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Jean-Paul Sartre's account of Bad Faith

Bad Faith and the Single Consciousness

The ideal description of the liar would be a cynical consciousness, affirming truth within himself, denying it in his words, and denying that negation as such.

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Mood Indigo and its Ties to Existentialism in the 20th Century by Jordan Egg

Mood Indigo is a relatively recent adaptation of the based on a book written in 1947 by Boris Vian, titled L’Ecume des Jours which translates roughly to ‘The Foam of Days’. 1.007 altre parole


Dennis and Kimberly's Excellent and Epic European Adventure, Day 2

Jan 13, 2016: Paris/ Meudon

We land at Charles de Gaulle Airport at about noon Paris time, which is approximately ass o’clock back home, but who’s really keeping track anymore? 2.345 altre parole


“Is there such a thing as natural modesty?

Wisest is she who knows she does not know…

True insight comes from within.

He who knows what is right will do right.”

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Specific Writing

Jean-Paul Sartre - Nausea

I saw once a 1/5 stars review that stated:

“I think this book was actually written to make people feel nauseous”

I do completely agree. But that’s the reason I would give it five stars.

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Teaching Philosophy

This man, Sartre, has been one of the greatest influences in my own personal philosophy. But how do his complicated philosophies fit into the modern educational world? 267 altre parole