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OTT today can be termed as the word of the millennials. With most content today being consumed on the internet, the cake space taken by OTT in the pie of content consumption is growing hugely.  195 altre parole


John O. Browder

Last week, a colleague, mentor, and friend Professor John O. Browder lost his battle against cancer. John has left behind a significant legacy at Virginia Tech and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on his enduring impact. 303 altre parole

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What is a RIN score?

It’s always useful to have a method for determining the relative quality of one’s source material. If you’re starting with garbage, you’re unlikely to have anything but garbage at the end, no matter how well you execute your protocols or how skillfully you massage your data. 391 altre parole


Total RNA Sequencing

The composition of RNA in a cell can be roughly estimated at 80% ribosomal RNA, 15% transfer RNA, and 5% messenger RNA. With total RNA sequencing, all of those subtypes (as well as any small RNAs) are converted into cDNA for sequencing. 180 altre parole

Sequencing Technology And Methods