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Week 4 Public Space Viewing

I would like to revisit the idea of always on cameras. However, instead of personal social media oriented cameras, I want to focus on public access. 321 altre parole

HPVoice: 7 Ways Tech Will Change The Future Of Music

(Source: www.forbes.com)

Whether we’re at work, home, or somewhere in between, melodies are with us—especially given the latest advances in music technology. From the productivity-boosting playlists we listen to during our workday and the stress-relieving tunes we stream on our commutes to the feel-good songs playing in stores and restaurants, the pervasiveness of music tech creates a soundtrack for our lives. 796 altre parole

Money Matters

Scary Movie Review: "It Comes at Night"

It Comes at Night (2017)

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The world has gone to shit, and some people hiding in the woods get some unexpected visitors. 163 altre parole

Discovery Channel: 6LACK

Ricardo Valentine, better known as 6LACK, has emerged upon the Atlanta R&B scene in an unorthodox and intriguing manner.

Reigning from Zone 6, this artist launched his career as a battle rapper. 498 altre parole

Music Static

Cutting the Cord PT 2: DIRECTV NOW

A couple of months ago I decided to cut the cord, cancelled my DirecTV service, packed and shipped back the equipment and signed up for the new Hulu Live TV service. 701 altre parole

A REALLY simple way to help 'from the inside'

Welcome back! And yes, we will be talking a bit more about Crunchyroll today.

As we all know, Crunchyroll is an old guard of the anime streaming service industry in the west, and because of that, it currently carries the biggest catalogue of anime shows, Asian drama and online manga, when compared to its direct competitors. 149 altre parole