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New Year = New Underwear!

I am now officially 3 weeks on from my break up and back in to the world of ‘single and ready mingle’ and I have to say that I am feeling pretty good. 341 altre parole

Chronic Illness

Welcome to 2017!

I appropriated a Colombian custom and burnt 2016 in effigy last week. In Colombia the año viejo (old year) is a life-size effigy. 702 altre parole


The Break-Up!

To set the scene it was August 2015 and I was loving life! Having been on a lot of dates and I mean a lot of dates, had a brief month long stint which I knew would never go anywhere, and had then been having a relationship over WhatsApp I had finally concluded that maybe I wasn’t meant to be attached. 517 altre parole

Chronic Illness

The returning of the things....

During the lead up to the ‘break-up’ with B, I had been going out my Christmas shopping, predominantly online, as I would do normally. So it never occurred to me that I would then have to return all of this stuff. 104 altre parole

Chronic Illness

JavaScript Design Patterns: Singleton

If you’re paying attention, this is the fourth pattern I’m working on. It’s the last one on the list my manager gave me.

1 Singleton… 1.378 altre parole


When Singletons are not Bad

Like all tools in the programmer bag, also Singletons have a use and we should know when to use each one and even more important, … 807 altre parole


Healing and Moving On...

Christmas Day was bright and beautiful as Christmas days should always be. It was a day to rejoice with family and friends, with loved ones. He poured himself a second cup of coffee and then he began to think of her. 3.857 altre parole