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Incumbent’s register of parishioners, c.1850 (Par 174/7/1)

Chosen by Tim Hudson, former Victoria County History Editor

Incumbents of Anglican parishes must often keep lists of their parishioners with details about them; but most probably destroy them when they move on, as being too private and personal. 429 altre parole

Creating Singletons in Javascript using ES6 syntaxes

In the course of my career in developing web applications using JavaScript, i have learned many ways of creating Singleton objects. In this blog i’ll be explaining how to create them using ES6. 393 altre parole


Virtual Reality Just Needs Its Own Pokemon GO

Augmented reality has been up and coming for years. There were already augmented reality games for Nokia N95. For various reasons it never really took off. 462 altre parole


because I'm petty.

No other way to say it.

I just am.

Anywho, I wrote this brief essay/diatribe. Happy Tuesday.

Miss Petty Boots 2016

You don’t recognize me, do you? 435 altre parole


"Twins are So Much Easier Than a Singleton..."

Excuse me?  Huh?  What?  Are you serious?  Do my ears deceive me?  How do you figure? Did you really just say that?  The questions raced through my brain.   733 altre parole

C#: Singleton Design Pattern with Quick code snippet


Singleton pattern provides a global, single instance by making the class create a single instance of itself.

Allowing other objects to access this instance through a class method that returns a reference to the instance. 122 altre parole