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Review It!

Have you seen a good movie lately? Or a bad one? What was the last book that you read? How was it? Do you like Madonna’s new album? 139 altre parole

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By Christopher Chao

This photos shows a white police officer checking or arresting a black man, in broad daylight. The man already has two hands on his back. 155 altre parole

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The Weight of it All...

I am not one of those lucky, naturally thin women. It made growing up near the beach very difficult. My schools were peppered with long blonde tresses and bikini bodies, whereas my own body had not been bikini ready since I was six, and my hair was decidedly short and dark. 595 altre parole

“Vie à Proximité de la Motel Rose,” by guest writer Cinq Dix – Who but You? living alone series

To begin with:  Horse, Unicorn, Bear
It was gray outside.  Maybe this will be the week that the rain materializes!  I got up, made the dogs breakfast after letting them out, made myself tea, woke up the laptop, turning on my new found (courtesy of a neighbor’s giveaway pile) Sony boom box to the KPFA morning news.  921 altre parole

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Both literature and visual art forms have their own appeals and challenges. Some are more drawn to appreciating one than the other. However, often we find a combination of these two art forms, creating a holistic and complete indulgence of experience. 131 altre parole

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If I Had All the Money in the World

By Frankie

If I had all the money in the world, I could be rich, go to college, and get the education I want for myself.

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