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BMW, Toyota confirm platform for joint sports car project

BMW and Toyota are moving ahead on a project to jointly develop a midsize sports car with an an agreement on common underpinnings of major components for the model. 160 altre parole

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Alfa Romeo Erases History

Its own to be exact. This week Alfa Romeo announced a new visual identity. The signs are not good.

It’s invariably worrying when auto manufacturers fiddle with their marque emblem. 426 altre parole

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Indian and Chinese Car Makers Out-Earn U.S. Rivals - India Real Time - WSJ

U.S. auto makers’ ability to finance costly technology and emissions requirements from earnings will be tested by a broader group of strong competitors that for the first time include more profitable Indian and Chinese car makers. 233 altre parole

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Alfa Romeo´s news

According to ANE, the Giulia’s launch date is next year at the earliest. Some allege the car is derived from the Fiat Viaggio and not the Maserati Ghibli. 224 altre parole

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Don't Look Down Sergio!

FCA didn’t launch the 2016 Giulia today.

This afternoon’s reveal of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia will undoubtedly be the day’s big automotive story with the car’s styling and likely chance of success being foremost in commentator’s minds. 421 altre parole

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He said, He said about Caravan future

Fiat Chrysler continues to send mixed signals over the fate of the Dodge Grand Caravan minivan. CEO Sergio Marchionne has said that production of the lower-priced family hauler will end by 2017, while FCA Canada CEO Reid Bigland has consistently refused to be pinned down when asked whether production of the Caravan would cease after 2016. 347 altre parole


Report: Ferrari open to supplying engines to Red Bull

Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne has said that he is open to supplying engines to Red Bull Racing in the future should the team opt to cut ties with Renault. 337 altre parole