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Singleton 12 / Chiefftain's 12

Ta dva viskija je na testiranje dal Gregor Koren, solastnik trgovine Single Blend. Smo se jeseni 2017 dobili v trgovini, kjer smo Gregor, Uroš in jaz, rekli kakšno o dopustovanju. 388 altre parole

Single Malt

Private Immutable Configuration Hack in Python

Pyhton is notoriously not secure by default. However, it is still possible to generate a level of security through name mangling and other means. This article explains how to use name mangling, the singleton pattern, and class methods to create more secure access to configuration in Python3. 120 altre parole


C++ - Classes and Objects, Part III

Finally finished making my way through Lesson 9 in Sam’s Teach Yourself C++ in One Hour a Day, 8th Edition

Some of the concepts I don’t fully understand just yet, but I’m hoping that StackOverflow may help with these. 1.123 altre parole


How does flux aids leakage of session data between requests by virtue of it being singleton?

While reading


I found in the advantages of using redux instead of flux this point —

Better suited for server-side rendering, as the singleton nature of Flux stores exposes the risk of leaking session data between requests.

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Preliminary dates tend to be a slightly nervous affair. In those first few outings you are frantically trying to get the measure of each other, whilst remaining cool and attractive of course . 1.287 altre parole

Book a Day: Bridget Jones' Diary

I don’t know what made me think that this was a Book a Day book. I mean, it’s got a normal amount of writing on every normal-sized page, and weighs in at 236 pages. 924 altre parole


Ways to Write Singleton Class in Java

We create a singleton class when only one instantiation is needed.

Basically, there four ways to create a singleton class:

  • Eager initialisation with private constructor and declaring a public final field.
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