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Research: Images accompanied by text and audio

Sophie Calle’s Take care of yourself

The art works to deconstruct the text, interpret and transpose it’s meaning. In one video exhibit the letter is read aloud by a professional female clown. 1.428 altre parole

Cumplir años be like...

Yo, Natalie Sánchez Serna, con tarjeta de identidad de Tunja (true) en pleno uso de mis facultades mentales (not) considero que llegar al cuarto de siglo merece un breve inventario de principios, una instantánea del status vital para futuras consultas. 588 altre parole

Research before progressing

After talking to Wendy McMurdo about my project, she suggested that I look at some artists who have some something similar to me for me to develop my practice. 559 altre parole


traces of sunlight

skimming corners of grey

office furniture 7 altre parole

Journal Entry

Sophie Calle at Fraenkel Gallery

In my early days as a theater student, when my teacher was tired of our careful, over-polished, actorish acting, he’d exhort us to show our “bathroom selves.” Your bathroom self is who you are before you apply your mask for the day–or after you’ve sweat or cried or fucked it off. 1.152 altre parole

San Francisco

The Everyday in Art

What exactly is art?

Some may say it is a painting or sculpture that is displayed in a gallery -it’s sole purpose to be looked at, admired and interpreted. 586 altre parole