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Existentialism: Shared experiences and Kierkegaard on anxiety

Shared Experience – Mental Breakdown

All my movements became jarred…the anxiety and the fear, I was terrified all the time. I was terrified of everything…

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Being and Nothingness - Jean-Paul Sartre

I was bought this book a number of years, if I remember correctly in about 2006, when I had chosen Philosophy as an A-Level subject.  I haven’t however read it until now because it’s a daunting book; minimalist cover design, small font and over 650 pages.  471 altre parole


Of Human Flourishing and Human Sacrifice

Seven of us total today, with a guest guide dog in training. So naturally the conversation began revolving around the ethics of animal abuse. The conversation took a familiar trajectory. 834 altre parole


Daily 01

T’was a hazy start to the morning – the non consequential, “I woke up, why?” kind of hazy, not the kind that you get in films or tv shows, just before some type of life altering event, like in that scene from The Walking Dead when Rick wakes up in the hospital and soon realises that he is well and truly fucked (way back in the first episode). 489 altre parole

Creative Writing

To be or not to be ... a humanist

This is the second and final part of the series “To be or not to be…” The first article discussed patriotism in the light of some recent world events, and showed why patriotism can prove to be a false god. 1.423 altre parole

Cheap Talk

What might this be?

what this is and what it will be
is undefined and undecided—
dare I say unknown?

remember Sartre with his:
l’existence précède l’essence

which is to say that… 32 altre parole


Meaning and Purpose: Pre-Determined or Self-Created

Finished at Los Gatos Starbucks with EDM (Bassnector) on Pandora and a coffee I killed with lots of cream and sugar. This essay was inspired after reading Terry Eagleton’s book on Meaning and Purpose and Julian Baggini book called ‘What It’s All About’. 2.305 altre parole