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Existentialism and Humanism- Jean-Paul Sartre

Before discussing the text, I want to give a little background about what existentialism is, and how it led to what Sartre believes. This will help you to understand the text far better. 2.188 altre parole


Sartre and Existentialism

Jean-Paul Sartre is one of the most, if not the most, familiar names in modern existentialism. Known mostly for his introductory work Existentialism is a Humanism  1.709 altre parole


Who is man again? As defined by philosophers

Philosophie : Qu est-ce que l’homme ?

Du latin humanitas, le terme se traduit par nature humaine, culture générale de l’esprit.

L’Humanitas est le caractère de ce qui est humain.  430 altre parole


Hume's Moral Enquiry

Hume says that we make moral distinctions. That is, we distinguish between right and wrong. Now Hume knows that some people deny that there is such a distinction: there are moral relativists, people who claim that there really is no right and wrong. 3.366 altre parole

Success is the progressive realization of a pre-determined goal

Jean-Paul Sartre said “L’existence precede l’essence”. You are, before you decide what you are here for. Therefore, I can be whatever I want in this life. 902 altre parole


Novi tekst u magazinu PULSE.RS. Par riječi o filozofiji danas. 

Filozofizam je nehumanizam

Vodeći se notornim djelom Žan-Pol Sartra Egzistencijalizam je humanizam, pokušaćemo se približiti odbranama egzistencijalizma od ugriza zvijerki iz različitih ideoloških, političkih i inih tabora koji možda i danas prevladavaju, a umjesto egzistencijalizma, odnosno angažovane filozofije na djelu, posvuda ćemo vidjeti filozofizam. 1.535 altre parole