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The Best Kind Of Love - Is Self-Love! Happy International Celebrate Being Single Day!

These are just 5 benefits of single life and being single, I can think of many more, can you?

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Is this code correct example of thread safe Singleton design pattern?

Is below code correct example of thread safe Singleton pattern in Java ?

    class Singleton {
    private static Singleton INSTANCE = new Singleton();

    public static Singleton getInstance() {
        return INSTANCE;
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Learning the Svelto ECS framework - Part I

Forget anything you think to know about ECS Pattern: it is wrong. Actually there’s not an exact meaning because the Entity-Component-System pattern is an evolving concept that few people around the world are pioneering. 841 altre parole


Objective-C Singletons and iOS Gaming Applications

In this tutorial, we build upon the codebase developed in a previous tutorial about Objective-C categories in iOS gaming.   There, we used a category ( 1.630 altre parole

IOS Development

Are Singletons Bad

When I first started dabbling with Cocoa development, I almost immediately came into contact with the singleton pattern. Many Cocoa frameworks, including UIKit and Foundation, use the singleton pattern. 1.390 altre parole


What Is a Singleton and How To Create One In Swift

The singleton pattern is a widely used design pattern in software development. Despite its popularity, it’s often considered an anti-pattern. Why is that? In this episode, I explain what the singleton pattern entails and how to create singletons in Swift. 1.149 altre parole