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The director and the whistle-blower

Even when he’s the subject matter, Oliver Stone directs. Meeting with reporters in the guest speaker’s “green room” before his appearance Monday night at the… 928 altre parole

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A boost for managing cities

The incessant public drumbeat that “government is broken,” or at least inefficient and ineffective, has long been a popular and politically expedient way to justify ideologically driven policy shifts and budget cuts, or simply to discredit new ideas. 1.400 altre parole

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For journalism, the future is now

The change may sound like part of a media satire by comedian John Oliver — a technology whiz takes over an esteemed teaching and research center at Harvard dedicated to strong journalism — but it’s no joke. 1.798 altre parole

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Pinning their hopes on buttons

“All the way with LBJ.” “I like Ike.” Peace signs and rainbows. Catchy slogans, iconic symbols, and striking colors are the makings for memorable political buttons. 559 altre parole

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Dossie Easton e Janet Hardy - La zoccola etica (The ethical slut)

In vista dei recenti accadimenti di Firenze e in virtù dei disgustosi commenti che ho letto sulla sessualità della ragazza assassinata – come se nel 2016 dovessimo ancora metterci lì a etichettare cosa sia giusto o sbagliato di una persona anche post-mortem – ho scelto di leggere ‘The Ethical Slut’ (“La Zoccola Etica”, di D. 196 altre parole


Diritti LGBT in Iran

In Iran, non ci sono omosessuali come nel vostro paese. In Iran, questo fenomeno non esiste. Non so chi possa avervi detto il contrario.

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Coffee with a cause

Last November’s fundraising trip to the Bay Area failed, but Andy Agaba still sent his usual gift of African coffee to his hosts.

Which got him thinking. 941 altre parole

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