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A closer look at the post-election stock rally

By most indications, the election of Donald Trump was expected to incite a sharp rollback in stock prices. But investor anxiety before the election was tempered by the fact that most pollsters were predicting an easy victory for Hillary Clinton. 367 altre parole

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U.S. intelligence: A ‘truth-devoted’ culture

Washington has been rocked recently by news reports, citing federal intelligence agencies and the FBI, that said senior associates of now-President Donald Trump had frequent contact with Russian government officials during the 2016 campaign. 2.579 altre parole

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What to expect from Pruitt’s EPA

The Senate’s confirmation of former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has alarmed environmentalists.

In Oklahoma, Pruitt prided himself on fighting the agency he will now run, with his website describing him as “a leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda.” He sued the agency to fight regulation and expressed doubt about the human causes of climate change, though he moderated those views in his confirmation hearings. 1.372 altre parole

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Khizr Khan, reluctant activist

“You have two minutes. Say whatever you want to say.”

That was the simple directive that organizers of the Democratic National Convention gave last July to a quiet, bespectacled lawyer whose middle son, a decorated Army captain, had been killed in combat during the Iraq War. 656 altre parole

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The problem with U.S. secrets

Secrets are often harmless, but they can prompt major problems when they happen at the highest levels of government.

So what are the consequences when a U.S. 704 altre parole

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Drawing wisdom from the young

Politically engaged young people have a historic opportunity to help heal the deep national rifts exposed during the presidential campaign, two prominent speakers told student leaders from campuses across the country at a Harvard forum Saturday. 838 altre parole

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Honoring the Crimson line

University officials, staff, administrators, faculty, alumni, and students stood alongside alumni veterans and active servicemen and -women on Thursday evening at a Pusey Library reception for an evocative exhibition that traces the interwoven histories of two of the country’s oldest institutions: Harvard and the military. 1.057 altre parole

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