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Sophie Calle: the others and herself

I visited the exhibition “Sophie Calle. Modus vivendi” that Virreina Centre de la Imatge Barcelona presents until June 7, an extensive retrospective of the French artist who has been running her work since the mid-1980s. 843 altre parole

Contemporary Art

Staging the Archive

A new book to note: Ernst Van Alphen‘s Staging the Archive: Art and Photography in the Age of New Media (Reaktion Books, 2014). From the… 101 altre parole


Research point: Image and text – Sophie Calle and Sophy Rickett

The brief asks us to look at the following works:

  • Sophie Calle’s Take Care of Yourself
  • Sophy Rickett’s Objects in the Field

and note down responses. 1.019 altre parole


Sophie Calle: Take Care of Yourself

This is a strange exercise, I am about critique, or at least comment upon, a series of photographs and text by Sophie Calle, this is not the strange part. 1.219 altre parole

Cindy Sherman


El programa més famós de retoc d’imatges compleix 25 anys. L’aniversari coincideix amb agres polèmiques que posen en entredit l’objectivitat i el valor documental de les fotografies. 1.890 altre parole


Attributes of Postmodern Photography

Before leaving the subject of postmodernism I want to look more closely at the work of Cindy Sherman and specifically at Untitled Film Stills (1). I do this partly to continue the process of understanding postmodernism and partly because I find this work, which is often cited as a pure example of postmodernism and feminism, ambiguous and perhaps a better example of Geoffrey Batchen’s idea of post postmodernism than postmodernism. 1.751 altre parole

Research And Reflection