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At the restaurant

A guy who eats at the restaurant calls the waiter:

“Taste the soup, please !”

The waiter is confused and asks:

“Is the soup too hot ?” 37 altre parole


Bouquet de cuilleres - Bouquet of spoons

Quelques unes des cuillères qui sont utilisées quotidiennement à la maison.
Certaines vont atteindre les 10 ans.
Le bois est fantastique!

Some spoons that are use every day at home. 7 altre parole


Fancy Bespoke Insults (and Scary Spoons)

One day, when I was teaching a particularly boring study hall, I taught my students how to insult in (pseudo) Latin.

Start with a root, and add a suffix. 193 altre parole


A Sunday Sundae Fail

This past Sunday, I ordered a sundae. Maybe you are like me and limit your sweets for healthy reasons. I made an exception and decided to order a hot fudge sundae for a special occasion. 705 altre parole

The Weekend


Une cuillère en cerisier inspirée par le printemps et ses feuilles naissantes.

A cherry spoon inspired by spring and its coming leaves.


Matt's Favorite Albums of 2017

Finally, four months later, my second crucial contribution to the 2017 music landscape: my Favorite Albums of 2017.

As established in my Favorite Songs of 2017 list… 1.928 altre parole