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Harvard scholars react to exit from Paris climate accord

Though other nations appear to be standing firm on their climate commitments, and U.S. states, cities, and business leaders have reaffirmed pledges to climate goals, action by the federal government is hard to replace when it comes to such a sweeping problem, Harvard scholars say. 1.866 altre parole

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Graham Allison's new book evaluates the U.S.-China face-off

As China surpasses the United States as the world’s largest economy, flexes its might in the South and East China seas, and takes a leading role fighting climate change, it appears to be on course to challenge America’s superpower status. 2.432 altre parole

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Apathy not an option, Biden says in Class Day address

Though these can feel like turbulent and divisive times for many Americans, standing on the sidelines out of apathy or disaffection is an unacceptable option, former Vice President Joseph R. 1.227 altre parole

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Grad brings fight to end human trafficking from Uganda to Kennedy School

This is one in a series of profiles showcasing some of Harvard’s stellar graduates.

From the day of her birth in Uganda, Agnes Igoye confronted a world where girls were not valued. 1.267 altre parole

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Un nuovo studio condotto dai ricercatori della University of California a Berkeley e pubblicato il 20 aprile sulla rivista Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences potrebbe rivoluzionare l’universo della contraccezione. 277 altre parole

Will Butler takes Kennedy School lessons to Arcade Fire

This is one in a series of profiles showcasing some of Harvard’s stellar graduates.

It took Will Butler a few years to find the time, but where to continue his education was never in question. 704 altre parole

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‘Soft power’ expert Joe Nye reflects on decades-long Harvard career

Life stories from Annette Gordon-Reed, Martin Karplus, Steven Pinker, E.O. Wilson, and many more, in the Experience series.

Though a farm boy at heart, talking politics and traveling to faraway places always fascinated Joseph Nye. 6.514 altre parole

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