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Intimacy with the Eibishter - Parshat Vayikra 2018

A funny thing happened to me last week. I was scheduled to give a test to my 7th grade Chumash class at Maimonides, when right before the bell rang, one of my students approached me with a question.  1.483 altre parole


In Conclusion

In Conclusion

The redeemed will spend the coming eternity studying the wonderful depths, breadths, and heights of the character of the Infinite. The mental, physical, and spiritual energies and attendant capacities of these people will far surpass the capabilities of earthbound students by at least twenty times the electrical energy possessed by us today. 1.691 altre parole


All that a negative current of thought accomplishes, whether directed at others or yourself is to lower the flow of energy in your being. It lowers your spirit. 64 altre parole


Your UTMOST Efforts Bring A Better Life

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”      610 altre parole

'A' To 'Z' Challenge

Tired of keepin' up with the Joneses? There's a better way

For a long time I thought I was above that weird “cool kids’ table” adult peer pressure thing. You know, just because it’s not my taste to go to Disneyland or flash pictures of my kids riding rollercoasters on the vacation they never had there — I thought I was so aggro. 783 altre parole


Keep Walking... positive choices in challenging times

A year ago, an unexpected dilemma beyond our (my husband and me) control led to a stressful time. It’s that season in life when you sit back and wonder, “what just happened??” And, proclaim, “Oh my gosh! 1.918 altre parole


Near Death Experiences – A State of Consciousness beyond the Five Senses

By TC Gopalakrishnan

The psychological confinement to the region of the five-sense reports is responsible for many of the unhappy situations. Those who go through a Near Death Experience sense the depth and the beauty of the afterlife perceptions beyond the mind. 863 altre parole