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Indifference and the look

If you like painting, Sartre, ocular globes, jungles, death, decay and all things existential, you should have a look at the paintings of José Luis Carranza… 23 altre parole

Notes on Sartre's philosophy

The second chapter of Sartre and Fiction by Gary Cox and the rest of the book will cover his fiction which he wrote as a way of making is philosophy more accessible, or rather as a way of putting it into practice. 2.154 altre parole


On Work and Overmedication

It’s no secret. Americans are the most overworked and overmedicated developed country. One in six Americans are on antidepressants or a psychiatric drug. Most articles addressing America’s overmedication point to big pharma, and no question, big pharma is up to no good. 421 altre parole

The Problem of Atheism

Excerpts from Keiji Nishitani (1900-1990), The Self-Overcoming of Nihilism (Appendix)

Marxist Humanism

As is commonly known, Marxism looks on religion as a way for those unable to come to terms with the frustrations of life to find satisfaction at the ideal level by imagining a world beyond. 3.596 altre parole


Concern/Care (Sorge) and Self-consciousness

We live from day to day, but we do not know ourselves.[1]

Two opposing feelings: the feeling of strangeness and wonder on the one hand and the feeling of being at home on the other hand. 628 altre parole


Success - what is it really?

Part of my problem I think is that I fear success. I don’t even let myself contemplate what success would feel like. I always make do with what I already have, and if I… 306 altre parole


First thoughts on Sartre and Fiction by Gary Cox

Sartre and Fiction offers a clear and accessible introduction to the extensive fictional writings of Jean-Paul Sartre.
Providing comprehensive coverage of his short stories, novels and plays, the book examines the close links between the ideas and themes in his fiction and those put forward in his formal philosophical works.

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