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The Discordant Echoes of the Past

The last six years of research has been dedicated to trying to understand a fundamental part of my illness of addiction, of me.  People often say there is more to you than addiction. 1.717 altre parole


Too far

It really hit home today what a horrible person I am.  Usually I am too nice to people, giving people my time when they are not respectful in return.   181 altre parole

#00007: Myself & I - 1

You’re depressing the flow of posts in this blog.

I can see that. I didn’t intend for this to happen.

You started this blog because you wanted to achieve something in your life… 442 altre parole


Thank you sir can i get a higher Dose

If i get an erection these days i feel shame. I hear the ridicule and voices of those who hated me for what i had done to them.

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Brent Brents

A Powerful Dream

Last night I was working on an oracle card reading for myself. In my journey toward finding real love and the next step in my journey, I must remove the final walls and barriers I have built to protect myself and present the real me to the world instead of putting on the masks which were once helpful. 336 altre parole


Love is to Forgive

Love is to be completely free from resentment, fear, shame and guilt, and anger

Love is to accept the things we cannot change

Love is to give and accept forgiveness… 109 altre parole

Perfectionists Fail at Failing

I want to share my thoughts on an article I recently came across: Campus Suicide and the Pressure of Perfection.

This article discusses an important topic, but the sense of scorn in the way it is written bothers me. 353 altre parole