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The Bare Naked Truth

The Bare Naked Truth!

Text. Isaiah 20
Background and context: 711-713BC, Asdod rebelling against Assyria with the help and encouragement of Egypt, is crushed, as is foretold in Isa 14. 1.107 altre parole

Bible Study

Ireland 2016: Faux Paus and Freedom, Part 1

In the beginning, before time began its tock, there was Love as strong as death.

That Love lived in perfect community, union, and bliss within itself. 376 altre parole


sick again

Hey guys.  Just another short blurb today.  I feel sick due to a very bad headache, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to keep it brief.   287 altre parole

Shame. Sensitive. Stanford.

i rarely watch the news. i live in silicon valley and of course i see the news feeds on my Facebook. i have been drawn to read about stanford and rape. 695 altre parole

For beauty

It’s easy to fall into shame, when I look inside and I’m honest.

My heart holds

A troop of twisted shadows I’ve harbored, hidden – who have set up home. 490 altre parole

Feeling Worthless

As a child I grew up feeling humiliated, ashamed and completely worthless; as a result I was filled with terrible anxiety all the time. In high school I ended up with a learning disability that no one could give me a definite diagnosis on but they were sure I had one so they stuck me in Special Ed just to be safe. 811 altre parole


Reading & Pondering Today 7-23

“We live in a world where most people still subscribe to the belief that shame is a good tool for keeping people in line. Not only is this wrong, but it’s dangerous. 68 altre parole