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Orbital Racer: Burnout Meets Mario Kart in Space?

The trailer makes this game look really enticing. Of course, that is what trailers are supposed to do, but what I mean is that I thought it was offering something like… 40 altre parole


Blue and green it is.

Large and yet so small it is.

Take good care of it. 8 altre parole


Celestes: Ring

The 4th installment of my little space opera is now up, another 1000 words for you to enjoy and critique.

Which begs the question: what makes a story a “space opera”? 63 altre parole

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The Blue Blood Supermoon: Wednesday's Total Lunar Eclipse

Blue Blood Supermoon: Wednesday’s Total Lunar Eclipse

Great ready for a spectacular ride to work Wednesday January 31st. The Blue Blood Supermoon will only be visible to people along the west coast and mountain time zone. 493 altre parole

Lunar Eclipse

Zero-energy Universe gives us one more reason for believing in the existence of God

Scientists have found that the total energy of the universe is zero. From there they have argued that the universe might have originated from nothing due to quantum energy fluctuation in a void. 279 altre parole