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Wonder Woman Club Reviewv

I spent the afternoon at a woman’s business club meeting, the Wonder Woman Club. How I enjoyed myself there meeting new people, exchanging ideas for business effectiveness and just having fun. 415 altre parole


Shame - Songs of Praise

Whereas last week’s album, Post-, did an excellent job with the fundamentals but toppled when it tried to break new ground, Songs of Praise is at its best when pushing the boat out. 693 altre parole

Editor's Pick: Shame - The Devil's Sticky Tape

Please note that if you have never sinned in your life, then it’s better you don’t read this post. And the same applies for commenting. Thank you! 162 altre parole


Tentacles of Hope

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The image was engraved forever into my mind when I woke up in ICU from a suicide failure, something that would forever haunt me… 808 altre parole

Bio Moment - The struggle is real

For fat people, there’s a fine line between accepting (and daring to love) ourselves as we are and struggling to lose weight because we feel we should (for myriad reasons including our health, pleasing ourselves or others and/or fitting in an airplane seat). 956 altre parole


What a shame

90 Million Egyptians
40 Million Algerians
42 Million Moroccans
30 Million Iraqis
30 Million Sudanese
25 Million Saudi Arabians
25 Million Syrians
23 Million Yemenis… 30 altre parole


Theo's Story

Today’s Reading: Matthew 9:1-13

Most of us are familiar with this story of the paralytic who was healed, although it is most often read from either Mark 2:3-12 or Luke 5:18-26, highlighting the faith of the 4 friends who brought this man in and lowered him from the roof so they could get him in front of Jesus. 506 altre parole