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Washing Feet

“Miss P! Miss P!”

I look with some amusement as one of the little girls in my class gestures to her feet in the dramatic way only a 6-year old can pull off properly.   334 altre parole


Hide, whore! You ought to –

Once beautified, now stained; a

Void. Unfillable.


Is it Weird that I still listen to Christian Music?

In this phase of my life, when I sit and focus upon the question of God’s existence, when I ponder all my arguments for and against, eventually, I stand up and think, “Yep, today I still think there’s a God.” Then I go on with my day as if I believe nothing…because it takes me five minutes of strict focus to even remind myself of my ultimate answer. 745 altre parole

Quick Thoughts

Living Little and Fierce

I, like so many other women, live my life in a perpetual state of guilt, and it’s so tedious. It’s taken me a long time (36 years) to realise I’m not the only one. 346 altre parole

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no words for this

snarling and growling
bring destruction, shaming, blame
keep silent, keep still

Trying To Understand

How to "kick the habit"

Something that I can’t help but find interesting is how my eating disorder has changed throughout the years. There’s been many different “phases” each one with different rules (which just shows how irrational this ED creature can be). 344 altre parole

Eating Disorder

Icy Fear

** The following poem is my way of expressing one of the worst moments I’ve yet to experience. Capturing my emotions and fear on paper has been extremely cathartic and has aided in lessening the pain to a certain extent. 141 altre parole

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