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My review of "Adding Fire to the Fuel" by Scott Stevens

“Adding Fire to the Fuel: Challenging Shame and the Stigma of Alcoholism” by Scott Stevens turns the spotlight on some very important, yet lesser known or discussed aspects of alcoholism: Shame and Stigma. 1.259 altre parole


Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen – a great speaker and profound Christian writer – said  of paganism that it created idols out of man’s burning desire to see the gods face to face, to “force” them into this broken world of ours and hold them accountable. 340 altre parole

Child Abuse


There was a time when the sun and the moon were my only constants.

I could see both out my window and, although I didn’t know it at the time, they were serving as my nonjudgemental friends, as the witness to an inner life that I shared with almost no one. 205 altre parole


An upsetting memory.

I remembered something today. Little by little my mind is pulling up ancient memories from dark and forgotten corners as I move further along in my recovery. 633 altre parole


It Is Wrong To Be Right

We are now living in the days when it is wrong to be right and right to be wrong and what would have caused shame and disgrace now brings pride and honor. 30 altre parole

Food For Thought

Thinking thoughts: Picking your nose in public

Apparently your not even allowed have a cell phone in you hand anymore, I mean I understand not talking on the phone, but not letting me play some candy-crush to pass the time is just without compassion. 852 altre parole


The Nature of Goodness

Our intentions often collide with our actions; we wish to do so much more than we actually do. We fall into the trap of thinking that we’re good human beings, but in reality we fail miserably. 25 altre parole