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Android Wear engineering lead David Singleton leaves Google for Stripe

(Source: 9to5google.com)

Vice President of Android Wear engineering David Singleton has left Google, according to a tweet this morning from the CEO of his new employer, Stripe. 122 altre parole



An edited archive…

I actually wanted – or at least thought I wanted – to get married as soon as I finished uni. I had it dreamed out; graduation 2012 and then Olympics opening ceremony fireworks acting as the backdrop to my wedding day pics. 1.112 altre parole


Sunday Playlist 10/29/2017

Hello again, folks! After a lengthy hiatus, I am back with another Sunday Playlist. This week, I have a collection of rock tracks from Germany, Italy, The Nederlands, Russia, Spain, Ukraine and USA. 129 altre parole


Five Thoughts about Gauntlet Mode and its Future

With the recent introduction of various Gauntlet modes in The Elder Scrolls: Legends, I thought I would take the opportunity to write about a few thoughts that have come to mind about the format over the past few weeks. 2.921 altre parole

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Singleton - When and Where?

What are Singletons?

A Singleton class is a class that will only have one instance of the class. In certain cases, we want to make sure that we cannot instantiate multiple copies of the object, so we limit it to just one copy. 933 altre parole


Singleton Design Pattern

Singleton Design Patterns: Singleton pattern comes under creational patterns. Design patterns are specification for designing repeatable solutions for specific type of problems. Singleton is a design pattern to solve problems which require only a single instance of any class. 755 altre parole