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Traveler's Rest

I’d like to start by saying that Morris is a beautiful writer.  The way he can capture a theme or a feeling will make you feel like you are riding shotgun in each character’s tormented lizard brain.   564 altre parole


Why We Read

I have so many reviews to do. It seems like they keep piling up. I promise to post at least two, maybe three in the next couple of days, depending on what my schedule demands but today, I wanted to post about something a little different. 312 altre parole


Prospettiva dall'alto

Gli uomini, bisogna vederli dall’alto. Spegnevo la luce e mi mettevo alla finestra: essi neppure sospettavano che si potesse osservarli dal di sopra. Curavano la facciata, qualche volta la parte posteriore, ma tutti i loro effetti son calcolati per spettatori d’un metro e settanta.

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“We are not wicked, debased, helpless creatures waiting for a heavenly king or queen to bless us with strength, wisdom and love. We have the potential for strength, wisdom and love inside ourselves.

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I just want to stare at an empty space
and marvel at the nothingness
– the withering of everything that exists

I cannot find love in there… 67 altre parole


Sartre, Simplified: A Review of Existentialism is a Humanism

Title: Existentialism is a Humanism

Author: Jean-Paul Sartre

Genre: Non-Fiction, Philosophy, Existentialism

First Published by: Éditions Nagel in 1946

Translated by: Carol Macomber

Introduction by: … 2.315 altre parole

Book Review