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On Jamie Hunyor's A New Sea

When I first read Jamie Hunyor’s A New Sea, I was blown away. Blown away not only by the quality of the writing, but also the synchronicity of Hunyor’s submission, which just came into my inbox moments after finishing a reread of… 98 altre parole

Dink Press

Tales of the 1%: Paradise Lost

My wife Judy and I are the worst type of snobs and look down our noses at such gauche cultural artifacts as Cadillac Escalades and house brand whiskeys. 318 altre parole


"No human masterpiece has ever been created without..."

“Art begins with resistance—at the point where resistance is overcome. No human masterpiece has ever been created without great labor.”

― André Gide, French, author, writer, Nobel Prize… 52 altre parole


Is Conversion Possible?

What if we began to view leftist revolutionary thought as inextricably tied up with the problem of religious conversion? After all, a convert to revolutionary positions is far different than the merely philosophical conversionary model of Plato and St. 1.041 altre parole


Cain's Book

It is said that Jean Cocteau introduced the Scottish Beat writer Alexander Trocchi to heroin. I’m not sure I believe this: like many of the stories about Trocchi, it has the ring of myth-making about it. 1.156 altre parole

abstract self-portrait 1

A poem of free-associative self reflections. An attempt at fairly abstract but temporal written portraiture. I began writing this perhaps two months ago, and from that time until publishing it now, I struggled to convey as much in as little words as possible. 73 altre parole

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