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Missing the boat, in dating.

A few weeks ago, I was telling a guy friend about a semi-talking-dating-ish thing that was happening to me, and that I just wasn’t feeling it, but I wasn’t sure why other than just sheer mental exhaustion due to the fact that it’s constantly a game of hot and cold with the guy in question. 1.124 altre parole

Holly A. Phillips

Losing the "Single" (part 1)

My friend Sarah and I just went to see Bridget Jones’s Baby. If you have any affection for the previous films and/or the books (though I know this film deviates wildly from the latest book), I highly recommend it. 559 altre parole

Stacy Sergent

Singleton Showgirl

It’s a monday and I’m day eight into my sickness… so trying to write a blog post about my time in the singleton showgirl competition has been quite difficult. 276 altre parole

Fashion Blogger

A time to rebel

I once wrote, that when a woman goes through major changes in her life, there is a good chance she will cut her hair.

Well, for now, my hair is once again, quite long.  457 altre parole


Double (or multiple) Act: What increases your chances of twins?

Most of us are singletons, in that as a foetus we developed alone in the womb, but when it comes to multiple zygotes, the vast majority are twins. 420 altre parole

When is a date not a date...?

When I started this blog my intention was never for it to become a dating blog. And in all honesty I don’t really go on enough dates for me to write about them continuously anyway. 1.708 altre parole

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Life seem like a constant roller. One minute I think ‘yes I have this whole life thing down’ Ive got a good job, I have a steady set of friends,my finances are doing good and I’m happy. 304 altre parole