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Marisa Lessons (1)

a series in which I relay the lessons I’ve learned from my peer, Marisa.

Sartre and Rabelais would have had a lot to talk about.

Marisa Lessons

The Desert (aka Zombie Desert, aka What's Left Of Us) (2013)

First published by Grolsch FilmWorks

Microphones on a house’s barred window capture the amplified buzzing of flies, and birdsong, and shuffling footfalls, and a strange death-rattle wheeze. 516 altre parole

On Freedom

One of the most hotly contested debates in philosophical circles continues to rage and impacts upon us all. The question is whether or not, as humans, we have free will? 1.103 altre parole

No Exit on The Exit Door - Sartre at the Lord Stanley pub

The Lord Stanley is a wonderful little theatre venue in North London. The food menu is nothing short of outstanding, and there’s currently plenty on the theatrical menu as well – including a strong performance of Jean-Paul Sartre’s excellent… 501 altre parole


Enjoying Santa Fe, New Mexico

On Home. On Heart. 

Leaving New Mexico today for about a month. I’ll be on the east coast mainly with a conference in Chicago as well. 370 altre parole