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Lazy vs Eager Instantiation (Singleton Pattern)

Singleton pattern is a type of creational pattern which is useful if you want to have only one object for an instantiation of class.  Singleton can be instantiated through lazy or eager method. 314 altre parole

Design Patterns

Dear First Born

Dear First Born,

You amaze me. I meticulously tried to prepare you for the arrival of your twin sisters, now 11 months. I bought all the books. 502 altre parole

C# Singleton

There are a number of ways to implement the Singleton pattern, and most will work well. This is the easiest implementation I can think of, making use of the various language features and the .NET Framework. 211 altre parole


Singleton Pattern

Singleton Pattern is probably the easiest to implement of all the design patterns.  As the name suggests it allows you to only create a single instance of a class. 1.489 altre parole


Reminiscing about the good old 'naked ping pong' days!

I’m not actively dating at present, far too much going on to invest the time. My key distraction / excuse is a house refurbishment, with the aim of not having to live through another winter with no heating. 873 altre parole


Online Profile Weirdness

Hey Hey! :D

Ok I am just going to list stuff that I have noticed about dating websites. Lists are always fun.

  • There are people that have no picture of their face and barely a description on their profile…
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Nope, I am Not A Relationship Person.

In our world it is okay to be bad at relationships, to hate them, to have them with one, two, three or ten people, or to bring enough baggage to each one to doom it before it begins. 741 altre parole