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Well, the cat is out of the Crown Royal bag now.

Admitting you’re an alcoholic to yourself is never fun, but it’s super unfunny when you have to tell someone outside of your inner circle. It’s even more awkward when it’s just discovered organically. 581 altre parole


Me Too

So these are some of the stories I have kept to myself. Some of them have been living with me for many years waiting for a trigger, so that they can play just a like a commercial. 2.561 altre parole

Life Sucks (Through a Straw)

No tunnel vision, just a black box of entrails

For only cannibals know tomorrow’s contents

The footfall forward looks twice as much as that covered… 159 altre parole


Up and Down

I didn’t intend to write four posts in a little over twenty-four hours, but a couple of things happened that I wanted to get down before I forgot and the day has been a rush of emotions that I needed to get out of my system.  1.022 altre parole

Daughter of Eve

When the apple fell


the cider blue

vinegar in tears

burnt the pages

which time

had stored

through the ages

that dispelled

the butterfly’s… 177 altre parole


Disarming Shame

Today, God told me we disarm shame by bringing it into the Light, let’s link arms and do this thing. 

For a long time I’ve given shame a ton of power in my life.  776 altre parole


The Scale

After waiting several minutes in the waiting room for my first doctor visit on July 8, 2016, my husband was escorted to an exam room, and I was escorted to a scale. 975 altre parole

Bariatric Surgery