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Home coming

One hour before my 30th high school reunion

When I let myself remember and feel the good, it brings up the not-so-good too.  To be here, back in the suburban Philadelphia town I grew up in, from 7th grade to 12th grade,  I am feeling is this sickly sense of dread, of why did I do this to myself, when I told myself I wouldn’t.   105 altre parole


At Peace with Ourselves

On Thursday I ended up in tears again at some of the parenting issues I’ve been facing. Hubby has been away for almost six weeks (due home soon!) and the pressures of solo-parenting began to get to me. 788 altre parole

Personal Growth

Fitting In With The Boys

I never fit in with the other boys. From my earliest memories, I did not like organized sports. I preferred to play dolls with my sister, watch TV for hours on end, or imagine elaborate fantasy stories in my mind. 1.486 altre parole


Don't Guilt Me into Your Calling

By Patrick Hawthorne,

Ok, this is far and away from my normal posts.  However, it is something that is weighing heavy on me.  Each of us who follow Jesus as Lord and Savior have our own particular gifts and callings.  242 altre parole


Jessica Jones - AKA Top Shelf Perverts (Review)

Generally, Jessica Jones is quite optimistic in its portrayal of responses to trauma.

In AKA It’s Called Whiskey, Will Simpson tried to murder Trish Walker with his own hands; by half-way through… 3.716 altre parole


Vanillability = Vanilla + Vulnerability

A reader of my blog told me recently that he hoped I never met anyone and fell in love, because if I did, that would be the end of my blog – seeing as my blog was essentially an online journal of my trainwreck dating life. 1.086 altre parole

Dating Misadventures