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Councillor criticises planning report on Cuadrilla’s Grange Road testing plans

The report by planning officers on Cuadrilla’s testing plans for its exploratory well at Grange Road, Singleton, has been strongly criticised by a local councillor. 547 altre parole


Mid-week shenanigans...

After my concerted attempts to get out there and date last year, this year my policy has been to do nothing at all.

It can become exhausting, joining clubs, finding activities, and forcing myself out there to satisfy friends who suggest that I spend too much time on the couch (can there possibly be such a thing??)!! 280 altre parole


Council confirms reasons for refusal of Cuadrilla’s Lancashire test plans

Lancashire County Council has published the reasons for refusing Cuadrilla’s plans for testing and monitoring at its Grange Road site at Singleton. The decision is expected to be confirmed at a meeting of the council’s development control committee on Wednesday (20th May 2015). 292 altre parole


Media Violence

Firstly, let’s start by watching this interview.

Then we’ll move on by reading this article from AlJazeera.com.

Now, after reading the articles, here are a few questions for your prompt of the day concerning not only violence, but the coverage of violence in the media. 63 altre parole

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My Favorite Holiday in Japan

By Akira

The Japanese national holiday that I will always remember is “Sport Day.” It used to be on October 10th, but has been changed to the second Monday of October some years ago, in order to make it a consecutive holiday so that people can enjoy a two-day holiday in a row. 47 altre parole

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My Favorite Holiday

By Christopher Chao

My favorite holiday is the Moon Festival. Traditionally, this day is a celebration for the moon, but in Taiwan, it is totally different. 84 altre parole

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Bound to Happen

If you spend any amount of time on a dating website (or ap), and you live in a small community like I do….you’re bound to keep running into the same old folks over and over again. 440 altre parole