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Singleton Design Pattern

Singleton Design Patterns: Singleton pattern comes under creational patterns. Design patterns are specification for designing repeatable solutions for specific type of problems. Singleton is a design pattern to solve problems which require only a single instance of any class. 755 altre parole


Singleton Truck Driver Gets Job With Linfox

The truck driver who stole a B-double truck before setting it on fire and ramming it into the town of Singleton has been given a job as a driving instructor by Linfox. 203 altre parole

The UnAustralian

Brad Singleton's coming of age

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At the start of the 2017 season, my first as a Rhinos regular, I would not have thought in a million years that the Leeds side would reach the Grand Final, let alone win the thing. 458 altre parole


What’s good, my beautiful Kings & Queens? It’s safe to say that lately, I have slightly been neglecting the written aspect of my blog. Nevertheless, I woke up this morning with the urge to type up this post, before commencing with my day. 705 altre parole


21 years of single life

Since leaving my safe ground back in October 2015- to go on what was supposed to be a 3-months trip to SE Asia, I’ve been making jokes about writing a blog about my ridiculous- and tragic love life, to keep friends at home up to date with all the dicks coming in and out of my life(no pun intended here). 54 altre parole

"F**k, I want to be sick..."

That’s what I thought…

It was supposed to be a reassuring scan, our second by Dr Z and our third since the positive result.

But the scan didn’t start that way. 550 altre parole