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Channel No. 201

I am a punctual man. I reach my office when I am supposed to and leave my desk when it’s appropriate to. I have a wonderful team to work with and have also managed to make some good friends – few Indian-Indians, few American-Indians and then few New-Yorkers too. 1.416 altre parole


Was That Today?

An Easter anniversary
Is never on the date one thinks
(Unless one knows astronomy).
Great set-up for sit-com hi-jinks!


Sonar TV to produce sitcom based on Student Life

I had the great opportunity to speak to Film and TV Production student, James Court, who is the writer and show-runner of one of Sonar TV’s latest projects – Overdraft. 388 altre parole


Netflix Original Series: ONE DAY AT A TIME review@streamingfamily

reviewed by MOM

I am not a fan of remakes, especially if I liked the original, but Netflix’s new version of One Day at a Time, I liked. 107 altre parole


Momentary Detour from the Usual

Have you ever wished you could live in a different world?

I like to watch silly sit-coms as a way to distract myself from myself. And I have decided that I want to live in Seinfeld world. 95 altre parole

Mental Health

Ben Fogg Makes Laugh

Meant to put this up a while ago: hilarious friend, writer, director, pianist, comic, producer, control freak/genius, Ben Fogg, has made some rather hilarious videos to help him gain er gainful employment. 37 altre parole


My First Sit-Com (Pilot)

Foreword: The name of the sit-com is still undecided. At the end of the script I’ll be putting a list of names for the show which are still in the running. 1.830 altre parole