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“I can park it in my living room – and other reasons I live alone,” by guest writer Sprocket -- Who but You? living alone series

Why I live alone
I don’t think many of us planned on living alone as adults when we were children.  As anyone grows, they learn what they like and do not like, what they can tolerate and what they would rather not.   1.070 altre parole

Is this the standard of message everyone gets on online dating sites?

Well it is a very grey and wet day, the sort of day that makes you glad that you have milk and bread in the house so don’t need to go out. 435 altre parole

Bridget Jones

Single Belle on the Farm - 10 Reasons Why Being Single is Good

Single Belle on the Farm

I wouldn’t say I’m an “eternal” singleton, though I feel often pigeonholed as one, but I am certainly not against… 1.254 altre parole

Rants And Musings

The Devil Is in the Detail

Description writing is an art on its own. One can easily describe how something looks, but sight isn’t our only sense. For most people, there are five senses that are used to experience life, and as you do in this exercise, to describe an item. 116 altre parole

Adult Literacy Center

Major Live Event

By Akira

Among many events that have influenced my life, studying abroad in the US and getting a college degree are the most influential ones because they shaped my life. 38 altre parole

Adult Literacy Center


For me, communication is the most difficult issue with my ex. In the beginning of our separation, we were still able to talk. But he overstepped his boundaries on a regular basis, and so I took steps to protect my boundaries and he stopped communicating with me. 264 altre parole


Apple’s HomeKit API is pretty cool. For one, HomeKit comes with its own data model and store, one that likely will be shared across a person’s devices via iCloud. 440 altre parole