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All You need to Know about Static

In this post we will discuss all about Static Keyword. Static in general means something which is fixed, singular, stable, steady and unchanged.

In C# Static keyword can be used with following: 1.176 altre parole


Don't panic, still got it at 40!

Great news – it seems I’ve still got it’! Wasn’t sure I ever ‘had it’ to be honest, but seems that I’m not completely ready for spinster times yet. 210 altre parole


[-$77,295] Being Single is Taxing

So, if you are in the U.S., I hope you’ve all paid your taxes by now. If not, you’re juuuust about out of time. The clock is ticking, peeps. 492 altre parole

Money (Debt Frugality Minimalism)

How To Create a Singleton Class In Unity C#

Sometimes you really just want one instance of a class to be instantiated and that’s specially useful when you need a global reference to it. 351 altre parole


Getting rid of unnecessary singletons

I have often stumbled people using singletons for a lot of stuff when developing games with Unity. Most often they’re used for convenient access to all sorts of stuff like… 351 altre parole

Game Development

synchronized v/s volatile in java

Lets understand the basic difference between synchronized and volatile keywords

synchronized keyword in java provides a robust locking mechanism, also it provides the memory visibility to the other threads, there is no need to take lock explicitly by a thread before entering the synchronized block, also the lock is guaranteed to be released after the execution of synchronized block or method. 347 altre parole


It is time to talk about me

Hey Hey!

I had written this post at the beginning of the year but felt was more appropriate to schedule for my anniversary date as I wasn’t comfortable yet.  515 altre parole