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Branded as Shallow

In some circles, self-identifying as a brand-enthusiast is a source of pride. Because there’s something of a negative association with being too brand-conscious, people will often use the admission of their excessive brand loyalty as evidence of their underlying passion – a verbal shrug that says, “I know this may be shallow, but I love it so much that I’m willing to admit it and be judged.” Of course, in reality, nobody pressured them to make such a supposedly self-deprecating admission in the first place, and they are often signaling relentlessly – begging desperately even – to be “judged.” Yet, ironically many of these same people don’t understand what a brand truly is, and when confronted with its abstract nature suddenly become defensive and no longer willing to admit to being shallow. 665 altre parole


Reforming Sneakerhead

I used to be super into Jordans and other kinds of sneakers, and would basically buy every new pair that came out. I even worked at a shoe store and justified my purchases with the 30% discount and the fact that lots of Retro Jordans appreciate in value. 262 altre parole

Pretty Simple

Last week I celebrated my birthday and so, I decided to offer a dress to myself. I wanted something below the knees, fluid and with a smooth pattern and colors. 154 altre parole


First Look At The Li-Ning Way of Wade 6

First Look At The Li-Ning Way of Wade 6

Above you will find the first look at the Li-Ning Way of Wade 6, Dwyane Wade’s 6th signature with the Chinese brand. 79 altre parole


Sikijap lagi admin mo update lagi barang2 minyak wangi. Stay tune sama Kadai Tokou 💪😎🖒

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Kepada yang minat sama brand ADIDAS, sini admin mo kasi tinguk ni model Mastermind yang kira unik la juga dia punya design. Ada dua jenis ni ya. 50 altre parole

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