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Pilot Season: Spaced


We watched Spaced – a 1999 sit-com starring Simon Pegg and directed by Edgar Wright. Ever heard of them? No. Neither have we. They probably never did anything else ever. 14 altre parole



Image Credit: Horace and Pete

Do yourself a favour and get your 👀 & 👂 around Louis C.K.’s latest venture here #hype


You're cordially invited to my pity party (read: my life is no lighthearted sitcom, woe is me)

I wish my life was a sitcom. That way, everything and everyone will turn out alright at the end, because you just know. Shit will still happen, lessons will be taught and learnt, and punishment will be parcelled out and received accordingly but it will all be oh-so hilarious, conducted in the name of comedy and good ol’ family entertainment, featuring adult jokes on the sly. 173 altre parole


"Charity Bastards" Episode 1

I’ve finally finished episode 1 of my online sitcom! It’s a mockumentary set in a Brighton call centre, where an eccentric group of people raise money for charities over the phone. 65 altre parole

TV Tendencies

Like many people, I enjoy a bit of TV from time to time. I enjoy it most when I am fully into a series, when I know the characters and can watch from episode to episode as they develop as well as the episodes particular plot. 1.293 altre parole