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I would say I am also acting in bad faith if I declare that I am bound to uphold certain values, because it is a contradiction to embrace these values while at the same time affirming that I am bound by them.

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“Art is optimistic. Suffering is justified as soon as it becomes the raw material of beauty. I am not at peace: I don’t want to find justifications for the suffering I see.” 6 altre parole

Chapter Three ♣ Little Liar

Dawn had barely hit. Just a faint ray of sunlight poured into our living room. The birds chirped so loud in Rolling Hills, and there was a big nest in the eves right up over the kitchen. 2.136 altre parole


La Cérémonie des adieux

This week John and Alicia Nash died. The flow of news about the incident and reactions to it were filtered and mediated through the movie and book of Nash’s life. 311 altre parole

Author's Notes

A Dance with Chance – isn’t that what life is all about

Thursday evening sitting in an exquisitely elegant and opulent 18th century inspired apartment just off Chapel Street owned by Tony Venios, I fell into conversation with two young women about philosophy. 268 altre parole

Alison Kennedy

No, they aren’t eating: they are recuperating in order to successfully finish their tasks. Each one of them has his little personal difficulty which keeps him from noticing that he exists; there isn’t one of them who doesn’t believe himself indispensable to something or someone.

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UK 2015 Vote

(First I must apologise for the lateness of this blog, I have been having some internet access issues.)

I’m not going to bore you with mu political views but I am going to talk about the recent UK election. 478 altre parole