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What is Social Shopping and its Benefits

The rapidly evolution in online retail world has turned more and more consumers to online shopping for their requirements and best-priced products. A survey conducted by Ernst and Young found that 62% of the consumers go online for their daily shopping needs. 435 altre parole

Want. Need. Love

Want Need Love or Wanelo condensed, creatively hosts a platform for easy mobile shopping and socializing. Other e-commerce channels may have the upper hand in terms of awareness and early entry. 469 altre parole


What's the HYPE?

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Although launching in 2012, mainstream adoption of the application Wanelo (Want. Need. Love) has been stagnant. From 2012 to present day the application has managed to host 11 million users. 420 altre parole


Contesting E-commerce Communities?

Wanelo the acting digital mall of social media channels, seems to be emulating concepts conceived by earlier pin-board style platforms such as Pinterest. So could it be that these two offer substitute user gains? 435 altre parole


Hype Cycle

Hype cycle of Social Shopping apps

The social shopping era is upon us with a digital mall at our fingertips making shopping easier than ever. The rise of social shopping has yet reached its peak because of certain business decisions have yet been made or in the works. 363 altre parole


On social engineering in social media platforms (or, how we are not in control)

Historian Melvin Kranzberg once wrote that: “Technology is neither good nor bad; nor is it neutral”. That is, technology (digital techology, for instance) does more than allowing users to do something; the design of that techonological product actually encourages some behaviours, while discouraging (or, at least, downplaying) others. 536 altre parole

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