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Neyrey Explains Honor and Shame, Part 2

Jerome H. Neyrey.  1998.  Honor and Shame in the Gospel of Matthew. Louisville:  Westminster John Knox Press.

Review by Stephen W. Hiemstra

Neyrey organizes his discussion of honor like an anthropologist into 7 categories: 615 altre parole


Kink vs Vanilla

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in my fiction writing these days.

I’ve mapped out the story arc and plot for a trilogy of fantasy novels that I am working on, including extensive backstory and long, detailed character sketches of at least all the main characters of the first book. 360 altre parole


The Sensuality of Grace

The Sensuality of Grace

Darkened nights grip the soul

Within Cells of fear

And lost in the mundane

Chained shame chills us

~Endless tingles to the flesh~ 103 altre parole


Hélène Cixous: “The only book that is worth writing..."

“The only book that is worth writing is the one we don’t have the courage or strength to write. The book that hurts us (we who are writing), that makes us tremble, redden, bleed” ― Hélène Cixous… 399 altre parole


The Seven Levels of Emotional Healing: Part 1 - Aziz Shamanism

The Seven Levels of Emotional Healing: Part 1 – Aziz Shamanism.

Too much identification with our emotions can prevent us from releasing. By letting go and observing the emotion as something we are feeling rather than something that we are, we are able to welcome it and then let it go. 

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Words From Others

"Safe" Good Life Under-Aged Music Festival Turns Violent

Violent Scenes At ‘Safe’ Underage Festival

‘ Alcohol was prohibited and parents were promised police would protect their kids, but dramatic vision from the weekend’s under-18 Good Life music festival in Sydney tells a frighteningly different story.

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The Bullshit O'matic

Calling Bullshit feels good. Join me. Here are a few things I call bullshit on this week.

Early bedtimes  for grown ups:  I will go to be when I god damn want.   579 altre parole