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Jean-Paul Sartre: The Age of Reason

With its existential themes and mission to examine and expose the nature of personal autonomy, Sartre’s epic Roads to Freedom trilogy was completed in a mighty flurry of activity, with the Age of Reason published in September 1945 shortly after the Nazi occupation of France and World War II ended. 7.298 altre parole


“Ljudsko, previše ljudsko” je tročasovna BBC serija iz 1999. godine, o životu i radu  Friedrich NietzscheMartin Heidegger, i Jean-Paul Sartre. Stvaraoci su stavljali akcenat na politički i istorijski kontekst, tako da je film o Hajdegeru recimo obrađivao skoro isključivo problem veze sa nacizmom.  123 altre parole

The Water

Individuals live out their lives as fish in a bowl of water. The bowl is society, confining individuals, but they have no idea what water is. 1.738 altre parole


Sunday mornings were made for the existential.

So, being a thinker myself, i took today morning to draw my favorite existentialists, Jean-Paul Sartre :)

Prize Plum

Something I have never understood about writing, or maybe I mean writers, is how the act of writing, or even the sudden rush of inspiration that precedes the act of writing, can make the world seem more or less all right for a minute or two. 912 altre parole



We are alone, together. Death is inevitable. Life experiences have the potential to be authentic through taking action. Self-realization of one’s uniqueness is part of existing actively. 102 altre parole