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I Want To... (Gasp)... Tell My Husband

I have a very positive relationship with my husband. We both had very controlling partners in our first marriages, and that is probably why we give each other a lot of space to be our authentic selves. 1.054 altre parole


Underneath The Scars

Photo by: Medical Daily – Matthew Mientka

I share this all, based on my own personal experiences… I pray that whoever may read this will feel God’s love, through it all, and turn to Him for their needs to be met. 1.545 altre parole


Giving Shame a Name

Raw. Exposed. Vulnerable. Festering. Infectious.   

I am a big believer in band-aids. I love the Barbie and Power Ranger ones specifically. Any time I get the smallest gash or paper cut, I have an overwhelming urge to cover the wound. 499 altre parole


Coffee shop thoughts x2

I do my best thinking here, seated in the darkest corner of a shabby coffee shop, breathing in the aroma of burnt coffee and masked cigarettes. 172 altre parole

My light-bulb moment about shame

I got my biggest light-bulb moment about shame when I read the third chapter of I Thought It Was Just Me (But It Isn’t) by Brene Brown. 743 altre parole


The greatest shame!

Oh Old Eagle, help us in our struggle. Never let those ravens, that greatest shame, prevail!


I’m No Longer Satisfied With Crumbs - By Terri Fullerton

This writer also happens to be a dear friend. I am honored to share Terri Fullerton’s words with you today. I know her story and it’s good in a hard and healing sort of way. 569 altre parole