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When we told our families that we were expecting another child, at a little over eighteen weeks, there was, amongst almost everyone, a flicker of surprise. 748 altre parole

Frontier Fire and Ice Juniper "Juni" x Skyland's Harper of Great Mountain "Harper" Pup Has Arrived!

Juni X Harper have blessed us with one little pup.  Sweet “Sage” the Singleton was born 6/16/2018 and is doing well!

Frontier Chinooks

Design Pattern - The Singleton Pattern


Sorry about that whisky image. I, too, love click baits ;)

The singleton pattern is a software design pattern that restricts the instantiation of a class to one object. 384 altre parole


The Singleton.. Malt Masters Selection .

I remember many years ago reaching for a bottle of Singleton from the shelf in my local supermarket and taking it home in order to share with a few friends.. 554 altre parole

Tasting Notes

The Singleton Malt Master's Selection

Diageo’s Singleton Single Malt Whisky has released a new expression; The Malt Master’s Selection.

As part of a complete refresh of the core range, The Malt Master’s Selection will join the existing 12, 15 and 18 year old single malts. 401 altre parole


Singleton Malt Master's Selection Whisky Flash Blog!

Okay so let’s start by saying there wasn’t much information on this so… let’s do this.

Bright golden colour. Fine legs.

The nose is quite fresh and inviting. 114 altre parole

C++ Factories Pattern

Hello guys! Today I am going to show three different levels of code (at three drastically different prices xD) when approaching the Factory Pattern. This was all done by me, and it took quite some time figuring out how to do things, but in the end it worked out quite nicely. 2.594 altre parole