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Sartre Declines the Nobel Prize on This Date

On this date in 1964, Jean-Paul Sartre declines the Nobel Prize for Literature, stating: “A writer must refuse to allow himself to be transformed into an institution.”



A simple twist of fate…

Bob Dylan


One moment there was hope – Dylan unreachable for the Nobel Prize Committee, so perhaps he will refuse his prize… 555 altre parole

Art Criticism

Book of da Week: The Reprieve by Jean-Paul Sartre

Having covered Sartre’s brilliant the Age of Reason some time ago, we’re now getting round to his sequel the Reprieve (1945). These are part of the philosopher and writer’s Roads to Freedom trilogy, which expounded on his ruminations on existentialism and personal freedom, by merging them with the onset of World War II in France (principally Paris). 573 altre parole


Bad Faith and Other Commonly Misunderstood 'Sartrean' Ideas

The twentieth century French existentialist philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre, was astonishingly popular in his day. He wrote novels, plays, dense philosophical treatises, was a part of the French underground resistance during the Nazi occupation, an influential political activist and even awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature (which he turned down). 1.646 altre parole


When the End is Not In Sight

Putain de merde, I’ve been gone for a long time. It seems like everything I post now starts with a disclaimer along the lines of “Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but I promise I’ll post more regularly from now on”. 572 altre parole


Eating Object-Oriented Thinking

Last week at the Purdue Aesthetics Conference I spoke of four object-oriented thinkers who employ food references to demonstrate their defense of object wonder, vitality, complexity and gravity. 442 altre parole

Food Writing

I was conscious only of the cymbals of the sun clashing on my skull: The Outsider by Albert Camus

The trigger gave, and the smooth underbelly of the butt jogged my palm. And so, with that crisp, whip-crack sound, it all began. I shook off my sweat and the clinging veil of light. 1.144 altre parole