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V incontro: Emozioni e Corporeità

Nell’ambito dell’attività svolta con i contributi per le attività studentesche autogestite dell’Università di Pisa ( attività n. 1521 ), mercoledì 21 giugno presso Aula Car-B… 49 altre parole

Danilo Manca

Full line-up for UKSS 2017 After Existentialism Conference

We’re excited to announce the full, provisional line-up for this year’s UK Sartre Society (UKSS) conference taking place in Oxford, UK on Tuesday 18 July 2017. 21 altre parole


Hell is the Other

What the Hell!! This might be the response of some seeing this phrase for the first time, which was used by Jean Paul Sartre in one of his play ‘No Exit’. 484 altre parole

Huis clos - Life after death

Many years ago in high school, I had to read and write an essay about the theatre play ‘Huis clos’ (or ‘No exit’ in English) by Jean-Paul Sartre. 272 altre parole


Rainer Maria - “Ears Ring”

Lessons in looking creepy when you’re alone in a coffee shop.

These three would fit in perfectly at the Beetlejuice dinner party. Reading Sartre… 41 altre parole


New volume on poetry and the Algerian War

“Edited by Francis Combes and translated by Alan Dent, Poets and the Algerian War (Smokestack, £7.99) features some of the French poets who opposed the war, including Louis Aragon, Jacques Gaucheron, Riffaud, Henri Deluy and Guillevic, as well as Algerian poets like Jean Senac, Kateb Yacine, Bachir Hadj Ali, Noureddine Aba and Mohamed Saleh Baouiya.”

More here.