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Everyone Has a Story--Even the Local, Friendly Shopkeeper

People are the most fascinating creatures!

But when we remain in our own world—our personal bubble—for too long, we forget this. As a tourist (and aspiring writer), I’m reminded of this very fact: everyone has a story. 598 altre parole

Slice Of Life

Sigeric the Serious: Via Francigena, Sce Dionisii, Circa 990 AD

Sce Dionisii was known as the pieve of San Genesio. The presence of this church is attested in a document of the Arezzo church from 715, describing a council attended by several bishops from Tuscany and an envoy of Lombard King Liutprant. 260 altre parole

Via Francigena

Tourist-Free Tourism: Tuscany Without Florence

This article aims to answer one simple question: If you had a car and a weekend in Tuscany, and wanted to get away from the crowds, where should you go?

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Journal Entry #22: San Miniato 

Antonio was right. The views from the top of the San Miniato were breathtaking. Figuratively and literally. There were so many stairs to get to the top; however, it was all well worth it. 281 altre parole


Florence I: Red Meat

On our last night in Florence, we decided to splash out by booking a good trattoria and ordering the signature dish of the city; the bistecca alla fiorentina, a huge slab of beefsteak on the bone, cooked very rare. 4.385 altre parole