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World Humanitarian Day = World Civilians Day

World Humanitarian Day.

Ah yes, a special day indeed. The day where I remind myself about being a humanitarian aid worker and volunteer. I admire and salute you all, dearest humanitarian fellows. 494 altre parole


Quote of the Year

“There may be more beautiful times, but this one is ours.”  -Sartre

A couple weeks ago a friend introduced me to the Instagram account of @nateproctor which just happens to be an absolute gem! 92 altre parole

Try this on for some mind bending

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I was reminded of this bit of classic existential absurdity the other day listening to the Philosophize This! podcast.

We imagine that we are modern and progressive. 223 altre parole





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A Quiet, Reflective Afternoon

Baroque Still Life of Rich Foods and Sleeping Cat

Emerson lived for ideas, but he did so with the reckless, headlong ardor of a lover. 589 altre parole