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The Squishy Insides Analogy

This analogy states that behind all our armor and shells lay the squishy insides of our heart and soul.

Our squishy insides are shapeless, or rather they can formed to what ever shape we choose or is chosen for us by hurt, pain, or trauma. 1.727 altre parole


Smooshy Mushy Mystery Munchie Packs

LOVE Smooshy Mushy! They now have these awesome packs with squishes and slime!

  • What will you get inside your lunchbox?
  • Creat your own Smooshy stack…
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Squishy Squeeze Cream Scented Help Kids Toy Stress Relief Toys

Squeeze Toy

Stress Relief 

Helps Kids Focus 


2019 New Cartoon Squishy Squeeze Cream Scented Help Kids Toy Stress Relief Toys

Shaped: As the picture showed.Color: As picture show. 22 altre parole

Squishy Toys

Anti stress toys starting from only euro 0.48 link: http://bit.ly/2nLV8UD


Oball Stranz

Oball Stranz (Rhino Toys, 2016)

The Oball is designed to make catching easier as virtually all children cannot help but catch it due to all the various holes that get caught around their fingers. 72 altre parole


Bless my ta-ta's...and yours too.

In the interest of ta-ta self care, I got a mammogram today.  Once a year fun…women unite…get your boobies checked!

I chose to wear a blouse…you know…even though legally I could’ve chosen otherwise. 165 altre parole