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Sophie Calle at Fraenkel Gallery

In my early days as a theater student, when my teacher was tired of our careful, over-polished, actorish acting, he’d exhort us to show our “bathroom selves.” Your bathroom self is who you are before you apply your mask for the day–or after you’ve sweat or cried or fucked it off. 1.152 altre parole

San Francisco

The Everyday in Art

What exactly is art?

Some may say it is a painting or sculpture that is displayed in a gallery -it’s sole purpose to be looked at, admired and interpreted. 586 altre parole

Prenez soin de vous...

Fly without wings; Dream with open eyes; See in darkness.(Dejan Stojanovic)

Running through the woods of dreams and fantasies I find possibilities to be infinite; even forever might have sense in this world built of stars… but then, I open my eyes and acknowledge the boundaries of reality, resembling high walls slowly moving towards the center of the chamber, crushing air and space, a stone coffin for the living… 26 altre parole

Contemporary Art

Project 3: Nigel Shafran

This exercise asks me to answer a number of questions regarding the series, Washing-up 2000, by photographer Nigel Shafran.

Nigel Shafran

Nigel Shafran began his photography career in the fashion industry. 893 altre parole

Part 3 Exercises

Research Point: Self-Absented Portraiture

Maria Kapajeva

Maria Kapajeva grew up in both, Soviet and Post-Soviet Estonia. She moved to the United Kingdom ten year ago, where she studied photography, gaining a BA and then an MA at The University of Westminster. 644 altre parole

Part 3 Exercises

Sophie Calle (again)

I tend to find Sophie Calle’s Take Care of Yourself body of work more autobiographical than Maria Kapajeva’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Woman… 93 altre parole


GET TO KNOW | Le musée des curiosités de SOPHIE CALLE

CURRENT PROJECT |   Le musée des curiosités de Sophie Calle  (2015)

PARIS and MONTREAL |  Sophie Calle est l’une des artistes conceptuelles les plus en vue de sa génération. 338 altre parole

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