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Selfish mind

If we are conscious
That God is everywhere
How can we hurt other people?
As in all people
This power is there too

We can only hide us from Him… 88 altre parole


Near and far

There where we think to be
Close to like-minded people
We often find us
Far away from them…

Which seems to be
A Fata Morgana… 8 altre parole


Dream of a peaceful world

If there was trust among peoples
If there was respect among them
If there was tolerance between religions
If there was honesty in every heart… 143 altre parole


Overcome walls between us

We fight for differences
Erupt in hate, blind conflicts
Measure colours of skin
Within tight sights

Fight for good and better
Separate religions
Hide behind names… 51 altre parole


A friendly smile

A smile invites
Opens the heart
Without words

A smile is
A hug of the soul
Where eyes meet
In joy and peace

A smile overcomes… 35 altre parole


No business with God or love

With God no business can be made
Same with true love

DidiArtist, 20.03.2017


Truth expands

Truth expands
Along our expansion and understanding

DidiArtist, 09.03.2017