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#MuseumWeek2015: The Art of the Heist

After watching CNN’s special on the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s $500m art heist, that still remains unsolved (anything art-related hitting prime-time TV airwaves gets my full and undivided attention!), got me thinking about some other notable art thefts that have occurred in Canada’s own backyard. 478 altre parole



With words turning black,

borrowed from the dead.

These tip taps

and hums,

that we piece together like a jigsaw

constantly reminding us those who whispered before us.

Part Two : Research Points re Narrative, image and text

Part 2 : Research Points re Narrative, image and text

I have looked at these Photographers mentioned in the Handbook.

Sophie Calle

She does not have her own website as such but there’s information… 2.587 altre parole

Duane Michals

Modus Vivendi, by Sophie Calle

La Virreina Centre de la Imatge presenta la retrospectiva Sophie Calle. Modus vivendi”, una exposición que reúne los trabajos de la artista francesa desde los años 80 hasta la actualidad. 219 altre parole



via Palau de la Virreina.- 

La Virreina Centre de la Imatge presenta Sophie Calle. Modus vivendi, una àmplia retrospectiva de l’artista francesa que repassa la seva obra des de mitjans dels anys vuitanta fins a l’actualitat. 809 altre parole


Cuídese mucho

El mes anterior visité dos exposiciones en el Museo Tamayo, que en ese momento gozaba de una popularidad inesperada gracias a el furor ocasionado por la exposición “Obsesión Infinita” de Yayoi Kusama. 449 altre parole


Sophie Calle and Joan Fontcuberta and The Mentality Behind Collection


Before i truly committed to any ideas, i needed to have researched into several artists. I was heavily recommended Joan Fontcuberta and as he has a style that is supposedly similar to the contents of my book. 545 altre parole

University Of Bedfordshire