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Phenomenal Sunrises

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The festivities in Paucartambo were one-of-a-kind, but weren’t done. The physiotherapist I worked with had also suggested that we make a two-hour trip from Paucartambo to a sunrise viewpoint known as… 341 altre parole


Queensferry Crossing by @dynamic.edinburgh 

Stunning shot of the Queensferry Crossing at blue hour 🌅🌟


rubbing sun over my skin

rubbing sun over my skin
I say ‘the moon loves the blue sky
who would have thought it?’
this Spring will be hot
the warmth is inside the wind


The Return

I went out in the vegetable gardens in the 93-degree heat of this late September day and watered the parched soil. Tomatoes, okra, and sweet potatoes are still growing. 170 altre parole