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Research Point - Sophie Calle and Sophy Rickett

This was the first piece of course work where I successfully used the UCA online library. I was already familiar with both pieces of work – Sophie Calle via my Foundation Course and Sophy Ricket via a comment made on my work with pregnancy tests for EYV A3 The Decisive Moment. 489 altre parole

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Code Art Fair

Located in Bella Centre Copenhagen, Code Art Fair presented leading as well as emerging galleries from all over the world.
I went there in the end of August. 311 altre parole


from 'The Hotel' series

Room 28

“On Monday, February 16, 1981, I was hired as a temporary chambermaid for three weeks in a Venetian hotel. I was assigned twelve bedrooms on the fourth floor. 37 altre parole

Conceptual Photography

Absence, Missing & Death - Sophie Calle

(原文刊於《Bazaar Art Hong Kong 》2017 年 9 月號)

「相比二十歲時,我現在經常思考死亡,以往都不會的。並非對死亡迷戀,只是開始做有關死亡的決定,這個是我近年的恐懼。」今年六十四歲的法國藝術家 Sophie Calle ,在電郵這樣回答關於死亡的問題,末處還附一個LOL。以往 Calle 一年最多只是兩次醫生,爸爸病重時她感覺皮膚灼熱刺痛,當時正在蒙特利以做展覽,回到巴黎後立刻去見醫生,醫生說她曾有過輕微的心臟病發。「那時彷彿希望自己比爸爸病得更嚴重,於是他會像以往一樣保護我。」


在紐約布魯克林區的 Green-Wood Cemetery內,一座新建的墓碑上刻有<Here lies the Secrets of the Visitors of Green-Wood Cemetery>, 這是 Sophie Calle 的新作。墳場的訪客可以寫下不願告訴別人的秘密,然後投進這座「墓碑」內,收集到的秘密會以火燒毀。這個秘密的葬身地,會在Green-Wood Cemetery 竪立25年。「成語都說 to take one’s secrets to the grave,有甚麼不可亦不願告人的都只能帶進墓中。可能因為我喜愛墓地。近年我的人生中有很多的『死亡』。我媽媽在 2006 年去世,爸爸在2015 也隨她而去。」 在Calle巴黎的工作室中,有一個長頸鹿布偶以她媽媽命名,她爸爸是頭老虎,也有其他喚作她朋友及貓名字的布偶。Calle的貓於去年離世,「貓是我最後一個依靠者」Calle 說著。為何計劃是二十五年?「在巴黎的墳場都有這種限期25年的永久墓地。就是人們買下墓地便可以永久擁有,但條例只保證25 年的『永久』。假如家人至愛沒有定期拜祭,墓地便會轉給其他身故者使用。」人走茶涼,人不在情感也隨之消逝。「我覺得人類脆弱非常。面對重大的事情都能走過,令人一蹶不振的都是小事。或者大事發生時總有其他人在身旁,但小事都要一個人面去。」因為其他人的缺席人變得脆弱,內心渴望有人分擔,就算那是秘密。 77 altre parole


Project 3 Sophie Calle

She clearly is a very talented artist, who can work/perform across multiple disciplines. Looking at her work though, I am unsure at first how she made money! 149 altre parole

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sophie calle suite venitienne

Image source: jacindarussellart.blogspot.com.au/2011/07/sophie-calles-suite-venitienne.html

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