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It's a Howlin' Shame

Crawling under the skin of the present age is a reality, an anthropology so old that it infests everything we do.  I felt it as I read Arlie Russell Hochschild’s sociology of Tea Party Louisiana in… 1.124 altre parole


Three Small Words

Three simple small words. When put into a certain order they form a simple short sentence. It may not seem like much but the meaning behind said words can have many different potential consequences. 351 altre parole


Day 3, Week 28: Pack Light

There’s a coldness in me that I can access when needed or when it suits me. I’m good at rejection, both being rejected and doing the rejecting. 609 altre parole


​Foolishness Redeemed

Have you ever done something stupid, foolish, and very embarrassing?
My family was blessed to be able to attend a family weekend retreat at Sto Tomas, Batangas, about 60kms from Manila. 652 altre parole


IOS 11’s blue bar will shame apps that overzealously access your location

(Source: techcrunch.com)

Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 11, which ships to the public in September, will give users a better understanding over how apps are using their location data. 1.097 altre parole


This guy hilariously dragged his friend for always taking terrible photos, and Twitter sympathizes

Not everyone is gifted with a natural eye for photography. Not every individual understands which lighting is most flattering to faces, and which angles make for the most appealing photos. 433 altre parole