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The Existential Life: Left Bank: Art, Passion and the Rebirth of Paris 1940-1950

Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. I heard those names spoken with some reverence by my professor of Western Thought, a course deemed essential to round out all college degrees by the university I was attending. 772 altre parole

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The Problem of the Other

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The Problem of the Other’, or alternately, ‘The Problem of Other Minds’ is a particular paradox which arises from phenomenological inquiry into being. 638 altre parole

What Proust Taught Me

I have been taking a class on Marcel Proust’s “Recherche”, or “In Search of Lost Time”. Unfortunately, I have been avoiding writing my final paper, mostly because I truly thought that I hated Proust. 591 altre parole

DIARY 12 March 1968 French connection

French connection

I have no idea where my interest in France came from as a teenager. I was good at French, passing my ‘O’ level with a grade three; not bad for someone whose main subjects were scientific. 336 altre parole



To write is easy; what is hard is to feel comfortable with what I want to publish and share. I’m determined to excel in all my deliveries as a writer because that’s my way to find my own happiness in this existence. 241 altre parole


Political Annihilation: An Examination

Jean Paul-Sartre entered a cafe and scanned for his friend, Pierre. He was usually hunkered in the middle of the cafe working diligently. Pierre wasn’t there. 618 altre parole