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The Black Dog

Depression is deep today my friend. You are a definite shade of black today and your thoughts turn decidedly grim. Sitting out in nature, you don’t hear the birds, the insects the sounds of spring. 218 altre parole


It’s 3 a.m., I can’t get back to sleep, and I am already feeling the effects (as in, hangover) of having said yes to a third drink last night while having dinner with friends. 323 altre parole


This one girl.. has done so much..

Once  a young girl about 14 had a dream, that she was going to buy presents for Christmas for some families she knew where one of the parents had HIV, she asked me about it. 728 altre parole


Here's What I've Been Learning About Healing Shame

In Wednesday’s therapy session, E observes that my shame feels something sticky. It’s a thin, transparent layer all over me. I peel part of it back, but I can’t get rid of it; it sticks to my fingers to gets caught in my hair. 824 altre parole



Skin. At roughly 20 pounds and 16% of your body weight it is the largest organ in the human body. It grows with us, stretching and expanding to cover the vast crevices and sinews within. 1.140 altre parole


JPThinks: Life is a button to push.

Life is a button to push and the Earth, a blue speck of dust.
There’s a certain kind of silence I’ve encountered. Where my heart is low and there’s a rock in my stomach that doesn’t belong and a cold promise of something good this afternoon and a parched throat and a pressing question like a headache in my brain. 58 altre parole


Making a new friend of an old enemy

You may know from last week’s post that I have had an infection in one of my gums. I went to the dentist on Monday and she told me that she thought it was the result of a broken wisdom tooth. 938 altre parole