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For many years I have felt regret that I never told Dad how much Singleton meant to me. He knew that I had chosen to go to Exeter University because it was the nearest university to Singleton; he knew I loved going there as a child and as an adult. 515 altre parole

Singleton - Creational Design Pattern

Singleton Design Pattern is one of the creational design pattern which creates only one instance of the class. Only one instance of the class is created per Java Virtual Machine. 155 altre parole


Taking A Risk For Happiness

Hey Hey! :D

I have been taking a lot of time to think about things lately and for this particular day this maybe an important message for you. 255 altre parole


Sunday Playlist 02/12/2017

The theme for this week is World Rock, a collection of ten rock tracks from around the globe that range from punk to metalcore. It might even contain nuts. 120 altre parole


7 Steps To Become Happy Being Single!

Being redundant can really suck, but what is worse is being made redundant and feeling lost as a single person. But all is not lost. Being single can be beautiful and here are 7 steps you can take to become happy being single! 879 altre parole


How I Met Your Father: Adulting sucks, don't do it!

Kids, adulting  sucks, don’t do it  – just don’t!

It is a universal fact of life that just when you think you have the hang of the adult thing , Life will bitch slap you and prove that just like Jon Snow, you know nothing! 290 altre parole


Musings: Valentine's Slay

Valentine’s Day is coming up… if you didn’t already know. I mean we’ve all been inundated with the ad campaigns telling you to buy roses, lingerie and chocolate from mid-January so I guess you can never be too prepared for… 293 altre parole