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Day in the life of my handbag

Our first project was titled a ‘Day in the Life’. In the brief we were asked to take a series of photographs depicting a day in the life of something; a place, person, object or myself. 238 altre parole


151MC Sophie Calle

Sophie Calle is a French photographer, installation artist and conceptual artist. Her work often shows human vulnerability and looks at identity and intimacy. Although her work doesn’t follow the exact same theme my work does, I really like her approach to presenting her work. 131 altre parole

151MC - Creative Digital Practice

Visual arts: Economics, alchemy and empathy at Musée d'art contemporain

Two new exhibitions at the Musée d’art contemporain are at opposite ends of the contemporary-art scale of complexity of interpretation, while a film that blurs the line between art and documentary presents an economic subject in a very accessible way. 1.041 altre parole

Local Arts

Week 5 — Notes

This week we focused on the ways in which (conceptual) artists conceptualize and think about space and bodies, with space and bodies, specifically two artists Sophie Calle and Francesca Woodman. 709 altre parole

Class Notes & Presentations

Artists: their bodies as/in space(s)

“Anyway, I wish you wouldn’t harp on that word, “women.” Women artists. There is no such thing—or person. It’s just as much a contradiction in terms as “man artist” or “elephant artist.” You may be a woman and you may be an artist; but the one is a given and the other is you.” – Dorothea Tanning… 626 altre parole


Sophie Calle talk in Montreal — 3 Feb 2014

Prolific artist Sophie Calle, who we are reading about this week, is doing a free lecture as part of her new show at the McCord in Montreal. 147 altre parole



if I never knew
the dark of the sky
its light when sun shines
or droplets of dew

if I never saw
reflections of mine… 310 altre parole