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Mentally undressing you on the train

Dressed head to toe in black suit and tie, hair effortlessly styled, one hand in your pocket, the other stretched above you to hold on to the rail. 140 altre parole


Ode To An Droid

I know you’re bugged
By the erroneous syntax
In the title
The fact that
It wasn’t affixed
By “the” honorific
Makes you seem
So inconsequential… 83 altre parole


Two guys and a girl

Right, so my flirtatious personality has landed me in a difficult situation to navigate. At the moment, it’s quite exciting because it’s the early days, but how on earth do I maintain two guys and how the hell am I going to make one exclusive? 278 altre parole


The Caravan Goes On: The Four P's of surviving an Australian Christmas Book Tour

‘Oh, yes, I almost forgot. She was a writing phenomenon.’

In 1932, Enid Blyton wrote a 90,000 word novel in a month for adults titled ‘The Caravan Goes On’. 415 altre parole

Middle Grade Fiction

Singleton of Dufftown Artisan

Type: Scotch Single Malt Whisky

Region: Speyside

Distillery: Dufftown

Bottler: Dufftown

Age: NAS

Alcohol: 40%

Natural Cask Strength: No

Bottled: 2013

Initial Price: GBP 90+ 261 altre parole

Whisky Reviews

Inferno IV - The Noble Castle

Beyond a gentle stream, in an emerald green meadow lies the so-called ‘noble castle’. Famous men and woman from antiquity roam this luminous place and leisurely converse about philosophy. 369 altre parole


“Incarnation,” by guest writer Stacy Moore – “Who but You?” singleton series

I.  A flicker of movement in midair as I passed.  Another one, frantic.  In the corner between two retaining walls hung a mess of a black widow’s web.   2.442 altre parole