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Good provider?

You often hear about the man appealing to women from the primitive cavemen aspect of being the provider, the bread winner. But where did this come from? 506 altre parole


24th April

It is coming up SO quickly to the ‘anniversary’ of when I quit my last proper job because of mental health. I feel so ashamed. Why aren’t I better yet? 402 altre parole


Can depression be alleviated with coaching? A coach reports...

Life wants more life… and when it can’t… when it is not forthcoming, it puts you into depression.
I had a small private workshop yesterday to test out a methodology that works for me to unstuck me every time. 69 altre parole

The game of masks

The game of masks:
Some people wear an , enjoy it, and then remove it.
And once alone or in a safe place, they remove the mask and then reflect on the act/mask/identity/role from their Real Self. 827 altre parole



Mountains crumbled

Paradise laid waste

Reckless lies

Spoken in haste

Tranquil ocean

Now stormy and wild

Black clouds hover above

Lonely child

A rainbow meadow… 45 altre parole


Rozaya -- Actions, Communication, And The Lengths We Went To Protect


what you are about to read is the result of many voices blending as one, when Cooperland’s illusion of unity still enforced the idea that those who wrote this piece were one person, that one person being Rozaya. 3.272 altre parole

Life Stories

All my life I had to fight and all my life I must

I’m not much of a fighter, but now I realised that I absolutely need to be. The other day I wanted to repair my shoes, they literally just needed glue. 636 altre parole