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Sell them your dream of the future. “Loro” (2018)

directed by Paolo Sorrentino
© 2018 Universal Pictures International Italy. All Rights Reserved.

Whenever I hear about Paolo Sorrentino and Toni Servillo working together, I know it’s going to be a good film. 293 altre parole

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How Austerity and Anti-immigrant Politics Left Italy Exposed

The Corona Virus & Immigration

Dispatches From the Edge

Mar. 25, 2020

As the viral blitzkrieg rolls across one European border after another, it seems to have a particular enmity for Italy. 1.461 altre parole


Former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, 83, dumps girlfriend, 34, for younger lover

Silvio Berlusconi has found a new, younger love.

Italy’s former prime minister broke off his long-term relationship with girlfriend Francesca Pascale, 34, after photos surfaced showing the Forza Italia leader with another woman. 278 altre parole


Anti-Virus Mask

It’s been one of the most addictive calls to action of the new millennium, fomented by some political choices and the media scare sirens, which rode the wave of the new virus in a quite reckless way — in Italy, many newspapers are now under accusation for causing alarm. 352 altre parole


Accidental Renaissance

Apparently started by Guardian journalist Ben Beaumont-Thomas, when he simply pointed out how some of the best photos around resembled classic Italian paintings, the Accidental Renessaince seems to have become a real category and art archive. 454 altre parole