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Kinds of Cry

What are some reasons a person might cry?*

*…okay by “a person” I mean me, and by “might” I mean “an exhaustive list of reasons I already have…today.” 616 altre parole
The Big Questions

Winter Mood Problems

Wow, it’s been a while since I blogged. Sorry, dear readers.

One reason is that I met someone special and we are beginning to share our lives together on a more permanent basis. 455 altre parole


Shame's Seduction

Shame. The word alone makes me want to inhale deeply, before preparing myself for confrontation. The fallacy is, that shame comes in like a thick fog — daring you to defy it, to confront it, — while taunting you with the notion that you are worthless, and no match for its power. 283 altre parole


Do you snack in the evenings?

You’ve finished dinner and you are watching TV or you are on your computer. Suddenly you get this urge to go to the kitchen and look for something. 417 altre parole

Health Coaching

In Limbo

And finally, I write.

I have spent the last couple of months in a sort of limbo– hence my absence from this unknown, bordering on non-existent blog. 930 altre parole

Scattered Thoughts And Whimsies


In this sermon, Pastor Trey covers 6 truths of the Grace of God. 9 altre parole


Day 4 - What I Want - 30 Days to Clearly Defining It

One of my 30 day challenges was to establish a routine for exercising my body and mind together. I call this one Ted on the Tread, where I listen to… 630 altre parole

30 Day Challenges