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Pastoral Shaming

That moment when the senior pastor was publicly dishonest. No, it wasn’t that the other pastor on our staff “just so happened to be leaving us this week.” He was actually forced to resign a month earlier behind closed doors. 735 altre parole

The shameful dinner

Today I had dinner with my brother, parents and grandparents. I wasn’t really looking forward to it for two reasons: it’s always so boring, my grandparents often tell the same stories over and over again and I know that it isn’t their fault, but still… The second reason is that it’s always very awkward between my mother and my grandmother. 254 altre parole

My Life

Thoughts on shame and fear

Shame. One of the most primitive human emotions. Devastating. The feeling that you’re never good enough, and how dare you, and what gives you the right. 935 altre parole

Catching up, Dream-State Messages, Childhood Angels

It has been so long since I’ve written anything. I’m in a bit of a revolt, I think. My father said he doesn’t necessarily relate to my style, “stream of consciousness,” he called it. 2.252 altre parole


How to stand up to bullying

One of the first, or at the very least the most well-known, person to have experienced cyber bullying is Monica Lewinsky. Infamous for her relationship with President Bill Clinton, Lewinsky was a target of so much online harassment that she nearly took her own life. 373 altre parole

Dr. Janina Scarlet

Proverb 4: Wisdom's Light of Hope

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

Proverb 4:23

Reading this in the midst of intensive therapy calls attention to the fact that I must guard my heart from darkness already dwelling there. 113 altre parole


Shame and Guilt - Speech by Brené Brown

Toot has awesome friends and sometimes they she amazing ressources. Toot is sharing a link to an amazing speech about shame and guilt. Worth watching!

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