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A Last Goodbye

The wind and snow had not abated but neither of them cared as they stood in the parking lot. The snow had let up some but the wind was still as furious as before and it created whiteout conditions in the blowing snow. 1.105 altre parole


Singleton - It all starts here

Singleton was born from love and undying devotion. These are his stories but like any story, there has to be a beginning. This is the beginning. 1.441 altre parole


Is it better to be single or attached for the most wonderful time of year? 

So Literally I am Mrs Christmas – I love everything about Christmas, like: buying the presents, going out 24/7, decorating at least 2 houses, all the traditions including food, dinners and my mum putting out a drink and mince pie for Santa on Christmas Eve whilst I’m at the pub and most of all everyone in my family knowing Christmas is my thing – it’s all about me! 570 altre parole

Whisky Archives - Singleton, GlenDronach, All Malt, The Belgian Owl

Here’s another from our whisky archives… this time from May 2013…

Following our standard format, we blind tasted samples before revealing the whisky. This month featured: Singleton, GlenDronach, All Malt and the Belgian Owl. 239 altre parole


Singleton Pattern

Singleton pattern là pattern đầu tiên mình chọn trong loạt bài về Design Patterns  của mình. Lý do là đây là một trong những pattern đơn giản, dễ hiểu, dễ implement và đặc biệt là ai cũng ít nhất một lần sử dụng nó mặc dù không biết nó là một pattern hoặc nắm rõ được bản chất của nó mà chỉ làm theo thói quen. 771 altre parole

Objective C

Singleton bundles in Eclipse OSGi

OSGi has brought modularity to Java long before Jigsaw has – in OSGi, the code is organized as versioned bundles often called plugins in Eclipse community. 539 altre parole



He sits at the bar counter in silence. Head lowered, eyes staring straight at the cold hard bad floor, right hand holding a bottle of beer and the left holding onto an empty glass. 1.519 altre parole