that sometimes real tradition is quite different from what we have been told for centuries. 1.548 altre parole

Everyone Has a Story--Even the Local, Friendly Shopkeeper

People are the most fascinating creatures!

But when we remain in our own world—our personal bubble—for too long, we forget this. As a tourist (and aspiring writer), I’m reminded of this very fact: everyone has a story. 598 altre parole

Slice Of Life

Sigeric the Serious: Via Francigena, Sce Dionisii, Circa 990 AD

Sce Dionisii was known as the pieve of San Genesio. The presence of this church is attested in a document of the Arezzo church from 715, describing a council attended by several bishops from Tuscany and an envoy of Lombard King Liutprant. 260 altre parole

Via Francigena

Tourist-Free Tourism: Tuscany Without Florence

This article aims to answer one simple question: If you had a car and a weekend in Tuscany, and wanted to get away from the crowds, where should you go?

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Journal Entry #22: San Miniato 

Antonio was right. The views from the top of the San Miniato were breathtaking. Figuratively and literally. There were so many stairs to get to the top; however, it was all well worth it. 281 altre parole


Florence I: Red Meat

On our last night in Florence, we decided to splash out by booking a good trattoria and ordering the signature dish of the city; the bistecca alla fiorentina, a huge slab of beefsteak on the bone, cooked very rare. 4.385 altre parole