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Take care of Yourself by Sophie Calle has been described by Louise Neri as ‘a tour de force of feminine responses to a breakup letter that Calle received by e-mail from a man.’ … 385 altre parole

Research Part 4

Postmodernism - Calle and Rickett


Sophie Calle – Take Care of Yourself

Reading the email sent to Sophie Calle in an English translation (Slow Words, 2016) I thought I would write my own response, as a doctor who deals with many people with mental health problems. 1.638 altre parole


Things That Had to be Cut From My Leuven Phil. Paper


Writing about Accelerationism this year has been a blast primarily because this Philosophy seemed to grow up beside me as I have constantly had a deep disdain for my own relation to Capital (mainly how it makes me feel uncomfortable) and this necessity of having to sell my labour has since the very beginning of my working life at the age of 15 as a kitchen porter been somewhat paradoxical. 1.501 altre parole

David Bate Art Photography

Conceptualism and Art Photography

Avant garde – pioneering or innovatory trends in the arts … the result of a rebellion against an entrenched establishment (Macey, 2000:25) 1.710 altre parole

Learning Log


I sent an email to all of my course to ask if they would watch the 17 minute rough edit I made of my footage. Some points I made in the email: 613 altre parole

Coincidence, street photography & Chance Encounters

Chance adds in an element of unknown, of surprise – “a lack of knowledge or fixed intention leads to a greater journey of discovery… 1.429 altre parole

Body Of Work

Sophie Calle, ‘The hotel, Room 47’, 1981

French artist Sophie Calle is well known for a body of work, from her installation work and Photographic work. Calles practice has also been focused on the notion of capturing the conceptual production of absence and presence. 1.248 altre parole