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Falling for Firenze

I find myself falling deeper and deeper in love with this city, and with this country as a whole. Some of the things I absolutely love about studying in Florence: 211 altre parole


Why should you study in Australia?

Australia is one of the most desired destinations for education among international students. Facts about Australian education are known to few. We’ve put together significant info about the Australian education portfolio that will help you know why you should consider studying in Australia. 487 altre parole


Namsan Seoul Tower 남산서울타워

Tonight, Bilge, Claire and I decided to visit one of the must-do tourist destinations in Seoul, Namsan Seoul Tower. It’s the highest point in Seoul, for the tower is perched on top of Namsan Mountain and hits 480 meters above sea level at its peak. 480 altre parole

Life In Seoul

The Big Announcement!

Happy Friday!

Most of you don’t know this, but I actually started this blog for a class I’m taking. The teacher told us we could use it exclusively for this class or make it as big as we want it. 184 altre parole


The first time I remember noticing daffodils popping up in the springtime was my junior year of college. This might sound crazy to some of you—that I was into my second decade on this planet before I paid those bright yellow flowers any mind. 1.493 altre parole


From London to Lisbon

It’s official, I’ve caught the travel bug again.  Good thing is that it’s basically become a plague and all of my friends are always 100% down to escape off to a random city for the weekend. 1.969 altre parole