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How Peanuts Used Peppermint Patty To Talk About Politics

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Aside from Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty is the most well-thought out, deeply characterized member of the Peanuts gang. Charles Schulz told some heartbreaking stories about unrequited love, single parenthood, gender norms, and deep-seated insecurities—themes that did not normally appear on the Sunday funnies page. 1.385 altre parole


Recommended Movie Today: Sunset Strip

#Trend #iOS Sunset Strip Home to the biggest sounds, iconic images and cultural movements to echo around the world. Experience the Strip from its origins in the 1920 s Prohibition, to Madame Francis notorious brothel in the 1930 s, to the world-class 1940 s Nightclub scene, to the Mafia Wars of the 1950 s, the Teen Riots… The post Recommended Movie Today: Sunset Strip appeared first on Apps.News.

Orange Down The Picture

A weird orange coloured strip going down the centre of my photograph of green leaves That I took and this photograph was taken on a Konica Pop camera.


'TouchSwitcher' and 'Rocket' Apps Let You Switch and Launch Apps From the Touch Bar

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One limitation of the Touch Bar discovered by TouchSwitcher’s developer is that only one non-system control can be displayed in the right-hand strip, meaning other Apple apps compete for the same space. 264 altre parole


Marcos critics strip, parade coffins in Philippines

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MANILA: Critics of the Ferdinand Marcos regime staged a naked protest Friday (Nov 25), while others marched through the streets with a mock coffin to denounce the late dictator’s burial at the Philippines’ cemetery for heroes. 319 altre parole

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This is the eighteenth chapter of my month-long work of fiction, NOV.

He’s making supper for himself and Janet. He still hasn’t chosen a name for himself. 2.097 altre parole



I slide up the ebony stage, sleek, slender, slim,

baring (the weight of) my chest- air balloons.

A left hip slide and twist and the bones of my feet… 176 altre parole