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on spoons

there is no greater pleasure
than being the
small spoon

in bed
with knees tucked
up to my chest

her arm wrapped around
me as we fall asleep… 158 altre parole


Making Waves, Making Spoons

This week I’ve been in charge of fleshing out our angle and determining the chosen publication.

So, the creation of the spoon.

The progression in how things are made can reflect wider societal changes. 169 altre parole


Apples and pears 

Alfie tried his first purée today (Apple and pear) and he wasn’t too sure at first but by the end he opened his mouth for more so we will try again tomorrow. His food list is growing!


Alf's First ...

After Watching Begin Again...

My husband and I recently watched the 2013 film, Begin Again, starring Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightley, James Corden and Adam Levine. And…we both adored… 118 altre parole

The Broken Spoon

As you may have heard, I am a big girl. I’m almost all grown up. I sleep through the night, eat solid foods, help… 406 altre parole


Complications of Mathematics

The term Mathematics is derived from Greek word “Mathema” which means “Subject of Instruction”. But to be honest I found more complications in it than instructions. 416 altre parole