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GET TO KNOW | Le musée des curiosités de SOPHIE CALLE

CURRENT PROJECT |   Le musée des curiosités de Sophie Calle  (2015)

PARIS and MONTREAL |  Sophie Calle est l’une des artistes conceptuelles les plus en vue de sa génération. 338 altre parole

Visual Arts

Research Point: Sophie Calle and Sophy Rickett

We are asked to look up Sophie Calle’s Take Care of Yourself and Sophy Rickett’s Objects in the Field online and investigate the rationale behind the bodies of work and see if we can find any critical responses to them. 855 altre parole


Research point: Maria Kapajeva, Sophie Calle and Laura Stevens

Maria Kapajeva

I found this work to be very curious. I understand the concept of self-absented portraiture but strongly believe that the ‘Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman’ series is stretching the definition to breaking point. 652 altre parole

Research & Reflection

Project Three

Context & Narrative Part Three

Project 3

Self-absented portraiture

Telling the viewer something of who I am. Using other people as stand-ins, in a metaphorical sense, or conveying self by other means. 1.498 altre parole


Sophie Calle - Pas pu saisir la mort

In our course notes, we are asked to investigate the work of two artists, Sophie Calle and Sophy Rickett. It is suggested that we look at Calle’s… 563 altre parole


Assignment Five research - self-absented portraiture

Whilst I have decided to construct a self-portrait for my assignment image I have no desire to put myself physically in the frame so I will use a model to represent ‘me’.  2.213 altre parole



Sophie Calle is the kind of woman who you know that you would want to be friends with. Her obsession with personal objects, wry knowingness and ability to stalk someone at will make her the prime candidate for any discerning art lover. 466 altre parole