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To Become Like a Child

I was praying about what to write for today. There’s a list of things that I have on hold to share, but none of them seemed right for today. 438 altre parole


Actions, not words

She is crazy. She sometimes raises a blue spoon to the sky, draws a circle. ‘It’s for protection’, she whispers. In her deep green eyes, the sun sleeps. 65 altre parole


Cup All Inclusive

Good morning

Today breakfast time with my new cup bought in Menorca…

A cup all inclusive, that means that it has it’s own spoon and the place where to keep it… 6 altre parole


a trip down the memory lane..

This is a picture book i wrote for my post grad studio. It is about absence. The book shares my life and experiences with a spoon, a table and space, making it a personal project.