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Blasts from the past...

Live and learn, live and learn (this seems to be a mantra for me).

This year has been a real learning one.
I recently reconnected with an old friend. 516 altre parole


The advent of THE QUESTION

It crept upon me so slowly, that moment that every singleton dreads. I was twenty five years old, and visiting my family in western New York. 998 altre parole

Bridget Jones

The Somewhat Scattered Musings of a Southern Singleton

Singleton. This is a word I had never heard, until a few months ago, that is. It came up in a conversation I was having with my best friend. 730 altre parole

Bridget Jones

Why Not?

So this morning, I got out of my flat still bleary-eyed as I only managed to go to sleep past 2 am and woke up at 5:30 am.  760 altre parole

Too Alone? (Sorting Through the Sadness) -- Who but You? living alone series

Hopping onto my old bike the other day, I pedaled around Albuquerque for nearly two hours. Found books in a giveaway box. Kept some, delivered some to a Free Little Library (Take a Book, Leave a Book) around the corner. 464 altre parole


Bostrom's Superintelligence: Definitions and core argument

I wanted to take the opportunity to spell out what I see as the core definitions and argument of Bostrom’s Superintelligence as a point of departure for future work. 584 altre parole


"Jaw With John" - Single But Not Alone

I am a single senior male, divorced for over 40 years. NO I’m not gay. NO I don’t hate women. NO I’m not abusive to anyone or frightening to children and puppies. 164 altre parole