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TheRapist (Therapist)

those first sessions
a sacred place
where trust was supposed to be

you were listening
but you didn’t hear
my eyes were open
but there was no way for me to see… 334 altre parole

A Broken Blue Sky

Cambodian moments 1

Those moments when you’re being massaged by a young blind woman and she laughs and says something and her friend translates and says “She is laughing because your – is so big” and you can’t quite make out what word she said and so you just laugh along as well, halfway between proudly and ashamed. Just in case. That.


Disclaimer This Is A joke---Mordor Must Stay Open !!!!

A major earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter scale hit Govan near ibrox,in the early hours of saturday morning.victims were seen wandering around muttering what the Hell:a dinne ken,and yahoorsur.the earthquake decimated the area causing £30 to £40 pounds damage.several priceless collections and mementoes from the balerics,Blackpool,and the costa del sol were damaged beyond repair. 387 altre parole


O Lord, Who art Thou? Where art Thou?

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, October 9, 2015

O Lord, Who art Thou? Where art Thou?

Seeking God with all my heart? I wish I could. 475 altre parole

The pull of my bed - on isolation and shame

Over the last few days I’ve felt a strong desire for isolation. Yesterday when I chatted to my therapist what came to the surface very quickly was how much shame I felt. 400 altre parole

Playing sick (not really)/Lots to ponder

My body tried to play sick before therapy today. Seriously, someone in my body didn’t want to go today. I met with the job coordinator this morning (it went better than I hoped) and was exhausted afterwards. 796 altre parole