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Religion is something that illuminates or makes you aware of your relationship with god/brahman/tao/the spirit/the universe, and can be distinguished into two categories with each having two subcategories of worship/practice/disciplines/methods: 120 altre parole

The Best Marriage Advice From An Unlikely Source

Someone On Tumblr Explains Why People Divorce, And 1,480,000 People Agree

Source: Bored Panda

What is love? This is a burning question that people have pondered over for centuries, inspiring some of the greatest works of art in human history (and 90’s Eurodance singer… 395 altre parole


Wounded vs. Mended

The wounded healer is one with gifts who is still healing, recovering, discovering and mending. When we awaken to our gifts and are first testing the waters of what we are capable of. 457 altre parole


I am

I am nothing

I am everything

A tiny part of the whole

I am all I need


The city of exploitation

The underworld in London

A seedy underbelly

Of drugs and sex

Of crime and gangs

That crosses boundaries

Of all ethnicities

In the dark shadows… 183 altre parole


Ezechiel, for those over Thirty

We‘re reading the Prophet Ezekiel at Mass these days. Early Jewish scholars considered him hard to read; only those over 30 should read him, some said. 511 altre parole