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Talking about Freedom

I’ve just been watching a documentary about Jean Paul Sartre, produced by the BBC in 1999. The BBC being the BBC and he being a radical iconoclast, I half expected it to turn into a hatchet-job.  326 altre parole

White Noise, Don DeLillo

The curious and yet worrying image of a vast amount of station wagons packed to the top with all the items money can buy (the necessary ones and the others), open the book. 759 altre parole


Bubble Fun

Beautiful day: sunshine, blue sky and cozy breeze. Claire was outside blowing bubbles. She preferred to catch them or run after them. So I waved the wand for her. 412 altre parole


Bad Faith and the Beater

In Sartre’s essay Being and Nothingness, he devotes a chapter to the idea of Bad Faith. He uses the description of a waiter to convey this self-deception: a young man, darting quickly around a café, eager to please his customers, obviously play-acting at being a perfect automaton fulfilling his assigned role. 1.035 altre parole



The question of moral responsibility sits under the wider context of a debate from the existence of Free Will and its place within Determinism.

Existence here at laroseille is focused specifically on the ethical theory of… 974 altre parole



Here’s the 2nd in the series ‘On Pages’. These are some books right from the beginner level to hard core texts by famous philosophers. I’m working my way in this order. 176 altre parole


Comically Short: Another Short Story Comic

Comic 2/10, from John Steinbeck’s “Chrysanthemums.  I knew I wanted to make a joke about the Stranger’s spelling on the side of his wagon, so I used that as a basis for the beginning of this comic. 78 altre parole