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We’re barely a month into 2018 and so far a lot of “change” has happened within my life. After literally two weeks of non-stop anxiety and panic attacks, I’ve decided to re-shift my focus back towards building a practice and looking at incorporating  393 altre parole


You Always Find What You Look For

“How you arise in the morning sets the tenor for your day. If you arise positive and happy and intend to have a great day, it is far more likely you will. 381 altre parole

Personal Development

Maximizing Your Income the Scary Way!!

You know what’s funny? It’s how many people want to make more money but are afraid to actually try. People think to themselves, “Well, if I keep being the first one to work and the last one to leave, work hard and don’t take bong hits on my lunch break, surely, I’ll get a raise or promotion”. 931 altre parole

Self Improvement

Feels right

There were a lot of complicated reasons that I became a technical writer, although the vast majority of them I probably would not stand behind today. 542 altre parole


Let's Bring Hobbies Back

I’m not the first person to notice that hobbies aren’t as appreciated nowadays as they’ve been in the past. It feels like being a workaholic is more valued than being an  440 altre parole