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The Art of the Lonely Traveler

** I’d like to start out by apologizing for my absence this week, it’s been very hectic with my classes here, and while I know that’s no excuse, I will be posting two analysis posts tomorrow instead of one in order to make up for my lack of analysis this past Monday, and this is the personal post I should have posted on Wednesday ** 800 altre parole


The most life-enriching thing I've ever done? Study abroad

Was I excited? Well a bit, I guess. I was beyond gutted (meaning a lot of tears) to find out that I would be the only student from my UK university studying at my German university (which seemed to be in the middle of nowhere), but equally excited to know that my friend and I had been selected to study at the same Spanish university. 860 altre parole

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Study abroad impacts employability skills – IIE

There is now even more evidence that study abroad has a beneficial impact on employability after graduation, according to a report by IIE, with 11 out of 15 “21st century workplace skills” gained through an experience overseas. 152 altre parole

Semester Abroad

10 Things I Miss About My Semester in Italy

Who were you a few years ago? I was the typical girl who did a semester abroad. My Instagram is filled with the evidence, and there’s an album or two on Facebook. 969 altre parole

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The North Korean Crisis: United Nations Sanctions, Violations and Multilateralism

Wednesday October 11th 6.00pm to 7.30pm Free to attend with RSVP by CLICKING HERE

Please join NYU-International Relations for a talk: “The North Korean Crisis: United Nations Sanctions, Violations and Multilateralism” with Hugh Griffiths, Coordinator of the United Nations (UN) Panel of Experts that monitors the sanctions on North Korea on behalf of the UN Security Council. 97 altre parole


How to spot a Mo in Amsterdam

  • She’s probably more focused on the canals and buildings around her than on not crashing into an undeserving cyclist…
  • Her Dutch still sounds a little like Afrikaans, and her Afrikaans is not that great to begin with…
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Workshop: How to build your personal brand?

I can offer up to 4 invitations to students interested in attending the German American Chamber of Commerce event. Space is very limited – RSVP to me via email (priya.nayarhs-fresenius.de) I’ll confirm the students’ who have been accepted. 161 altre parole