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The Pigeons who took Photos ....

At the turn of the last century, when aviation was still in its infancy, a German named Julius Neubronner submitted a patent for a new invention—a miniature camera that could be strapped to the breast of a pigeon so that the bird could take flight and snap pictures from the air. 674 altre parole


Utah students test 'Mission to Mars' project at Weber State University

OGDEN, Utah – Does life exist in outer space? Dozens of students in northern Utah explored the possibility at Weber State University.

For the past six months, students have been working in the classroom designing their habitats, and Wednesday they got to put their mission into action. 308 altre parole


The 100 Series - Book Review

Evening y’all, hope you all had a wonderful “hump day” I know mine was bliss. Of course this means we’re all one step closer to the weekend so woo woo! 675 altre parole


Has it really been 5 years?

Discovery Final Fly By

How ironic is it that it was Discovery that did the flyby today over Washington DC, amidst the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and the Capitol? 330 altre parole


NASA astronauts will probably launch from the US before The Winds of Winter is published

(Source: www.theverge.com)

In this life, there are two things that are very important to me: space and the A Song of Ice and Fire series. 781 altre parole



he doesn’t appreciate your eyes like i do.

those golden irises will forever be burned into the back of my mind

because i took the time to memorize how they glow in the light… 35 altre parole

Star Maps, Philz Coffee, Found Dog = Free Eggs, Zero Waste

As usual, this blog post does not have one coherent topic contrary to the norm of most WordPress blogs.

Star Map of our Galaxy!

So that thing is rather cool – high precision measurements of over a billion stars in our home galaxy! 957 altre parole