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I know

I know what happened to you

even though you cannot say it,

because I hear it in the words you do not say,

and I see it in your eyes, 349 altre parole

Forgotten Art: Meadow - Kaitlin 6

A reply to: A letter from Kaitlin

Dear Kaitlin,

Hi! Oh, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could meet sometime? I wouldn’t stop smiling the whole time! 1.690 altre parole

Forgotten Art

The 6th Grader Watches Her Sex-Ed Videos

Dear Wise Woman,

Tonight I watched those puberty videos you told me about. First I was only going to watch one and see how it was, but it was so interesting I ended up watching all eight of them. 500 altre parole

Believe The Girl

Letting go with Lycra

I used to wear pants. They were colorful and funky, thrift-shop finds and occasional splurges. With my pants came self judgement. “Why are these too tight? 123 altre parole

Morning Glory 

In my dreams i betray God

In my dreams, my flesh already began to rot

I sin, i cave, i bleed. I’m so ashamed

Again and again. 135 altre parole


Dim My Lights, One by One.

I remember who did it. I remember what they did. I remember where they did it. I remember when they did it. I remember it like it was yesterday. 1.185 altre parole


As far back as I remember...

Thinking back to my childhood proved to be a lot harder than I thought. My timelines are definitely jumbled. But I tried to think back to the first memory I could. 974 altre parole