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Word of the Day: SINGLETON

In set theory, a singleton is a set with only one member, but as I introduced the notion, the term refers to a world order in which there is a single decision-making agency at the highest level. 140 altre parole


eHarmony Experiment

   I keep seeing the “Now, communicate free” commercials from eHarmony. I am experienced enough to know that this is not full disclosure on eHarmony’s part, but I thought I could set up a profile and check it out….just see if it’s worth paying for. 790 altre parole

Singleton flaws

This happens in most of the interviews :

You ask a candidate what design patterns you used? the first answer usually is “singleton”
well – I think they so that because : 102 altre parole


3 Men and 6 Women

Sunday Morning’s Message.

There are many churches and ministries around the world that are paying respect
to the 3 men and 6 women who were gunned down in Charleston, South Carolina while at church. 61 altre parole



Shirt off in four mins
Um… no one was abducted!
More ‘bored’ than ‘Bourne’. Dumb.

Film Haiku

What is love? Baby don't hurt me... don't hurt me... no more

So, I’ve started giving guided meditation a go with the help of YouTube. I’ve got my pick of some great videos that focus on relaxation, anxiety, depression etc. 306 altre parole



Last week was Pride week in West Hollywood.

For some people, especially the minority and the marginalized, with a history of being repressed and persecuted, a movement or a revolution is something they need. 86 altre parole

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