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Hit the pan

Not a dedicated person to hit every pan in my makeup collection. But I really want to share some products here that worth hitting the pan. 339 altre parole


Sera's Review of Solone's 24hr brow pencil, Captivating Dolly liquid eyeliner + makeup remover!

So here’s what went down. A Solone representative saw my post raving about their liquid eyeliner, and confidently told me I’d probably love this other liner, brow pencil, and makeup remover from their range as well! 1.142 altre parole


Solone 24 hr perfect brow pencil

Hai everyone welcome back to my blog .. Maybe i rarely posting about product reviews because my network is not friendly ;) LoL .
Ok let me tell you about this perfect eyebrow (for me) , long lasting ,long wear.Texture is very neat, no need sharpener, this eyebrow pencil is very soft and when applied on the eyebrows look strong, it is natural color but I really like, other colors available are gray and light but I prefer the natural. 31 altre parole


Amazing Eyeliner Discovery and Review: Solone Liquid Eyeliner!!

Hi readers! Boy, do I have a great new eyeliner find for you all! *dry-heaves in excitement*

Flashback to my previous makeup post about Dollywink’s cult fav liquid eyeliner, you would remember I was finding it a tad hard to buy into all its hype. 684 altre parole


Prednisolone Trouble

I curse the day that I was first prescribed Prednisolone 25s for my blocked up sinuses. That was at least 3 years ago now. Since then I have been repeatedly prescribed it not only for sinus issues but to assist with the occasional asthma issue. 1.290 altre parole


Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencils - Red Wine & Dark Night

I hardly ever wear eyeliner, in fact close to never. It mostly has to do with how I think eyeliner looks weird on me, and makes me look kinda fierce due to my eyes shape. 291 altre parole


【美妝】上班族自然帶點小性感眼神 咖啡色系妝 給上司美麗好印象

【 大家好!我是台韓混血『Ai Na』♡ 여러분 ! 안녕하세요. 대만한국 혼혈 『Ai Na』입니다 】

上班時 同事都會問我 我的眼妝要怎麼畫XD 今天終於公開教大家如何畫出自然帶有小性感的眼妝♡





組合盤>> 把粉餅跟腮紅放進去就是這麼口愛XD

玩色派對一筆完妝魔術眼影筆(1_粉棕名媛<抽獎送禮喔!> 2_深邃可可)

玩色派對一筆有型魔術眉筆(1_自然深棕 2_魅力淺棕<抽獎送禮喔!>) 60 altre parole